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First Day without Patriot Act Warrantless Search & No Terrorists Attack: Why?

It is the first full day since the U.S. Senate allowed the bulk warrantless search capabilities of Section 215 of the USA Patriot Act to expire. Mind you, the U.S. government still has surveillance powers. The U.S. government can still obtain the phone records, e-mails and other communications of any citizen. Its agents just need to go to a judge now and get a warrant. With a reason. You know, the standard of the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Oddly enough, just yesterday the Obama administration was warning that the entire nation would be open to terrorist attack without the power to search without warrants.

How can this be? What could possibly be keeping the invisible terrorist hordes at bay with warrantless search nullified?

Washington DC has no blanket bulk warrantless search powers.  Thank goodness the United States has a fairy queen to protect us from terrorist attack!

The nation is grateful for the kind services of the Fairy Queen Columbina in its time of need. Keep up the good work, your Highness.

5 thoughts on “First Day without Patriot Act Warrantless Search & No Terrorists Attack: Why?”

  1. Tom says:

    Just because the Patriot Act collection of phone records has lapsed does NOT mean that the NSA will cease this activity. In fact they now have the power to blackmail ANYONE and can use their “findings” to coerce behavior they approve of and get rid of those who don’t comply.
    Maybe that’s why Obama has turned into a Republican and continues to do their bidding.

  2. J Clifford says:

    Yes, the potential for that kind of abuse is enormous, and its been documented that the “intelligence community” has used its powers directly against Congress, in an attempt to control legislative investigations and policy.

    J. Edgar Hoover is not down, I’m afraid. He’s just pulling back for another punch.

  3. ella says:

    Good old J. Edgar, he was one smart cookie, good with numbers. And not above a bit of coercion on occasion. But today’s organization, as I have seen some edges of it, are very powerful and sadly lacking at the same time. Shall I say, Bully is them? Power given to the few indentures the many.

  4. DrRGP says:

    Works for me. Now, can we try for a first day without most parts of the federal government?

  5. ella says:

    What would we do with all of our new found freedoms. How many have we lost over the past 50 years or so. The last 20 years have left a lot of Americans wondering if it is safe to simply say what is on their minds – even in a private conversation in their own homes!

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