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Time For Diane Rehm To Retire

Yesterday, NPR talk show host Diane Rehm confronted U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders with something that could derail his 2016 presidential campaign. “You have dual citizenship with Israel,” Rehm said.

It was an astonishing moment – because what Diane Rehm said wasn’t true at all. Senator Sanders does not have dual citizenship with Israel. He was born in the USA.

The idea that Bernie Sanders has dual Israeli-American citizenship is just another stupid right wing conspiracy theory spread on the Internet, equivalent to the rumors that Barack Obama was born in Kenya, not in the United States. Behind both rumors is bigotry. In the case of Obama, the rumors were racist, meaning to imply that no one with African ancestry could be trusted with the White House. In the case of Sanders, the bigotry is anti-Semitic, implying that Sanders can’t be trusted because he is Jewish, rather than Christian. All Jews, the conspiracy suggests, are really Israelis at heart, and as foreigners, will betray the United States the first chance they get.

When Senator Sanders explained to Rehm that he doesn’t have dual citizenship at all, Rehm retorted that she had proof. “I understand from a list we have gotten that you were on that list,” she said. A list? That’s a play straight out of the McCarthyist handbook.

The truth is that this supposed list is a fraud. When she was confronted at the end of her radio show, Diane Rehm admitted that she got her information from a comment on a post on Facebook.

People listen to Diane Rehm’s nationally-broadcast radio show because they believe that Rehm has the intelligence and wisdom to do careful research about the people she interviews, with a staff to support her efforts. That Rehm doesn’t even bother to fact check information she finds in comments on Facebook shows that this belief in Rehm’s integrity and intelligence is not well-founded.

A radio show that repeats bigoted, outlandish rumors found on Facebook as if they are fact has no place on NPR. It is time for Diane Rehm to retire.

147 thoughts on “Time For Diane Rehm To Retire”

  1. Kathleen Cunningham says:

    I agree. Rehm showed her anti-Semitism by her desire to believe a completely unsubstantiated Internet canard. I remember when a she was very, very rude to Leon Uris.

  2. Tom says:

    i won’t even listen to NPR since it was taken over via a right wing Rethuglican at the helm.
    i’m not interested in anything they have to say because it’s all lies now and both parties are basically psychopathic/sociopathic embracers of climate change denial [by allowing Arctic drilling, Obama is ‘one of the team’] when it’s clear that we’re already off the cliff (ala Wiley Coyote) and just realizing the precipitous drop we’re about to take.

    It’s all going to change abruptly [probably soon] and most of the populace will be completely surprised. The stock market(s) will crash, the banks will seize up, supply chains will be disrupted, and on top of that will be social upheaval, weather disasters, natural disasters, and the breakdown of ‘normal’ society – it will be chaotic and deadly.

    1. frank says:

      ..another nut..

    2. Larry says:

      Very good move Tom.

      I don’t either.

      Nor those numerous “documentary” type TV shows bought out by Rupert.


  3. frank says:

    .. Infact NPR is very known to be “right wing”..LOL. In regards to “right wing conspiracies”, the Obama’s birthplace controversy was a legitimate one, since everything of his past has always been murky at best, and has nothing to do with racism (THAT’s a conspiracy…we dared to ask a black man..wooo). More, the question of citizenship has more basis than left wing conspiracies like the ” 9/11 inside job” proposed by Michael Moore, notorious left wing moron. Claiming righteousness by the part of the left when you have moonbats crazies like Reid, Pelosi and the same a little ridiculous. Besides…dual citizenship prevents you from being eligible for the presidency, legit doubt. Questionable is the mental sanity of leftist nuts, no mentions of names here (lol), going around the world telling people that “global warming ” is the most fearful threat..,

  4. ella says:

    Bernie Sanders was born in Brooklyn, New York. That is about as American as you can get. But the disgusting fact is that Rehm has the cruel streak in her to spit out such vitriol about a man whose family suffered in the Holocaust, much less say it to his face. He lost many family members to the German insanity that ravaged Europe in the past century. His parents were born in Poland, not Israel. If Sanders had a dual citizenship he would have to apply for it after he was an adult. But to be elected to office in the United States you must be a citizen of the United States for at least 9 years. To be elected to the office of President of the United States you must have been born in the United States. Of that there is no question. Bernie Sander could not have even applied to run for President without proof of birth. Since Obama’s shady, took a year to find birth certificate, they are probably being more careful about documentation.

    And, frank, it is June where I live, Spring isn’t even over and the forecast highs for late next week is in the 100’s. Not what it was 10 years ago, or 20 years ago when the highest recorded summer temperature was 91 degrees. Along with global ‘warming’ (hot to me), come some mighty cold winters it seems. Earth is having mood swings.

    1. ElRey Saturnus says:


      Good comments.

      The thing is that it isn’t just Global Warming (which globally is factual), but also Climate Change.

      So periods of progressively hot and hotter weather gets interrupted by an abrupt super cold spell.

      I read somewhere that every glacier in the world (and there are thousands) are in strong retreat except for just a couple.

  5. Robert Milnes says:

    Rehm resign? Not so fast, J.Clifford.
    It doesn’t matter where Bernie was born. This brings to the fore a HUGE simmering problem in the UNITED STATES. The FBI illegally surveils American determining their politics. Then attacks(covert operations) the ones they decide need attacking. Usually that means leftists, but not always. Reasons meriting attack vary also.
    The FBI outsources a lot of these covert operations to Israeli agents and operatives in the U.S. Also there are many Jewish American supporters, dupes and lackeys who are able to be manipulated in various covert operations.
    All in All nearly all Jewish Americans support Israel to a degree in direct conflict with their support for the USA.
    For example see the pro Netanyahu rant by Roseann Barr. Barr is a longtime leftist and involved n the Green party nomination for President-as I am.
    All the officers of the Court except me in my illegal eviction were Jewish- Jewish AMERICANS.
    Israel already has a very strong lobby in USA and perhaps defacto control over its policies and its elections, especially Presidential.
    Jews are about 18-20 million in the worls. About 1/3 in Israel, 1/3 in the USA. How did 1/3 of the world Jewish population get into the USA? This is a HUGE problem.
    Even still this is only about 2% of USA population. How come there are so many Jewish…doctors, lawyers, politicians, ecomomists, authors, entertainers etc.? How come 100% of the court officers in my illegal eviction were Jewish? Judge, landlord’s lawyer, MY LAWYERS, until they WITHDREW from the case?

  6. ella says:

    Robert Milnes, a question, or more:
    1.) Are you stating that you believe that Bernie Sanders is an FBI operative? Or are you stating that Bernie Sanders is a dupe or lackey “…to be manipulated in various covert operations.”?
    2.) In reference to: “All in All nearly all Jewish Americans support Israel to a degree in direct conflict with their support for the USA.” Do you believe that in order to support, either ethnically or religiously, or both, Israel, a Jewish person’s national loyalty would necessarily be to Israel over the nation of birth?
    3.) Do you believe that there are Christians that support Israel? Realizing of course that the religious background of the nations founders were Christian of one denomination or another. Not that they personally were religious at all, or were perhaps, Jewish.
    4.) Do you realize that the FBI, through investigations, can possibly influence any President, or Congressman?
    5.) Have you considered that Bernie Sanders has been in Washington for several years and just might be aware of the activities of the FBI, having worked on Committees concerning security?
    6.) Having listened to Bernie Sanders speak, and considering his Congressional record, said or done anything to lead you to believe any of the allegations you propose?
    7.) Jewish people are intelligent, inventive, and in some cases at least, hard working people. Considering the education system of the United States in 2015, are you truly surprised that a segment of society that is raised and educated, taught, self control and to do something useful with their lives, like save lives (doctors and scientists), is unusual?

    Christian children were taught the same values in the public school system up until less than 50 years ago. Christian boys and girls were free to practice the social precepts that made a happy society. They went to colleges and universities and came out the worlds brightest lawyers and created the worlds most advanced medical institutions. And yes, there were Jewish people among them, even Jewish Christians. And the brightest lawyers were Jewish, their entire culture revolves around law after all. Even though they have made some really bad blunders, and when they do it, they do totally, building golden calves, creating idols, they still have those among them who stand by those principles which make a society. And like all peoples and cultures,they also have those who can break it. But the Jewish people have not lowered the education standards of this nation. Yes, Bernie Sander is Jewish. John Kennedy was Catholic, George Washington was a Deist. But they do not (or did not) interfere with the beliefs of others.

  7. ella says:

    Just a quick: This is one of the reasons that Bernie Sanders is resonating so strongly with the American people. He has something that the other Democratic contenders do not have, the ability to say what he means and back it up with his record. He does not need to remain silent in order to prevent slip-ups that may incriminate him.

  8. Robert Milnes says:


    The winner of the 2016 elections is pretty much a lock. It will be a ZOG candidate. Either a democrat or republican reactionary who blindly supports Israel.
    I considered running against Oilybomber in 2012 in the democratic primaries. I couldn’t stomach it.
    There is no way The ZOG will allow a leftist to be elected President, especially a Jew, without powerful resistance.
    A Jewish President would alienate too many reactionaries and rightists.
    Sure there are Christians who support Israel. The reactionaries and most rightists. And brainwashed leftists like Roseann Barr.
    2. Yes. The Jews have always yearned for Israel. They have carefully developed a relationship with the U.S. recently-from pre WW2 to present- that is parasitic. I believe most American Jews would be easily duped into siding for/with Israel against the U.S. Take my Judge for example. I believe a mere mention by a friend or associate/democratic party lackey of how evicting me would be good for Israel in that I am interested in the Green and/or Libertarian i.e. anti-Israel nomination, plus well, he’s a bad tenant anyway, would be enough to tip the scales of justice against me in his Court. In retrospect he either knew the Consent to Vacate document was illegal after a default, or made a first year law student bonehead mistake. He did manage to ask me a few perfunctory questions, though, to make it look good.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Mr. Milnes,

      What is the standard by which you would judge, by observation, whether “The ZOG will allow a leftist to be elected President”? What I mean, very particularly, is this: what do you specifically observe to decide what “The ZOG” does or does not allow?

      I am asking because your contentions about what “the Jews” supposedly think, don’t think, do, or don’t do as if they are a monolithic set of unvarying drones sounds less like observation of particular people and more like a habit of mind.

    2. ella says:

      Robert Milnes, I have no doubt you have seen some things that have deeply disturbed you, and should others as well. Also, I believe you have endured “…many years of VERY painful experiences.” Having an understanding of global events, the people who are involved in giving them direction, and the powers that orchestrate, choreograph if you will, the actions of the many who have no understanding, would probably make you nervous. But setting yourself firmly with the Pro-______, not the Anti-______, will give you peace. The ROCK is in England, not the USA. But I’ll help you out a little here. Greenspan is a Jewish person, and so is Bernanke. The USA has been financially manipulated every since the Federal Reserve Bank was allowed to control the national banking system. Our very way of life is manipulated by this and the Reserve is manipulated by a source located in what is now the EU, but tied with certain Jewish families, connected still, in Israel. This is not to say that every Jew (not a religion) conspires with them. Today there are several groups who believe they are of one mind, and it is just them, they “Are the answer!” Okay. It seems that time is growing short to many, no I mean time itself. But why would ZOG not want a fellow to be elected President? Granted the Republicans and Democrats are well trained and follow money to the exclusion of all else it would seem. I went to a Congressman’s web site and was actually flashed a pop up that told me to contribute (directly) money to the Congressman to solicit his voting support for my cause. Do you have any specific thoughts on what harm a Jewish President would do?

