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Boycott The Boycott Of The Boycott!

Some Americans claim that the USA has a special, enduring partnership with Israel, and that we should stand with the Israeli government no matter what. Others point out that the government is engaged in human rights abuses. To protest those human rights abuses, these people are engaging in boycotts of Israel.

U.S. Representative Brendan Boyle finds those boycotts of Israel intolerable. So, he has introduced H.R. 2645, a bill to compel the Thrift Savings Fund to divest from any company that participates in a boycott of Israel.

H.R. 2645 is a boycott of the boycott of Israel.

The Thrift Savings Fund is a savings plan for federal government employees. But what if some government employees don’t want their money to be used as an economic threat against companies considering joining in the boycott against Israel?

They can boycott the boycott of the boycott, by refusing to contribute money to the Thrift Savings Fund.

If you don’t like me suggesting this plan of action, well, I suppose you can protest this article by boycotting Irregular Times.

2 thoughts on “Boycott The Boycott Of The Boycott!”

  1. ella says:

    Naw, Irregular Times is too much fun and educational too! But I am confused. Who is boycotting Israel to protest human rights abuses? There was a lot of bombing. I guess it was time to get tired of the constant blowing up of Israelis on buses and in their homes, on the streets. Palestinians and Hamas have been doing that ever since Israel was made a state. That is why the US enabled them to defend themselves. Is that who is boycotting Israel? Well anyway, so then now the US want to boycott, the boycotters? How do they do that? What are the boycotters selling? OR How is the government going to use employee money to boycott!? That implies spending money. Isn’t boycotting supposed to NOT spend money? OR is this another Congressional money grab, now going after the employees savings? They have spent the Social Security Fund out from under the people who paid in those taxes – so I guess that makes sense. We still haven’t figured out how to get our hands on their investments and savings, but maybe we will.

  2. ella says:

    By the way, what would Bernie Sanders do in such situations. Here is another article, this from the Washington Post:
    It gives an insight to Sanders foreign policy philosophy.

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