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Testimonials For George Pataki Speak To A Desperate And Dangerous Beginning

George Pataki announced his candidacy for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination today. Most of America has responded simply by saying, “Huh?”

George PatakiGeorge Pataki was Governor of New York State once, eight years ago, and since then… not much. Pataki shows up every now and then on Fox News to say the sort of things that people expect Republicans to say, but that’s it.

The testimonials that George Pataki has chosen to put on his campaign web site attempt to speak to Pataki’s vulnerabilities.

“George Pataki would make a more formidable Republican candidate than many seem to appreciate.” – Bernie Quigley

Translation: Pataki make look like a doddering old has-been, mumbling his way through life, but actually, he’s a little bit stronger than that.

“Here’s a guy who was mayor of Peekskill and figured out how to become Governor of New York. So I wouldn’t underestimate him …” – John McLaughlin

Translation: George Pataki is now in the political equivalent of being the mayor of an obscure town. So, George Pataki could be elected President of the United States, when donkeys fly… twice.

“Don’t underestimate the impact of his big brain on the debate stage.” – Mark Halperin

Translation: George Pataki may look like a forgettable idiot most of the time, but when he gets into an argument, he knows how to pull out nice one-liners.

Still don’t understand the appeal of George Pataki?

“He’s a stone-cold political killer.” – Richard Brodsky

Translation: Vote for George Pataki, or we’ll hurt your mother.

With testimonials like this, who needs criticism?

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