      1. Robert Milnes says:

        Thank you for your comment to help me a little.
        A Jewish President would do great harm to not only the U.S. but also the rest of the world.
        Fortunately I do not think The ZOG will allow it. They will let Bernie run and eventually he will run out. They know that. So no harm done and the illusion of free elections is kept up.
        Mostly a Jewish President would have too many people asking too many questions about how that was allowed and what exactly is going on with the Jews in America.
        No, better for a parasite to have patience and stealth. They-the Jews-know that.

        1. ella says:

          I honestly want your opinion, and the opinion and or facts of anyone else here.
          1.) Could Bernie Sanders, considering his record and his overt principles, help clean up the Congressional greed?
          2.) Would he be able to reduce the size of government?
          3.) Could he be that strong influence that helped develop a moral America?
          4.) What foreign policy would he espouse? Aggression or diplomacy.

          Understanding the ‘parasite’ analogy, and acknowledging that is true, what is different about the Republicans and Democrats? Obama has tweaked Israel’s nose a time or two, but to what effect? Republicans will not do that, blessings are hard to come by for the US these days. What would the ZOG gain by putting in the Clinton’s? I don’t know, that is more like Bill Clinton, who will “…help Hillary run things when she wins…”, as he told a talk show host. Seriously, among the Democrats, Sanders is the best of the lot. Among the Republicans, it is yet to be proven. I am not going to be so pessimistic at this stage to rule out any outcomes. But I appreciate your candor. At least Sanders has proven that all Socialists are not Atheists. And after all, Jesus is a Jew, He cannot be a Christian.

          1. Robert Milnes says:

            1. No. A dem/rep Congress would ruin everything Bernie tried to do. That is why we must sweep them out. Vote in a progressive/Green for every democrat. Vote in a Libertarian for every republican.
            2. No. see 1.
            3.3. No. see 1.
            4. Whatever Congress allowed with a little left tweak.
            Jesus is a Jew, He cannot be a Christian. Say what?
            No, he would have to forsake Judaism, which he did.
            If only all Jews would forsake Judaism. The world would be rid of a HUGE problem.
            Well as I said on my blog, a Milnes administration would-via the U.N., ban circumcision in infants and minors. That could be a start.

          2. ella says:

            There are many that agree with you, not just in the United States. But allow my point of view.
            1.) Jesus did not renounce Judaism. What he did is remove the covenant of animal slaughter as a sin offering – for forgiveness.
            2.) He did not do away with any law. He remained a part of His religion, teachings, and culture.
            3.) It was not until later that people began to refer to themselves as Christians.
            4.) The first teachings of sin forgiveness were in Jerusalem and the surrounding area, later to the gentile.
            5.) The Green Party must have changed it’s platform recently.

            Antisemitism needs to be given voice so that misunderstandings can be brought to light, on all sides.
            1.) Diane Rhem is voicing an opinion as though it were fact.
            2.) Many Americans have dual citizenship and probably most in Congress do. It facilitates international travel.
            3.) The United States was in fact developed by Europeans sending criminals and Protestants over here to get them out of their hair – oh, and give them the chance to develop this continent for THEIR profit.
            4.) Much of what is taught today is the result of so many that taught what benefited them, and not the teachings of the Apostles. 5.) Jesus was not at all pleased by what the San Hedron was doing.

            Diane Rhem is obviously trying to harm Bernie Sanders because she is for the Clinton’s. IT is known that the Clinton’s are gathering as much smut, innuendo, dirt, slander, what ever it takes other than the truth, to divert from their own activities. Sanders forthright honesty scares them.

      2. ElRey Saturnus says:


        You really do need to look into the actual person the Milnes (aka Robert LeMagne – “Robert the Great” as he refers to himself) really is.

        (And the UN does not have the type of authority that Neo Cons like Milnes seem to think that it does… use the UN to ban circumcision? That is a joke. And true libertarians universally believe in LEARNING the United States!)

        1. Robert Milnes says:

          I say ElRey Saturnus=Leroy=paulie cannoli of IPR.
          The jewish Cyberpig.
          What is his agenda here? Hint, he has LOL!ed me for years and got me banned from commenting in IPR.
          My assessment of Leroy applies to paulie. I think they/he was flipped by the FBI years ago for his admitted sordid past/lifestyle/crimes. Then he was transferred to Mossad and got some sort of quid pro quo. Golden parachute retirement, new identity, good job, family out of former USSR etc. His “hobo with a clipboard” Angels Keaton quote-is a cover.
          So he is here to harass me and my campaign anonymously, get me banned from commenting on this site etc.
          Are you here at irregular times going to trace the IP address like HE DOES in IPR and expose him or not?
          Ban paulie cannoli from here! Ban all jews from Green and Libertarian party positions and candidacies.
          Traitor FBI and Mossad/jews OUT OF AMERICA. Deportation. To Guantanemo Bay?
          Ban circumcision worldwide as public health hazard via U.N.
          Final Solution for jews in United Nations.

          1. Robert Milnes says:

            Jewish owned Independent Political Report-Warren Solomon Redlich and brother.
            Jerwish owned Facebook. BOYCOTT FACEBOOK!
            You do not need facebook if you put up YOUR OWN WEBSITE, as I have. For free.

        2. ElRey Saturnus says:

          Very interesting webpage (of the Independent Political Report on the Libertarian National Committee meeting back in July 2011)…..


          Robert MilnesJuly 11, 2010 at 11:47 am

          If they do not address PLAS “New Strategy for Victory 2010/2012”, they are mostly just wasting time.

          Steven R LinnabaryJuly 11, 2010 at 12:08 pm

          If they do not address PLAS “New Strategy for Victory 2010/2012?, they are mostly just wasting time.

          Ok, I’ll bite. Just exactly how would discussing your “Pseudo Libertarian Ambiguity Scheme” NOT be a waste of time? It isn’t “Libertarian”…and it isn’t a “strategy”.

          PLAS reminds me of why Mickey divorced Minnie…she was fucking Goofy. Just like PLAS.


          Robert MilnesJuly 11, 2010 at 12:21 pm

          They have basically all they need to win ALREADY in place. All they really need to discuss is maintenance. All they are lacking is a strategy to try to avoid inevitably losing in November & 2012. There is NOTHING ELSE worth discussing.
          Might as well go gamble & suck some blow.

          Robert MilnesJuly 11, 2010 at 12:28 pm

          As soon as they announce they have hired me & Richard Winger to try a new strategy to win in November, the whole dynamic changes. Contributions & volunteers start coming & saying all right, let’s win for a freakin change.
          Business as usual, go sightseeing.


          Robert MilnesJuly 11, 2010 at 11:05 pm

          If I could find a woman vp for my Independent ticket, and get on enough ballots to win, and get decent contributions, I could win in 2012 regardless of what the GP & LP do. AND I can get a LOT of Green & Libertarian candidates elected on coattails.


          Robert MilnesJuly 11, 2010 at 3:53 pm

          of 2011? What about all the state conventions, Calif primary, straw polls etc.? To hell with them?….ok. As long as the LP mkes a good pick for ticket. Otherwise it will be misery. Like can you imagine Root as nominees in Sept. 2011? OOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!

          Robert MilnesJuly 11, 2010 at 3:58 pm

          illness milness, who is your handler? & what are you getting to dog me? Chump change? Time off sentence?


          m(ental)illness milnessJuly 11, 2010 at 6:13 pm

          illness milness, who is your handler?

          I seem to run them all off. Most recently, it was DD, but she seems to have disappeared as well. Possibly on an extended under-the-covers operation.

          JD stuck around the longest, back in the 80s. Last I heard she was allegedly in a shallow grave in the mountains of Chihuahua State, Mexico.

          The agency seems to be running out of snake-handlers willing to take me on, so at the moment, I’m, er, ahem, having to handle myself. Or in the immortal words of Social Distortion, “how can you love when you don’t love yourself?”

          & what are you getting to dog me? Chump change? Time off sentence?

          I did it all for the nookie
          The nookie
          So you can take that PLAS
          And stick it up your, yeah!!
          Stick it up your, yeah!!
          Stick it up your, yeah!!


          Robert MilnesJuly 13, 2010 at 1:08 am

          Michael Seebeck, so what is your point? Saddam’s kitchen was platial too. & don’t worry. I’m sure he keeps it clean even if he has to hire someone.
          I would venture George’s is large & clean & adequate.
          Tom’s is probably modest & clean.
          Mine is concentrated outside the trailer under a tree for shade for the summer. Charcoal/oak smoker with electric hotplate on the side & microwave on the porch. Ants keep it clean.
          So, what’s your point?

          Milnes IlnesJuly 13, 2010 at 1:20 am

          The 2016 combined Green and Libertarian Party convention will be held in Camden NJ in Mr. Milnes trailer, which will also function as the party’s national headquarters.

          Robert MilnesJuly 13, 2010 at 1:33 am

          This is cute. You guys fiddle while time flies. Mega defeat in November-again. While I am financially swirling the john & living like a dog. Now I have to deal with local yokels that feed stray cats to pit bulls.
          That’s what I get for having chronic depression & can’t compete in your glorious capitalist state.
          Where is your libertarian utopia?

          Robert MilnesJuly 13, 2010 at 1:38 am

          You guys decide to locate here, first thing we buy the park. It has a front office-quite adequate. & a maintenence building that could be revved up. Phila is a silver dollar throw across the Delaware. Which is French translation of Indian for Who are you killer people?

          Robert MilnesJuly 13, 2010 at 1:43 am

          Hey, after we win in 2012 thanks to me-not Root, I won’t care where the conventions are.


          JTJuly 13, 2010 at 9:28 am

          Milnes: “That’s what I get for having chronic depression & can’t compete in your glorious capitalist state.”

          Boo hoo, victim. Are you the only person who’s depressed? Not hardly. Though if I were you, I’d be very depressed too.

          Also, we obviously don’t have a “glorious capitalist state.” We have a capitalist/fascist/welfare state.

          Robert MilnesJuly 13, 2010 at 9:37 am

          Depression is a big business.
          Well, do something about the capitalist/fascist/welfare state.
          What’s that? You can’t because you’ re a loser?
          Boo hoo.


          Robert MilnesJuly 14, 2010 at 3:05 am

          Hey George, can I talk you into forming an investment group-or yourself-for purpose of designing & building a prototype electric/hydrogen VTOL passenger vehicle?
          I’d really like to test drive it.


          Now this individual raises two very important positions.

          One is why many people don’t have Facebook pages, Tweeter accounts, or linked usernames that identify who they are for retaliation, identity theft, home invasion, or any number of other criminal actions…. REMEMBER…. This link and its contents were readily found on the OPEN Internet!

          The second item is, well, self explanatory!!!

          Privacy concernsJuly 11, 2010 at 1:46 pm

          Just so you people know, some people do not sign up on Twitter or facebook because of personal privacy issues. So if you expect to allow information to be seen, a lot of people will not see as much as someone who sign up.

          It is obvious there is something wrong with Milnes, No one is really intrested and yet he keeps doing the same thing over and over and over and over. I think he suffers from compulsive obsessive disorder.


          (He readily admits to chronic depression…. I think that Compulsive Obsessive Disorder, Schizophrenia, and Bipolar are all likely considerations also…. along with Narcissism and Napoleon Complex…. IMO)

  9. Robert Milnes says:

    I would think the word ZOG is pretty much self explanatory.
    Zionist occupied(strongly influenced/controlled) U.S. government. Which is controlled by DHS/FBI.
    DHS/FBI will strongly resist a leftist presidential candidate. It has outsourced much of its dirty work to its natural ally Israel, thereby dramatically increasing its workforce. re: approximately 15,000 FBI agents get reliably assisted by about 6 million Jewish Americans. PLUS their disproportionate wherewithal.
    Do you think it is easy to illegally evict someone? Or poison-fake death-fake funeral-kidnap someone.
    In the case of Deborah Knapp, they had to come up with an Hispanic newborn in a strict timeline.
    You think it is easy to persuade somebody like Jack Ruby to pretty spontaneously murder someone-Oswald-on live tv?
    You think it is easy to set up 20 homicidal/suicidal Saudis?

    1. Jim Cook says:

      No, ZOG is not a self-explanatory word, and no, that’s just a claim, and it’s not answering my question. So let me repeat:

      What do you specifically observe to decide what “The ZOG” does or does not allow?

      To put my question in other words, what specific standard of observed evidence would lead you to say that, in a particular instance, “Oh, yes, I see that the ZOG is allowing this”? And what specific standard of observed evidence would lead you to say that, in a particular instance, “Oh, yes, I see that the ZOG is not allowing this”? By what specific standard would you see “control,” or “influence,” or “occupation”?

      I don’t want more claims without support in response (although you’re free to offer them, I’ll take that as an indication that you don’t have an answer). What I really want to know is the standard by which you look at the world and decide that what’s going on must, absolutely must, be the result of a Zionist conspiracy. If you can’t provide this, you shouldn’t be saying what you’re saying, and need to figure out what your standard for figuring out what the world is like first.

      1. ElRey Saturnus says:


        I am sorry but you will NEVER get real answers to ANY claims made by Robert LeMange.

        Just his delusional beliefs.

        Even his father (Robert E. Milnes) once referenced Robert W. as having mental problems.

        I wonder if ANY court ever agreed with that assessment?

  10. Robert Milnes says:

    I have come to my conclusions after many years of VERY painful experiences.
    I am a crime victim MANY times over.
    WHO ELSE has the wherewithal AND the motive to do such things?
    So, you are saying that Steve McQueen in The Blob should have shut up because he couldn’t prove to a bunch of ignorant, skeptical people what he SAW in plain sight? When he himself wasn’t sure.
    FYI a covert operation is BY DEFINITION SECRET.
    No, I’ve told people on my blog what I SAW and happened to me. I’ve told them some ways to prove it. e.g. exhume Nancy Benson, PhD. You will find the dead body of an elderly woman but it will not be Nancy. Likewise exhume William Luther Pierce. Paternity/maternity testing of Alicia Bonilla will show that NEITHER Deborah Knapp nor Henry Bonilla are her biological parents.
    I’ve offered-DEMANDED -to testify before Grand Juries.
    No, what is needed is more than just your patronizing.
    YOU prove me wrong, or lying or insane. THEN you can make judgemental conclusions about ME.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      1. The Blob is a movie.
      2. This isn’t about you; it’s about standards for evaluating your claim about secret plots by Evil Jews.
      3. If you’re going to run around making wild claims, especially about a religious group that had millions of its members slaughtered two generations ago, yes, you need evidence. Strong evidence.
      4. Without it, I have no reason to listen to your wild claims.

  11. Robert Milnes says:

    1. Yes, but it depicts an analogous situation. That makes it at least relevant.
    2. The Zionist/Israelis could not function in the U.S. without the FBI cooperation/complicity.

  12. Robert Milnes says:

    3. Well if there is any evidence you obviously are not capable of finding it. The complacent, clueless noninvestigative reporter that you are.
    4. The earth isn’t flat! Jim, Jim, the earth isn’t flat!

  13. Robert Milnes says:

    4. OMG, you invoke The Holocaust. Therefore you must be right and sane. I must be wrong and insane. You have something to say and have said it. I have only wild claims.
    Bullshit, man.
    I see your 6 million desd Jews with 6 million dead Germans. And I raise you 20 million dead Soviets. Asshole.

    1. ella says:

      Don’t forget Robert Milnes, the Soviets were also fighting to free the Jewish peoples. Russia to this day has a large Jewish population. The Russians really laid down their lives for the defeat of Germany and the US this past year disgraced itself by not honoring that sacrifice with the rest of Europe! AND it is possible to dis-cuss, even with sass, and without lower case epithets.

      1. Robert Milnes says:

        ella, are you tripping? Then Soviets fought for their survival against Germany. It had very little to do with the Jews. After the war the Jews couldn’t wait to get out of USSR/Russia to Israel and/or the U.S. because there is no money in Russia. Plenty of money in U.S. and flowing to Israel.
        Post war-again-Germany has made great economic comeback-again- and the Jews amazingly are attracted back there. The Jews are money hungry/addicted. It is perverse. It is moral outrage and a threat to the world in more than one way. The Jews are insane.

    2. Jim Cook says:

      I think your words speak for themselves.

      1. Robert Milnes says:

        Oh. Ok. Then you get it. Good. You had me wondering.

        1. Jim Cook says:


          1. Robert Milnes says:

            Oh, you mean you still don’t get it?

          2. ella says:

            “Clinton was joined by her husband and daughter Chelsea at the rally. It was the first time the family had been seen together in public since Clinton began her campaign in April, and the crowd chanted “Bill! Bill! Bill!” when she introduced him.”–election.html

            They have made their official kick off today and I have been “invited” to “take a trip” a few times already. Guess what I think of that.

  14. ella says:

    “Ms. Rehm later issued a statement to The Jewish Journal apologizing for her line of questioning.

    “On today’s show I made a mistake. Rather than asking Senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders whether he had dual U.S./Israeli citizenship, as I had read in a comment on Facebook, I stated it as fact.

    He corrected me, saying he did not know where the question came from. I apologized immediately.

    I want to apologize as well to all our listeners for having made an erroneous statement. I am sorry for the mistake. However, I am glad to play a role in putting this rumor to rest.”

  15. Robert Milnes says:

    ella, who cares? It doesn’t matter if Bernie has dual citizenship or not. What is going on between Israel and U.S. transcends citizenship. The most important stuff is secret and virtually wordless.
    The American reactionaries are giving all Jews virtual carte blanche. The rationale is Israel is our most important ally in the war on terror. Never mind that Israel is the biggest terrorist state and Israel zealously persecutes not only Palestinians but all Arabs and also Israeli and American and Arab-ALL -leftist. Israel is a counterrevolutionary theocracy. Judaism is a spurious religion.
    So it is ok to illegally evict-Jewish Judge- me and wage germ warfare against my friend with high I.Q. with Jewish doctor -ADEM-acute disseminating encephalomyelitis i.e. brain virus-poison his mother fake death fake funeral also Ruth Blumenstein, Dr. Diane Barton a Jewish MD who evidently was attracted to me, my ex girlfriend and I hoped my possible first lady Nancy Benson, PhD, divorced. ETC.
    How could they even know about this stuff unless I’ve been under intensive surveillance for years-DECADES. The DHS/FBI just passes all this info to the Mossad and they take care of it read: screw with targeted people. The Mossad are known murderers all over the world.
    Never mind about Bernie. As an American leftist he is going NOWHERE. The ZOG will not allow it.

  16. ella says:

    Why doesn’t someone start a thread on this subject? Get this out where daylight can cleanse it and clarify the points in question. Robert M. has a point. Maybe this was just a platform to get the conversation started. It could be interesting – yes?

  17. ella says:

    Okay, the Jews are money talented. In fact they invented usury. They were a people without a product in the Roman hay day and were allowed to make money by charging interest on loans, whether for trade goods or in the currency provided. They became the masters of making money with money. I heard you in the beginning. You have gotten all stressed out, why?

    1. Robert Milnes says:

      Yes, I noted that you seem to have heard me in the beginning. I got stressed out because the post author Jim Cook has evidently not.
      Yes, a thread on the Jewish disease or whatever it is, is a good idea. I am having difficulty understanding it. When you say things like the Jews are money talented, that is helpful. But why are the Jews money talented? I think over the centuries it has become second nature to them because others-the elites-kept making use of this. A revolving cycle. It grew and became a culture, cult religion, race etc. The Germans over the centuries came to see this. Hence the Krystalnacht and Arbeit-wage earning as opposed to usury-Macht Frei.

      1. Jim Cook says:

        I’m not the post author, and your excusing of the Krystallnacht is revolting. For others who are interested in learning more about the Krystallnacht and its outcomes, see here: .

        1. Robert Milnes says:

          Hey, you got me. I stand corrected. You are not the post author.
          I do occasionally make such mistakes. When pointed out I am glad to correct.
          I did not excuse Krystalnacht. Interesting how quickly you jumped to that conclusion.
          I merely pointed to it as an example of German actions against Jews that had some rationale. Where did all this hatred and violence come from? From decades-centuries of Jewish actions in and around Germany.
          And I can tell you, I am not a violent person. But as I slowly realize what is happening in America, to me, family, friends, supporters, etc. by the DHS/FBI recruiting Jewish Americans, I get furious. I know I glared at that Judge who illegally evicted me. That’s when a Camden County Sheriff told me to step back from the tenant’s table to the audience seating area.
          If we are going to learn from The Holocaust, it should first be understood as the German/Jewish Holocaust. It didn’t happen out of the clear blue sky by irrational German vicious animals against totally innocent Jewish civilians.
          And I say we are well on the way of history repeating itself here in America.

        2. ElRey Saturnus says:

          RE: “I did not excuse Krystalnacht. Interesting how quickly you jumped to that conclusion.
          I merely pointed to it as an example of German actions against Jews that had some rationale.”


          That sure sounds like someone excusing it to me!

  18. ella says:

    So, you are a Jewish person who was illegally evicted and have a friend (also a Jewish person) who has been ‘hit’ with bio-warfare. You are now divorced and have a reasonable fear of the Mossad. Have I got it right so far? the DHS/FBI (?) is using that organization to fulfill its’ wishes. And you want me to quit advocating for Bernie Sanders in the worst way. Have I got it?

    1. Leroy says:


      In reference to your comment where you had concluded that Milne was Jewish (or at least partially)…

      Boy did you deduce wrong! The history of everything that has happened to this CERTIFIED mentally ill person is used – by him – to trace back to the evilness of ALL Jews and all things Jewish!

      His quote:

      “I am not Jewish. 1/2 German. My friend is not Jewish. 1/2 German, 1/2 Swedish. The Judge in my eviction was Jewish. My friend’s doctor when he came down with ADEM was Jewish woman. I have never been married but pined for decades over old flame Nancy Benson, PhD. Even fantasized her as First Lady. Yes I have a reasonable fear of the Mossad and FBI.”

      Have you ever read his Blog?

      It is revolting.

      Most of his Blog articles have ZERO comments. Ones that have a few (usually 1 – 3 or so) invariably have comments by his even more revolting NAZI friend “Vernon” – and Vernon isn’t assumed to be a Nazi, he proudly is one. He repeatedly comments about “killing all the kikes and nuggets” – with never a negative response by Milnes.

      Here’s the Blog site. Enjoy reading.

    2. Leroy says:

      More on….Here’s the Blog site. Enjoy reading.

      I really loved this somewhat recent one:
      (Highly illegal, BTW… probably way there’s no takers!)

      Here’s one of his irrational anti ZOG rants:


      Note that he posts comments to his own posts under the name of Robert LeMagne – LeMagne being French for “The Great”! That is in addition to commenting also as himself… in this post, here’s most of his totally irrational rant:

      “Phony FBI/Mossad case against me in U.S. District Court E.PA. 1985. My lawyer federal defender Ed Weis, jewish, I think was a dupe. He called psychologist Joel Glass, jewish, who helped get me convicted. My first experience that I know of with FBI traitors/ Mossad murderers was the year before, 1984. An assassination attempt. In a bar. See State of NJ v Bruce Reilly. Boy did that backfire! Poor Bruce, they say he is dead now, stabbed to death in a bar. He might not be.
      More recently my friend with high I.Q. contracted ADEM encephalitis in 2005. Jewish doctor Amy Solomon, Boulder Creek, CA. Before that they kidnapped his sister, Pat,-I allege-and faked her cancer, death and burial. Also his mother, Doris in 2013. At the same time as I was being evicted by jewish judge illegally, with jewish landlord’s attorney, jewish legal aid 2 lawyers who bailed leaving me alone in court. i.e. ALL officers of the court except me pro se jews. At this time Ruth Blumenstein, jewish, also “died” from cancer. My uncle’s mother-in law, his daughter’s, my counsin, grandmother.
      If the Greens and/or Libertarians really want to win, they will listen to me.
      So, would you like to help me & my uncle and daughter and another friend who’s mother also “died” in 2014 dig up Ruth’s grave?
      And also the grave of Nancy Benson, PhD, Boulder, CO. Also “died” of cancer in 2012. My former girlfriend in the 70’s.
      I say there in no body in the coffin but an urn of ashes. Those of the SUBSTITUTE dead body placed in there for viewing to fool the poor bereaved.
      But if they were kidnapped, not murdered, well then I guess the FBI barred the Mossad from murdering-in the USA. Which means the FBI tried to kill me in 1984.”

      Beyond weird. Beyond “chronic depression” (which he self admits).

      This one involves Vernon (scroll down to Comments):

      Vernon’s blog:

  19. Robert Milnes says:

    I am not Jewish. 1/2 German. My friend is not Jewish. 1/2 German, 1/2 Swedish. The Judge in my eviction was Jewish. My friend’s doctor when he came down with ADEM was Jewish woman. I have never been married but pined for decades over old flame Nancy Benson, PhD. Even fantasized her as First Lady. Yes I have a reasonable fear of the Mossad and FBI.
    Advocate for Bernie all you want. Machts nicht.

  20. Robert Milnes says:

    I read the NYT link. There is also Wikipedia information about Rehm including the Bernie Interview.
    Neither resolve MY accusations, “wild claims”.
    Has the DHS/FBI managed to recruit about 6 million Jewish Americans to be groomed to be ready and able to participate to varying degrees of full understanding in various covert operations against American citizens. These operations would generally benefit Israel at the expense of American citizens. I have described SEVERAL that involve me personally. And my 4th cycle as third party Presidential candidate. A lot of it is on my blog, The PLAS Place. I have offered-demanded-to testify before Grand Juries. I was told by a U.S. Attorney in Camden, NJ, that the procedure is a case is made by the FBI and presented to the U.S. attorney, who decides whether to arrest or proceed with Grand Jury testimony/investigation.

  21. GrimmTale says:

    IMHO Racial angst (black vs. white) in this country is a direct result of the Jew – it’s all-out attempt to kill-off the white Christian American. If we pull back the curtain of every news agency, hollywood movie production, banks who fund, we will see who is really the great and powerful OZ behind that curtain, pulling the racial pot-stirring levers, making sure each instance of legitimate law enforcement action against black “children” is twisted into brutality. We will realize who is pushing this country’s whites off the edge of civilization and into extinction. Encouraging interracial marriage, encouraging homosexual activity, and encouraging whites to bow-down and submit to ANYTHING and EVERYTHING non-Christian or morally acceptable. Who, more than anyone else, would want white Americans (of European descent) to die-off for once and for all?
    That’s my take on all of this. I’m sure someone will demand I provide stats, but this is my gut-feeling (or am I not entitled to have that any longer).

  22. Robert Milnes says:

    To me, this Rehm/Bernie thing smacks of a ZOG covert operation to trip up Rehm and precipitate HER resignation/ouster. She being a liberal American Arab, a natural enemy of counterrevolutionary Israel.
    And JC-J.Clifford, post author, jumped right on that bandwagon. If true, that would make you a ZOG dupe, JC. How does that feel?

  23. Jim Cook says:

    Either Robert and GrimmTale are trolls just having a spot of fun being outrageous, or they have no idea just how ridiculous they’re making themselves look.

    1. Leroy says:

      Actually, Jim, it is both.

      The other word that you’re looking for is….


  24. Robert Milnes says:

    I don’t know, JC. ella seemed down with the direction of this thread. Would you say ella is a troll too?

    1. Jim Cook says:

      I didn’t say you were a troll. I said you were either a troll or really unaware of how much your comments will be pushing people in the opposite direction from what you intend.

      I don’t agree with Ella’s point of view here, but I’ve seen in many other contexts here that she’s a thoughtful person who’s willing to look at a circumstance from more than one vantage point, which is why I did not include her name in that comment. That’s why I take her more seriously than I take you.

      1. Robert Milnes says:

        Interesting Jim Boy,
        How about if I simplify things and tell everybody my intentions?
        First, as I type using solar power from my rv roof, I intend to try to get people to help me get “unevicted”. My rv is old and rickety. Just about nothing works. Not enough energy to run the rooftop ac which is one of the few things that works. So it is like an oven in here because I have to stay in the sunlight. I have nowhere to park it except Walmart parking lot. i.e. many hardships to being homeless. I’m trying to get to CA because my friend with the high I.Q. -well, it WAS 170 before the ADEM-asked me to come help him. And we could go in together on a trailer. THEN, try to get people from my List of the Disappeared unburied, particularly Nancy. And try to testify before Grand Juries, State and federal. Then to get people to support my campaign for President.
        Now, how do you figure I am pushing people the opposite of my intentions?
        So, ella has trolled here before?

      2. Leroy says:


        The site is back to showing an error message whenever I try to post even just ONE link.

        And the error message is different than from before.

        Now it says: “Not Found. Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here.”

        (Yet I immediately go back and send the full text message – minus that one link – and suddenly the the posting goes through fine. I then try sending the ONE link by itself and I get the same error message again: “Not Found
        Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here” – but then this posting to you goes through fine.)

  25. Robert Milnes says:

    To me a troll is somebody who write about stuff he/she doesn’t know much about, one who assumes he/she is correct no matter how much evidence to the contrary, wastes time and energy, his own and others’ and has the gall to call others a troll. With a patronizing, condescending, snot nosed attitude criticizes someone who actually does know.
    Hey.. that kind of sounds like…YOU, you asshole troll!

  26. Robert Milnes says:

    Hey ella, come back here for some more fun. At your expense as you make yourself look ridiculous. What with all the badmouthing of the poor, figuratively and literally , Jews.
    Poor Jews. Can’t decide whether to lend capital or venture it or donate it to Israel for more bombs, smart, dumb and nuclear.
    And don’t forget cluster.

    1. ella says:

      Let me remind you Robert Milner, that I posted the solution to this blog(?) with the apology of Ms. Rhem. She admitted she made a mistake, and at that point if she wanted to retire that was her prerogative. I have deviated from topic a few times. Some times I do that to keep my place until I find out what I want to say. But I have got to say that you take the cake on deviating from the topic. Can you name anyone within the ZOG who will verify your claims?

      1. Robert Milnes says:

        Yes you did. Excellent links.
        Rehm did not resign. She still might if enough pressure from ZOG dupes like JClifford has an effect. But what if the whole thing was a ZOG covert operation in the first place. Designed to trip up a liberal Arab-American natural enemy of the ZOG? That goes unnoted.
        The DHS/FBI and Mossad operate behind a veil of secrecy. It is one of their main weapons. It is very difficult to defend against and prove. So, no, I don’t know anyone but the Nazis who even have the wherewithal to go the next step from realizing to speaking out about it. That is very dangerous and where I find myself now.
        Even the Green and libertarians aren’t there.

  27. Robert Milnes says:

    You know, Israel learned from the Soviets. Too many nuclear bombs are so expensive you can go bankrupt. Unless you have huge amounts of taxpayer dollars to waste like the U.S. So, Israel has self limited its arsenal to oh, say about 200. That is about twice the amount needed to bring on a nuclear winter. Assuming you use them before you lose them.
    And a high altitude airburst has its perks, like a nice EMP pulse.
    And genocide could be done with one big enhanced radiation burst, leaving the buildings/infrastructure intact.
    Aren’t we having fun now?

    1. ella says:

      Why use nukes? Russian has a ‘bomb’ that will but the lights out in the US in one fell swoop.

      1. Larry says:


        That bomb IS a nuclear devise. All nukes emit an EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) that fries electrical circuits (especially newer type circuits with microchips that are unprotected) within a certain range.

        What you have heard as far as shutting off the entire United States is somewhat of a myth. It can be done TO A DEGREE but only with multiple nukes detonated at a specifically high altitude.

        I can provide links if you want.

  28. Susan Randall says:

    I agree with Robert 🙂

    1. ella says:

      There you go Robert, you have a fan. “Beware of the ZOG!”

    2. Leroy says:


      Watch out that you don’t get stalked and criminally harassed like RM’s other GFs!

      1. Leroy says:


        For some reason, the link to this will not post at this time. You can find it by doing a Google of simply the words: Deborah Knapp Milne. There are two AP archived stories about this situation shown there. Below is quoted from just the first one.

        “… A 32-year-old man was being held without bail today after his arrest at a television station on federal charges that he harassed an anchorwoman and her family with abusive letters and threatening telephone calls.

        Robert Milnes, of Camden, N.J., sent more than 50 letters containing ‘EXPLICIT SEXUAL MATERIAL’ in the past TWO YEARS (does that sound like a few ‘fan letters’?) to Deborah Knapp, a news anchor at WCAU-TV in Philadelphia, according to an FBI affidavit filed Tuesday.

        Milnes also allegedly impersonated a newspaper reporter in telephone calls to Ms. Knapp’s husband and harassed her parents with calls about the physical and emotional state of Ms. Knapp, who is 7 1/2 months pregnant, the FBI report said.

        Assistant U.S. Attorney Judy Goldstein-Smith said Milnes was charged with federal offenses of mailing threatening letters and making obscene and harassing telephone calls. The charges are punishable by 5 1/2 years in prison and a $51,000 fine.

        Milnes, 32, was arrested AT the Channel 10 news studio about 11 a.m. Tuesday AFTER he (ALSO) called Ms. Knapp’s parents during the weekend to say he would visit the studio, authorities said.

        Milnes (ALSO) told the newswoman’s parents he did not know what he would do, but it ‘wouldn’t be good,’ …

        The FBI affidavit said Milnes (ALSO) called Ms. Knapp’s husband, Henry Bonilla, in New York and said Ms. Knapp, 30, was in danger and ‘was only pretending to be pregnant.’

        Milnes (ALSO) called Ms. Knapp’s parents in San Antonio, Texas, and told them she was mentally ill and deluded in believing she was pregnant, according to the affidavit…

        U.S. Magistrate Peter F. Scuderi ordered Milnes held without bail pending a pre-trial detention hearing Thursday…”

        (Does that sound like a “few fan letters”? Does that not basically define a CLASSIC Stalking Offense”? Note that this Judge is Italian, not Jewish. Both of his parents were Italian immigrants. He married a non Jewish 100% Italian-American woman. They were devout practicing Catholics. The other judge involved in the case, James T. Giles, apparently assigned trial judge, who since returned to his prior law firm for financial reasons, so ZOG must have not been paying very well, is a Protestant Afro-American… )

        Susan, you might also want to read the bottom section of this posting where Milne reappears in November.

    3. Jason says:

      BTW, if I was Deborah Knapp in San Antonio, and aware of these CONTINUING claims of Milnes and his other strange activities, I believe that I would be VERY worried.

      It would take just one tiny step (IMO) for something “not very good” to possibly happen to her.

      1. Robert Milnes says:

        Jason and Leroy, are you BOTH paulie cannoli?

        1. Robert Milnes says:

          Yes, if the fbi is fool enough to allow knapp to get involved in my present situation, by all means.
          Let’s start with a paternity/maternity test for Alicia Bonilla. I say NEITHER Knapp nor Bonilla are her biological parents.
          And let’s find out who’s latent fingerprints are on my letters to Knapp. 2 sets. Mine and X. I say Knapp is X.
          Why was I not advised of the fbi latent fingerprint report until after plea “bargain”? I found out from my own pro se FOIPA request. It is prosecutorial misconduct to withhold exculpatory evidence.
          Why did she unprofessionally allow the fbi to use her against me for political reasons?

          1. Robert Milnes says:

            X’s identity was redacted.

          2. Jason says:

            I find it so very interesting (liar, liar pants on fire) that you name names of everyone in the world, but suddenly redacted an identity (the mysterious X).

            You are beyond sick.

            Maybe time for that phone call.

        2. Jason says:

          You are full blown nuts!

          I have no idea who Paulie Cannoli or whatever his name is.

          Nor why he wouldn’t post in his own name.

          1. Robert Milnes says:

            You can comment in provocateur mode and have no responsibility?
            paulie is easily looked up.
            Why would anyone post anything not in one’s own name, Jason, or whatever your name is.

  29. Robert Milnes says:

    Thank you Susan. Whether you are a troll or not.
    Hey, didn’t you play the Beav’s cute schoolteacher?

    1. Leroy says:

      Getting desperate?

      That Sue Randall died in 1984 (while your stalking of Deborah Knapp was going on).

      She died of lung cancer… at age 49. Since you obviously was a fan of hers (maybe sent fan letters at some time), what’s the likelihood that she was in fact taken out by the Mossad – or disappeared to an Israeli holding facility and her grave is actually empty?

      She was in a couple episodes of the old Western series (The Rebel with Nick Adams), and maybe they thought that she was actually a a rebel, a dissident so had to disappear or die?

      Wait a minute.

      Nick Adams himself “died” even earlier in 1968 – 16 years earlier) of a “prescription drug overdose”! He was the MAIN STAR of The Rebel. The MAIN rebel in other words, the chief dissident (Mossad can be crafty and wily, but they are, after all, Israeli Jews and likely didn’t understand American TV back then and totally confused the meanings! If so, two people offed – or disappeared – forever at an early age – and likely totally unnecessarily)

      I wonder how many others who starred in episodes of The Rebel may have “died” untimely or unusual deaths?

      1. Leroy says:

        Very interesting.

        May be that there’s something to that theory.

        Quite a few cast members died in their mid 50s of “heart attacks”.

        Dan Blocker died at age 43 of a “pulmonary embolism”. Victor Buono died at age 43 of a “heart attack”. Cathy O’Donnell died at age 46 of a “cerebral hemorrhage”. Gail Russell died at age 36 (!) of “liver damage” from “excessive drinking”. Dan Sheridan died at age 46 from – unreported reasons. Frank Silvera died at age 55 – not from a “heart attack” like the group above, but from… “accidental electrocution”! And finally, there was “Paul Richards” who died of “cancer” at age 50.

        Aside from such an early cancer death, what is more interesting is that he was Jewish. Old, old (unfortunately unsubstantiated) rumors have it that Richards had been in contact during his last few years with the up and coming televangelists (*) of that era (late 1960s thru mid 1970s) and was giving consideration to converting to fundamentalist Protestantism – and (possibly) unveiling himself as a Mossad plant within a number of shows that potentially had multiple “subversive” / anti ZOG actors, cast members, etcetera. In his relatively short time period he had guest episodes in an extremely large number of TV shows, no shows of his own, and only one more significant part in a movie film (Planet of the Apes) and a bit part in another. An excellent plant position, no? Especially where Jewish controlled Hollywood could move him around as needed.

        Note that all of those forms of deaths are ones that could be easily “faked” by well-trained, experienced operatives.

        Finally, note that the theme song for The Rebel was written by “Richard Markowitz” and produced by “Mark Goodson”.

        Need one say more?

        1. Leroy says:

          Televangelist of that era:

          The 1960s and early 1970s saw television replace radio as the primary home entertainment medium, but also corresponded with a further rise in evangelical Protestant Christianity, particularly through the international television and radio ministry of Billy Graham. Many well-known televangelists began during this period, most notably Oral Roberts, Jimmy Swaggart, Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, Jerry Falwell, and Pat Robertson.

      2. Robert Milnes says:

        Getting desperate? No. You?

        1. Jason says:

          Sounds to me like you are getting desperate.

          Very desperate.

          You sound absolutely crazy.

          1. Robert Milnes says:

            Jason the Provocateur.

          2. Jason says:

            Robert the Nutjob!

  30. Robert Milnes says:

    There is a U.N. report on the Gaza war coming up. It might be a good opportunity to begin a phase out of Israel by the U.N. and a study of Judaism and the problem of the Jews by the U.N.
    Obviously I am convinced that the U.N. is the correct organization to study and do something about the Jewish problem.
    Simply put, in addition to many other problems with Israel, it must not be allowed to attack Americans in America via covert operations for political reasons.

    1. ella says:

      I see you are very serious concerning your dislike of Jews (Judea) who landed a strip called ‘Israel’ (another branch of that family). It is confusing to me, but they are two distinct family groups. To me, Bernie Sanders is far preferable to the Clinton’s in the Democrat Party. Clinton was President for two full terms and was impeached. The Constitution only allows a President to serve two terms, period. His/her children or other relatives are free to run. But the wife and the husband are as one. Bill has already said that “…if Hillary wins…I would have to give it up to help her run things.” to the Late Show host. And who is being chosen as the Vie Presidential candidate? Certainly not anyone of any consequence. But some one who knows enough to do what he is told and stay out of the way. Many African Americans have emulated the Jew character, only with reverse laws, and are rapidly becoming unpopular in American society. All of this has been foretold. It takes more than wishes and hopes to evoke change. I don’t know if Israel would in any way attack the US, or even why they would. That was not the basis of their aggression in the past. Israel has been attacked throughout history for various reasons, not they least of which is covetousness.

  31. Robert Milnes says:

    Agreed Bernie is better than Billary.
    But there is A LOT more to it.
    Bernie represents the progressive wing/caucus of the democratic party. There is actually enough votes to form a successful Third party, the Progressive party, from that.
    It almost happened in 1912. If Wilson had bolted the dems in favor of Teddy’s party, they could have won.
    They had a second opportunity in 1916 had they realized their mistake in 1912.
    But the Lion died in 1919. He should never have gone to the Amazon.
    The Progressives tried again in 1924 and 1948.
    I wonder how much of this Bernie realizes. My guess is not much.
    He doesn’t seem to know about PLAS.
    Or he might be doing Israel’s bidding by obfuscating PLAS.
    Either way he is a fool.

  32. Robert Milnes says:

    Well, it looks like JClifford has not deigned to comment on his post.
    I disagreed with his call for Rehm to resign.
    I offered my ideas on Bernie and the Jews and the U.N.
    I offered him and J Cook information on how to verify my “wild claims”.
    No follow up thread on the Jews as suggested by ella.
    Why am I surprised?
    Beware of the ZOG!

  33. Leroy says:

    Sirs or Madams,

    The previous poster could be very interested in your services… if you have any sites in the Camden, NJ area.

    Thank you.

  34. Robert Milnes says:

    Leroy continues to cyberstalk me and spread lies. Zog smear campaign.
    I never stalked anybody and certainly was never charged with stalking.
    Yet Leroy gets to cyberstalk me with impunity.

    1. Leroy says:


      Me “cyberstalk” you? You clearly have no idea as to the meaning of that phrase!

      And apparently you have forgotten your own criminal history? (Yeah, yeah, yeah… heard all about the – supposed – ZOG conspiracy against you way back then and how it was everyone else’s fault… which is what you constantly do rather than accept accountability for anything).

      Whatever excuses you make, whatever rationale you attempt, what you did with that female television reporter WAS a definite form of stalking!

      THAT is what you went to PRISON for!

      1. Robert Milnes says:

        Leroy, YOU are the one who doesn’t understand the law.
        If they could have charged me with stalking, they would have.
        I wrote fan letters to Deborah Knapp. She was anchor at Channel 10. Married fascisto- republican Henry Bonilla. Now divorced, she has since married another Hispanic. Longstanding anchor at KENS 5 San Antonio. If she had any integrity she would not have allowed the FBI to use her against me and should come forward now.
        One sentence in one letter was declared a “threat” which it wasn’t see definition of threat in Black’s law dictionary.
        I think I made a couple of phone calls. Hence a 2 count indictment, 18 USC Section 876, which a prosecutor can get against a ham sandwich, in this case a jewish prosecutor, Judy Goldstein Smith. Later I wrote Magistrate Peter Scuderi complaining about her & the prosecutorial misconduct. Scuderi ordered a ridiculously low, but legal, bond for a notorious drug dealer she was the prosecutor. I believe she got taken off the case and transferred to another jurisdiction. All this is headlines in Philadelphia news.
        Judge in case was JAMES T. GILES, now chief district judge. A blackey-lackey moron. He violated my rights all over the place. A complete farce.
        My jewish federal defender recommended I plea bargain. I didn’t know any better. I should have stuck with my not guilty plea and fought it, tirading about FBI misconduct while I was at it. In other words, taken charge of the defense. But again, I didn’t know any better, which I do now. THAT is why they haven’t tried any such stunt-in federal court-against me since then.

        1. Leroy says:

          Not talking about the Semi-Sweetheart Deal that you plead out on (after judge turned down the Super Sweetheart Deal that the female Jewish prosecutor offered you, the one with NO jail time.

          I’m talking about the multiple count more serious felony crimes that you actually committed and were actually charged with.

          This describes your (stalking) actions to a “T”!

        2. Leroy says:

          “Judge in case was JAMES T. GILES, now chief district judge. A blackey-lackey moron.”

          Ahhh… yet another RACIST “presidential candidate”.

          Of course for someone who was expressing friendship with American Nazis and begged for their support, I can’t say that I am surprised.

        3. Leroy says:

          By the way, your BLACKEY-LACKEY James T. Giles is NOT the “Chief District Judge” as you claim.

          In fact, he hasn’t been the Chief Magistrate since late 2005 – over TEN years ago – and then fully retiring from the Court in October 2008 (over 7 years ago)!

          “James T. Giles, former Chief Judge, U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, is of counsel with Pepper Hamilton LLP, resident in the Philadelphia office. … He served as chief judge of the Eastern District bench for almost seven years, from 1999 until late 2005… ”

          “He was a clerk for the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in 1967, and a field attorney of the National Labor Relations Board in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from 1967 to 1968. [Wow, a couple really liberal causes] He was in private practice (at Pepper Hamilton law firm) in Philadelphia from 1968 to 1979. On October 11, 1979, Giles was nominated by President Jimmy Carter to a seat on the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania vacated by Herbert A. Fogel. Giles was confirmed by the United States Senate on November 26, 1979, and received his commission on November 27, 1979. He served as chief judge from 1999 to 2005. He assumed senior status on February 11, 2008, and retired from the court completely on October 3, 2008. He thereafter returned to private practice. (*)

          (*) Clearly this BLACKEY-LACKEY wasn’t getting compensated very much by his ZOG Masters – as he retired as Federal judge (a LIFETIME position) to return to private practice – something almost never heard of at his level – at his old law firm like 29 years later for financial reasons!

          Let’s see.

          He graduated from Amherst and then law school at Yale.

          He was a law clerk for the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

          He was a field attorney of the National Labor Relations Board in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

          He was nominated in 1979 by President Jimmy Carter to a seat on the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania vacated (prematurely) by Herbert A. Fogel.

          He served as the Chief Magistrate of the District Court for almost 7 years.

          And he’s a BLACKEY-LACKEY?

          And you are a Nazi-loving, Facist, religious and racial RACIST of the worst kind. You don’t even have legitimate concerns about Progressive / Liberal positions. All you are concerned about is using that format (or trying to – because NOBODY gives you ANY credibility) in your fantasyland Power Trip.

          Keep playing your games, creating your lies, changing your lies, trying to convince people who DON’T EVEN LISTEN ANYMORE about your revisionist personal history and your Mein Kampf type “PLAS” scheme.

          But I’m done with your idiocy.

          And pretty much close to deciding to leave this site.

          There’s the First Amendment and then there’s the unethical use of the First Amendment.

          There are Trolls and then there are clearly Mentally Ill people.

          I’m not sure that I want an involvement with a Blog that provides a forum for someone who clearly fits the definition of the latter category in both areas.

          As well as someone who clearly (as based on their “slips of tongue” as well as outright statements) is anti-Semitic, misogynistic, racist, pro-Nazi, Fascist, and mentally paranoid, schizophrenic, and obsessive.

          Makes one wonder.

          In any case, this article seems to be “dead” – and hopefully its “grave” won’t be dug up.

  35. Robert Milnes says:

    Yes, Camden, Camden County New Jersey.
    Where jewish judge Laskin pro Israeli traitor to USA was corrupted into illegally evicting me.
    Where Ruth Blumenstein lived-Cherry Hill-and is not in her grave.
    I say she was poisoned and kidnapped by Mossad and is now in Israel. Colestown cemetery, Cherry Hill.
    At the intersection of Kings Highway and Church Road.
    I’ve visited the gravesite. Nice new headstone. Well polished and engraved.
    I say she’s not in there. Jolly good show though!
    Where swastikas were spray painted on my street by a former soldier turned drug addict. Who put him up to it? THE ZOG!
    Where my van was rammed in reverse by a “drunk” driver in a precision hit which dented the bumper into the tire.
    A few days before the 2012 Libertarian national convention in Las Vegas, destroying any chance I might last minute drive there to try for the nomination.

    1. Leroy says:


      You need help and need it badly.

      I truly believe in the phrase of:

      “In this Age of Information, ignorance of the facts is a PERSONAL choice – a choice made voluntarily and intentionally based on bias, discrimination, and prejudice.

      And, ignorance in the Age of Information is absolutely offensive, in fact offensive to the point of being an abomination!

      And as Daniel Patrick Moynihan said (on more than one occasion and paraphrased after by many others), ‘You are entitled to your own opinions. But you are NOT entitled to your own facts!’… ”

      But your paranoia and schizophrenic fueled fantasy world is WAY beyond that.

      A “precision hit” on your battered RV to keep you from trying to get a 3rd Party nomination that you had ZERO chance of getting and their candidate, no matter who it would have been, would have had ZERO chance of winning?

      Why would FBI / Mossad / ZOG bother? Even if ZOG and a ZOG conspiracy existed (with Mossad and FBI and CIA, etcetera, etcetera as their tools) they wouldn’t ever feel a need to bother with you; to them you’d be like an ant in the Amazon Rainforest. You give yourself a stature that simply does not exist. To them (if they exist, and clearly they don’t… we have locked up federal agents caught spying for Israel) you are literally a “Nobody”.

      And if you were a “Somebody”, especially a Somebody who was a threat, a serious threat, why all these miscellaneous minor incidents. Why put a “hit” on your RV? Why not just hit YOU? The FBI doesn’t “do” hits (not one of their specialties), but the Mossad does – and the CIA’s SOG unit in their Special Activities Division has people as good, if not better, than Mossad. That’s how they’d treat a serious threat. Also. Why not poison / drug you and fly you to their Special holding facilities in Israel like they have supposedly done to those other people? What made those other such much more serious problems than you that they had to “disappear” them (in a very complicated and unnecessary manner) but not you?

      First, relocate out of Camden. Out of the whole state preferably. I think that you just have too many “bad vibes” surrounding that area.

      Then find yourself a good WASP psychiatrist (use county healthcare organizations if necessary)… And get some serious help.

  36. Robert Milnes says:

    Such kind and considerate suggestions.
    Reminds me of my landlord. Hey Bob, I don’t want to kick you to the curb in 3 days in December. I’ll give you three months. Just sign here. Consent to Vacate. Get current in rent by giving me the deposit check from the court clerk for December + $1415.Pay rent for 3 months, Jan Feb, March. Plenty of time to find a place and pack your bags. Leave the 2 storage sheds worth $1000 each. Leave most of the rest of your stuff so my drunk druggie maintenance men can take scrap to junkyard. And forget your security deposit.
    Not mentioning that is illegal. Accepting money from me after Default judgement and not reporting it to vacate the Default judgement.
    Then after I didn’t leave, file for eviction where at the hearing the judge would HAVE TO MAKE AN ILLEGAL RULING. Which he did so SOMEBODY got to the jewish judge in democrat party controlled Camden County, with the FBI dirty tricks department in contact with the Mossad who can go to ANY jew and ask for ANYTHING IF it is for Israel. The fix was in.
    No thanks Leroy. I’ll just stay in NJ for now and dig up Ruth’s grave-by myself if necessary. I don’t think she is in there, dead or alive.

    1. Leroy says:

      Dig up Ruth’s grave by yourself?

      Have you ever wondered why none of your peers / friends have ever jumped in and volunteered to assist you in doing this?

      It’s because it is illegal criminally AND would open participants up to major civil action by any relatives.

      Under current law, courts of all statrs usually do not allow exhumation unless substantial and compelling reasons exist (as determined by the courts). In a landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision (Dougherty v. Mercantile Safe Deposit and Trust Company 1978), Justice Cardozo stated, “The dead are to rest where they have been lain unless reason of substance is brought forward for disturbing their repose.”

      Such as this:

      (There you go, a NJ Appellate Court ruled against Orthodox Jewry!)


      “Digging up a grave is called “disinterment” and is done only in the most necessary circumstances, like a murder investigation or physical cemetery move. Considering doing it yourself is both impractical and illegal, not to mention just a bit on the ghoulish and frightening side. As to the actual digging of the dirt, the cemetery has equipment for just such a procedure.

      Get permission to dig up the grave. Reasons can be that a grave needs to be moved to bring a relative closer to another in another cemetery. Sometimes a cemetery moves entirely and digs up all graves; sometimes a murder or other criminal investigation will necessitate the disinterment of a body. No matter what the reason, multiple permission from country, state and counties (depending on where you live) are required. For the most part in the United States, you get a permit or letter of permission from The County Health Department, or your local religious organization if the body is buried in a religious cemetery. If it’s a criminal investigation, the district attorney will handle everything. If the cemetery is moving, it will provide forms for you to sign.

      Fill out and submit the paperwork required. Make sure to have a lawyer look over the papers, particularly if there is a criminal investigation going on. You need to protect yourself so that you are on record as following all required paperwork and laws.

      Leave the work to the cemetery. Once they have the paperwork, they will use heavy-equipment earth movers (backhoe) to dig up the grave. The coffin will be removed and the body will be taken to the coroner’s office in the case of an investigation, or the coffin will be transported to the awaiting cemetery.

      Make you own arrangements for seeing the body if you feel you need to. Speak with the coroner or the funeral director and, again, sign the necessary paperwork, if any is required. Mostly, again in the United States, the Department of Health will have forms to sign and the funeral home will usually have copies to fill out. If you are not related to the deceased or part of an investigation, you have no rights to see the exhumed body.”

      Because then, if not done according to law:

      (A woman who told US police she dug up her father’s grave in search of his “real will” but found only vodka and cigarettes has pleaded guilty to charges including abuse of a corpse.
      Melanie Nash, 53, was one of four accused in the plan to open Eddie Nash’s vault in Colebrook, New Hampshire, then rifle through his casket last May in a scene a prosecutor compared to an Edgar Allan Poe story.

      Police said she felt her share of the inheritance was limited after her father died in 2004. They did not find a will in the casket.

      Nash, who faced trial in March, instead agreed to plead guilty on Monday to charges of criminal mischief, interference with a cemetery, conspiracy and abuse of a corpse. Her sentencing is scheduled for May 5.

      Two others pleaded guilty; a third person was acquitted.

      Nash told police she did not receive anything when her father died and had been thinking of digging up the grave for years to prove that her sister, Susie Nash, “hid the will”.
      Susie Nash has said there was only one will when her father’s estate plan was done in 1995 and everyone involved knew about it. BTW: )






      It can even be from an abandoned cemetery:

      Well… you catch the drift.

      But, hey, if you do go forward with it, make sure to alert the local police and give them a precise date / time and ask that they have a couple officers there to stand by in case the cemetery workers or any local public tries to intervene.

  37. Robert Milnes says:

    Yes, why not just do away with me? Well, they tried, several times. Then I believe somewhere around 1990 they decided not to try anymore. I think it had something to do with The Second Coming. Various religious right people found out about me from the illegal FBI surveillance and thought maybe-maybe-it was me. DEcided to not take the chance. And of course, the Mossad, the jewish “Christ killers” couldn’t risk it either. So Plan B was to continue to keep screwing with me in many other ways to keep me down Including “disappearing” rather than killing my family, friends, supporters even would be supporters/maybe supporters e.g. Ruth Blumenstein, Nancy Benson.
    I tried to explain that I am not a Second Coming as described in New Testament. I don’t know anything about it. I’m not Jesus. I am me. So that explains that. Religious zealots, Christian and jewish, told the fbi and Mossad not to kill me, at least for the time being.
    So what am I supposed to do, complain that they decided not to kill me?

    1. Leroy says:

      Let me get this right.

      There were various religious rightwing (presumably Christian) groups who found out about the illegal FBI surveillances on you (just how did they do that?) And convinced the Mossad to NOT bump you off or “disappear you” because of the “Second Coming” and this is because YOU “maybe – maybe” be The One (i.e., the Returning Messiah)?????


      Obsessive Disorder


      Napoleonic Complex.

      And now…

      A Christ Complex?????

      Persecuted by the “Christ Killer” Jews yet protected by the pro Zionist and extremely pro Israel rightwing Christian fundamentalists who are powerful enough to keep the Mossad from killing you, but not powerful enough to “call them off” completely???


      The spiral down the Rabbit Hole is accelerating much more rapidly!

    2. Jason says:

      “I tried to explain that I am not a Second Coming as described in New Testament. I don’t know anything about it. I’m not Jesus. I am me.”

      Who did you try to explain that to? Did you send letters, emails, telephone calls to all these religious zealots and groups with this explanation? Better yet, how did you find out that this was their agenda and game plan to start with, so you’d have to “try and explain”?

      “So that explains that.”

      Actually, that line of bull explains nothing.

      “Religious zealots, Christian and jewish, told the fbi and Mossad not to kill me, at least for the time being.”

      And your proof of that (ANY EVIDENCE) is what?

      1. Robert Milnes says:

        Proving/disproving anything having to do with the fbi/mossad is extremely difficult.
        YOU prove I’m wrong.

        1. Jason says:

          You are kidding, right?

          You make these claims, the burden of proof is on you. It is not on any one who calls out your crazy bullshit.

          You prove you’re right.

          Only how can you prove a lie? A crazy made-up nightmare?

          That is right.

          You can’t.

          Someone needs to contact your local Department of Health to see if they have mental health services for indigent residents.

    3. Leroy says:

      And actually that series by the AP on this story WAS incomplete…

      The Judge it seems declined to accept the recommended Plea Bargain and – when the dust settled – sentenced Milnes to incarceration as stated!

      For proof of incarceration:

      (Federal Bureau Of Prisons – Inmate Locator)


      Register Number: 34871-066

      Age: 63

      Race: White

      1. Robert Milnes says:

        JUDGE JAMES T GILES refused to accept the plea bargain at the first hearing because I refused to plead guilty.
        Later he-illegally-revoked my probation, then sentenced me to incarceration. Specifically FCI, Butner, NC, a psychiatric prison.
        There a very astute and maybe a little scared of being duped into medicating a political prisoner by the fbi, psychologist, ordered I be transferred out of Butner to a level 3 general population prison, FCI Raybrook, NY.
        I was refused parole which I almost immediately qualified for and wound up maxing out i.e. serving the max on a 5 year(60 mo.) sentence-40 months.

        1. Leroy says:

          Sorry, but Federal Correctional Institute Butner NC is NOT a “psychiatric institution”.

          “The Federal Correctional Institution, Butner (FCI Butner) is a low-security United States federal prison for male inmates in North Carolina. Part of the Butner Federal Correctional Complex, it is operated by the Federal Bureau of Prisons, a division of the United States Department of Justice.

          The complex consists of three facilities:

          – Federal Correctional Institution, Butner Low (FCI Butner Low): a low-security facility
          – Federal Correctional Institution, Butner Medium I (FCI Butner Medium I): a medium-security facility
          – Federal Correctional Institution, Butner Medium II (FCI Butner Medium II): a medium-security facility”

          And then there’s “The Federal Correctional Institution, Ray Brook (FCI Ray Brook) is a medium-security United States federal prison for male inmates that is operated by the Federal Bureau of Prisons, a division of the United States Department of Justice.

          FCI Ray Brook is located in Essex County, New York [Notice that it’s Ray Brook, not Ray Brook – one would think that someone who spent any time there would recall that,, and it’s a Medium Security prison]… The prison became operational following the conclusion of the Olympics and accepted its first inmates that same year [so a fairly brand new facility… personally I think you were transferred there briefly as part of a “checking out” process – or had to be moved as you were ratting out other inmates for favors]”

          Bottom line is that it doesn’t matter if you were transferred every six months.

          And that rather than go to trial on multiple, multiple counts of more serious felonies that you plead out on a single lesser count in a Sweetheart Deal, after a Judge refused to accept a Super Sweetheart Deal offered you by a JEWISH female prosecutor.

          And then, to corroborate your ignorance of the law (or your belief, actually, that the law is supposed to apply differently to you), the fact is that legally a Judge at any level can refuse to accept a plea bargain. A plea bargain is a deal between the prosecution and the defense – dependent on acceptance by the trial judge. And trial judges fairly frequently decline to accept overly lenient plea deals.

          1. Leroy says:

            Of course, the BOP (Bureau of Prisons) also runs this nearby:

            “The Federal Medical Center, Butner – FMC Butner – [Note it is not FCI Butner, but FMC Butner, for Federal Medical Center] is a United States federal prison in North Carolina for male inmates of all security levels who have special health needs… FMC Butner has a full hospital facility specializing in oncology and behavioral science.”

            Milnes always cites FCI Burner, never referencing FMC Butner which DOES have – amongst many medical sections, a psychiatric section. Why? Why not cite his incarceration at FMC Burner?


            Remember his offenses? Remember that one aspect was over 50 counts of sending harassing SEXUALLY EXPLICIT LETTERS to Knapp through the mail? Not a few “fan letters”, but SEXUALLY EXPLICIT LETTERS!

            Well… FMC Butner has a special function:

            “It has the only residential program devoted to the treatment of sexual offenders in the federal prison system.”

            So while the lesser plea accepted was not in and of itself a “sex crime”, it is clear that the Judge and BOP authorities took into consideration the actual facts of the offenses (plural).

          2. Robert Milnes says:

            Remember we are going back to mid-late 1980’s.
            Butner was a unique level 1-6 combined administrative facility then, specializing in psychiatric cases. Like I said.
            As I said, Raybrook was a level 3 medium security. It served as a transfer point between USA and Canada also.
            I didn’t get a sweetheart deal. The whole case was a debacle and should have been dismissed.
            I certainly didn’t rat out anybody or get special treatment. That’s what maxed out means.
            I did qualify for paerole shortly after arriving. I went to all parole hearings. All denied.
            The original indictment was 2 pages-a 2 count indictment.
            Ridiculous on its face.
            Most inmates I found out had multiple count indictments. MANY pages of attached information.
            And why was I ordered transferred out to general population Raybrook, if I’m such a dangerous pervert?
            Face it Leroy, YOU are the one who is the moron here.

        2. Leroy says:

          And, no, you would NOT almost immediately” qualify for parole.

          Jeez, you just make stuff up as you go along.

  38. Leroy says:


    “… A (then) 32-year-old man was being held without bail today after his arrest at a television station on federal charges that he harassed an anchorwoman and her family with abusive letters and threatening telephone calls.

    Robert Milnes, of Camden, N.J., sent more than 50 letters containing ‘EXPLICIT SEXUAL MATERIAL’ in the past two years to Deborah Knapp, a news anchor at WCAU-TV in Philadelphia, according to an FBI affidavit filed Tuesday.

    Milnes also allegedly impersonated a newspaper reporter in telephone calls to Ms. Knapp’s husband and harassed her parents with calls about the physical and emotional state of Ms. Knapp, who is 71/2 months pregnant, the FBI report said.

    Assistant U.S. Attorney Judy Goldstein-Smith said Milnes was charged with federal offenses of mailing threatening letters and making obscene and harassing telephone calls. The charges are punishable by 5 1/2 years in prison and a $51,000 fine.

    Milnes, 32, was arrested at the Channel 10 news studio about 11 a.m. Tuesday after he called Ms. Knapp’s parents during the weekend to say he would visit the studio, authorities said.

    Milnes told the newswoman’s parents he did not know what he would do, but it ‘wouldn’t be good,’ …

    The FBI affidavit said Milnes (ALSO) called Ms. Knapp’s husband, Henry Bonilla, in New York and said Ms. Knapp, 30, was in danger and ‘was only pretending to be pregnant.’

    Milnes (ALSO) called Ms. Knapp’s parents in San Antonio, Texas, and told them she was mentally ill and deluded in believing she was pregnant, according to the affidavit…

    U.S. Magistrate Peter F. Scuderi ordered Milnes held without bail pending a pre-trial detention hearing Thursday…”

    Does that sound like a “few fan letters”? A “couple of calls”? Does that not basically define a CLASSIC Stalking Offense”? You refer in your online explanations that you pled out to Title 18, Section 876. That probably is what you plead out to in the DEAL eventually given to you (that the Judge would accept)… but your crime (and I’m sure what you were originally charged with) is clearly – as evidenced by circumstances involved as 18 USC §§ 2261 / 3571 (*).

    Note that this Judge (in this article) is Italian, not Jewish. Both of his parents were Italian immigrants. He married a non Jewish 100% Italian-American woman. They were devout practicing Catholics.

    The other judge involved in the case, James T. Giles, apparently assigned trial judge, who since returned to his prior law firm for financial reasons, so ZOG must have not been paying very well, is a Protestant Afro-American – that becomes important further on.

    1. Leroy says:

      In the follow-up AP story (archives are such a great thing):

      “A man who pleaded guilty to a charge of sending threatening letters to a television anchorwoman must undergo psychiatric treatment as part of a plea bargain agreement, a prosecutor says… ”

      “Assistant U.S. Attorney Judy Goldstein-Smith (*) said the plea bargain would require Milnes to serve five years’ probation. During that time, he would have to undergo psychiatric treatment and stay away from Knapp, her family, the station’s news studios and Montgomery County, where Knapp lives, said Ms. Goldstein-Smith… ”

      (*) [Obviously – at least to Milnes – her maiden name indicates Jewish! And how she must have persecuted him! No, wait, she offered him the “Deal of the Century”!!! NO prison time (in a crime situation that generally demands SOME prison time)? Oh what persecution!]

      And his father’s comment?

      ‘I think he’s in need of psychiatric help,’ the defendant’s father, Robert E. Milnes, said at a later hearing, ‘but I don’t see any threat to society. Obviously, he’s in love with Deborah Knapp. He’s OBSESSED.’… ”

      (Now he clearly has compulsive obsessive behaviors in other areas… but according to his own father, RM was, like any stalker, clearly obsessed with Deborah Knapp! Wait, wait! Could it be that even back then that ZOG had gotten to his own father?)

      But the AP never reported the “rest of the story”.

      The Federal Court judge (NOT Jewish) declined to accept the Plea Bargain and sentenced Milnes to Federal prison… NOT the (presumed) Jewish prosecutor whose first plea bargain deal offered included no jail time, but a subsequent different plea that allowed him to plea to a lesser offense but one that did require prison time (though minimal for what he did).

      1. Leroy says:

        As this Irregular Times program won’t post the link to the archived AP story, readers can find it themselves by doing a Google with the words “Deborah Knapp” Milnes. It’s like in the first 4 or 5 listings (along with a number of various posts by Milnes where he uses different excuses to try and explain this away as not really anything… and what there was there wasn’t really him, it was those pesky ZOG / FBI / Mossad attacks!

    2. Leroy says:

      As this Irregular Times program won’t post the link to the archived AP story, readers can find it themselves by doing a Google with the words “Deborah Knapp” Milnes. It’s like in the first 4 or 5 listings (along with a number of various posts by Milnes where he uses different excuses to try and explain this away as not really anything… and what there was there wasn’t really him, it was those pesky ZOG / FBI / Mossad attacks!

  39. Leroy says:

    But the AP never reported the “rest of the story”.

    The Federal Court judge (NOT Jewish) declined to accept the Plea Bargain and sentenced Milnes to Federal prison… NOT the (presumed) Jewish prosecutor!

    Milnes own words:

    ” … but then I got tripped up by the FBI.

    They arrested me on charges related to several fan letters (FAN LETTERS?????) I had written to a local Philadelphia TV anchorwoman, Deborah Knapp. She had married present day Congressman Henry Bonilla, R-Texas (No mention of calls to her parents, threats made, calls to her husband, showing up at the station!!!!!).

    Of course I suspected this was a collateral attack on me by the FBI for political reasons, but I could not articulate that or convince my court appointed federal defender (Hah! Nor was there any mention here about the plea bargain offered by the Jewish prosecutor and how it fell through). He convinced me to plead guilty to one count. This was a big mistake. I was sent to FCI Butner, N.C. in 1985. I actually read ‘The Age of Surveillance’ in prison!

    Eventually I got ‘maxed out’ on mandatory parole in 1989 (Hah! He didn’t even spend a full four years, being released in March, 1985)…. The 1 count I pleaded guilty to was 18 USC Section 876 (Note: Yes, the one count he was allowed to plead guilty to in a Sweetheart Deal – not the multiple more serious charges that he would have faced going to trial … read the first AP story). Later I filed a pro se motion to withdraw guilty plea pursuant to 28 USC Section 2255 and Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure 32 (d). The federal defender was not authorized to assist me after probation violation & was ineffective anyway. This was denied through the U. S. Supreme Court. My petitions for parole were all denied. I have not been arrested for anything since. I’m not perfect; I do make mistakes… ”

    (Though to properly update that link’s info, he HAS been before the courts on other matters since then – other mistakes apparently)

    Note the major discrepancies in his story with the AP stories (nature of the crime, extent of offense, the offered Plea Bargain, etcetera)

    1. Leroy says:

      And, as sadly, there are so many versions of HIS story about this stalking:

      As a side note, Deborah Knapp (Deborah Knapp-Bonilla) divorced Republican former Texas Congressman (Baptist Hispanic) Henry Bonilla in 2004 then remarried last year to (Cuban) Celso Gonzalez-Falla and remains at KENS-5 TV in San Antonio (ZOG affiliated Bonilla lost his Congressional position to a Hispanic Democrat in a special election in 2006). Deborah Knapp (maintaining that name) has two children by Bonilla (a daughter and a son, both now in their late 20s – and I think that it is long past time that Milne stop the slander).

      1. Robert Milnes says:

        Slander? I beg your pardon.
        One reason I did eventually knuckle under to enormous pressure to plead guilty to something I later realized I was not guilty of-again definition of threat in Black’s-was to spare Knapp unnecessary trial involvement, what with being pregnant/new motherhood etc. Despite my misgivings about her inappropriate involvement with the fbi against me, that I wasn’t guilty but I lacked the ability at the time to articulate that, and that I figured she was not actually pregnant but had a hysterical-conversion reaction to my letters, which I felt bad about-my failure to anticipate her reaction to my letters, not the letters themselves. However subsequently realizing the enormity of the injustice here I eventually file a motion to withdraw guilty plea. The statute 28usc section 2255, frcp 32d, calls foe a rule 8 evidentiary hearing. A lousy hearing is all I requested. NO! DENIED. Repeatedly. Deny enough and the appellate court will rule against any further motions.
        So, bring on an evidentiary hearing, I say. Let Knapp get treated as she SHOULD HAVE BEEN back in 1985. And let’s cross examine the fbi agents and prosecutors. By ME with assisting counsel of my approval, not some jewish ZOG lackey federal defender. And a court order for a paternity/maternity test for Alicia Bonilla.

        1. Robert Milnes says:

          So you say GILES left the judiciary to a law firm? LOL! He was Chief District Judge. His next logical move is to the Appellate Court. Something happened there. Somebody realized he’s an incompetent and fbi lackey. He has AT LEAST his role in my case to be ashamed of.
          Rule 8 requires the hearing via the presiding court/judge. Let Judge Scuderi preside. He was the original Magistrate.

          1. Jason says:

            Once again you prove your complete incompetence and stupidity.

            The vast, vast majority of District Court judges do NOT move on to the United States Courts of Appeals in the numbered Circuits. Most retire. A few retire and return to private practice. A few die in office. A few are removed for cause (impeached and convicted). A few are convinced (as was Giles predecessor) to “retire” due to personal problems.

            It’s spelled out in the Constitution. Article III of the Constitution requires the establishment of a Supreme Court and permits the Congress to create other federal courts, and place limitations on their jurisdiction. All Federal judges are appointed by the President with the consent of the Senate to serve until they resign, are impeached and convicted, retire, or die.

            Simple mathematics dictate that most of the District Court judges do not move on to the Appeals Court level. As of 2010, there were 678 authorized district court judgeships in 94 District Courts. There are currently 179 judges on the United States courts of appeals in 13 “Circuit Courts”.

            As far as Giles (in his early 70s at that time – 2008 I believe) his reasoning was simple.


          2. Jason says:

            As far as the integrity of Mr. Giles when on the Bench.



            Good Lord!

            I just noted your previous racist post where you referred to this minority former federal judge as a “blackey-lackey”!

            You are indeed crazy as a loon.

          3. Robert Milnes says:

            All I know is that I was there in court when he made numerous errors, any one of which would have been appealable and likely reversal if I had decent legal assistance at the time.
            The whole case was a pathetic joke. Charges shouldn’t have even been filed. The Supreme court ruled long ago Alderson 1968 that a surveilled person may move to dismiss of the surveillance is not revealed to the defense.
            But the fbi knows this is a joke. The fbi wouldn’t surveil anyone for political reasons. Certainly not ask the Mossad to do whatever it wanted to anyone surveilled and found to be non supportive of Israel i.e. anyone involved in the Green and/or Libertarian parties.
            I recall reading this in The Age of Surveillance by Frank J. Donner, a commie.

    2. Leroy says:

      And then there’s this.

      Not really masturbating to yet another TV female personality, just an “experiment” about this super covert personal TV surveillance being run by ZOG:



      1. Robert Milnes says:

        Yes, by all means, do get O’Donnell and Knapp to come forward.

        1. Leroy says:

          Get them to come forward?

          For what?

          More harassment by you?

          Some sort of fantasyland trial that you think that there’s some kind of basis for (there’s no such basis)?

          There is NO way that I’d be a part of such a thing!!!

          If you’re the aggrieved party, YOU get them to come forward. File a civil rights violation complaint against them for conspiring to violate your civil rights. Utilize the ACLU and Poverty Law Center resources.

          Something besides whining about it on your blog which almost nobody reads (and probably no one regularly) – and here (which probably has a few hundred readers?).

          1. Robert Milnes says:

            ACLU, Poverty Law SPLC etc National Lawyers Guild etc. UNRELIABLE.
            I would agree to a Rule 8 Evidentiary hearing WITH COMPATIBLE COUNSEL. With Scuderi presiding.
            Would you be a part of THAT?

          2. Robert Milnes says:

            Let Norah O’Donnell et al call a press conference and deny what I’ve said.
            My interpretations are that most if not all tv and print/online reporters, anchors and guests are aware of tv surveillance.

          3. Jason says:

            I will let Leroy speak for himself.

            But to show who is the moron here, Peter Scuderi died in 2008 at age 80!

            So no one can “go along with that”.

            And why should Ms. O’Donnell (et all) hold any kind of press conference? Do you think that that give your information ANY credibility? Do you think that they even remotely know of what you speak? Do you think that they read your stupid Blogs or stupid posts or even read the Irregular Times at all?

            Listen, moron, you are delusional.

            You invent happenings, legal processes, etc., as you go along. You don’t even know basic facts.

          4. Robert Milnes says:

            If enough people wonder out loud whether Bob Milnes is a crazy pervert or has something, O’Donnell et al will call a press conference or do something.
            Sorry to hear about Scuderi.
            So, if Giles quit the judiciary-or was run out, who would preside over a Rule 8 hearing?
            And again, if enough people demanded it, a Rule 8 hearing would get called.

    3. Robert Milnes says:

      Yes, note the discrepancies between MY version of things and the ZOG sensationalized media version and the ZOG fbi/mossad/prosecution version.

      1. Jason says:

        You are so stupid that you are almost funny at times.

        Your “sensationalized” media version concocted by ZOG and Mossad were TWO old AP stories from over THIRTY ONE YEARS AGO that were in their old archives… and you didn’t even rate the third “rest of the story” article.

        You are SO delusional!

        And moronic.

  40. Leroy says:


    Don’t bother.

    You are wasting your time.

    You display intellect, logic, even common sense.

    But you are doing battle with the equivalent of an unarmed man.

    1. J Clifford says:

      Note: It appears that we have a little bit of sock puppetry going on here with Leroy and “Jason” who are both using the very same IP address.

      1. Leroy says:


        He is my teenage adult nephew who lives with me while working and attending a Division One college

        To my horror I “introduced” him to this site.

        I am still considering whether remaining subscribed to this site or not, but have urged him to not waste his time.

        You have heard of WiFi, right? And that the WiFi controls the transmission for all computers under its set up? My wife has a laptop with a personal email account address and a work email account address. She also has an iPhone with a separate email account address. My grandson has a laptop with a personal email account address and a school email account address. He also has an iPhone with a separate email account address. I have a regular PC with two separate email account addresses (one is commercial). And a Kindle that has a separate email account address. And also my own iPhone with a separate email address. And all of those have their own browsers (Firefox, Silk, etcetera).

        So just looking at current residents of this household, there are TEN separate email accounts that would show routinely the SAME (exact same) IP address. And that doesn’t count any family or other visitors who would be here and log in so they would be using WiFi rather than Data – which would put them also on the same exact IP address. So you could have even more email addresses broadcasting from the EXACT same IP address. Something that you apparently have no knowledge about. Maybe if you talked to your more IT knowledgeable colleagues, they could explain it in even simpler terms.

        So, screw you for making your assumptions without checking out the situation privately first. Like email addresses, like personal email contact. Like talking to a colleague who knew that more than one email address could be coming from different subscribers at the same IP address.

        Oh, yes, my real name isn’t Leroy either, but then I imagine that many of your subscribers post under names other than their real one.

        Sock puppetry?

        It seems like you are nothing more than a Straw Man for Milnes. I remember when I had the problems with posting links (in posts involving him) and you were both clueless and expressed a quite “unhelpful” attitude… And yet Jim Cook fairly quickly resolved the problem. Strange.

      2. Robert Milnes says:

        Interesting. Thank you J. Clifford.
        So Larry and Jason are the same person commenting anonymously including reacting to each other via the same IP? HMMMMM.
        My next question would be is paulie cannoli from IPR involved in this because it sure has his m.o.
        paulie is quite intelligent and IT sophisticated. I recognize him as a worthy opponent.

        1. Robert Milnes says:

          Further, I note that Scuderi “died” in 2008. Giles retired as Chief Judge E.D. PA, instead of at least trying for Appeals Court.
          In 2008 I made quite a splash in libertarian party politics as a presidential nomination candidate.
          Maybe there was some cleaning up the mess from that debacle case against me.
          Radical Green candidate Robert B. McFarland of Boulder, CO “died” in 2008. My friend.
          My uncle the WW2 Marine Fred Milnes “died” in 2008.
          I went on to try for 2012 Lib. nomination. Nancy Benson “died” of cancer in 2012 after a year of illness i.e. she must have been “diagnosed” around 2011.
          Ruth Blumenstein and Doris Klinkenberg “died” of cancer both in early 2014. Doris contacted my landlord getting the 3 month delay in eviction. Ruth was a possible person to do the same.
          Pat Klinkenberg “died” of cancer just before brother Mark and I were to move him from GA to CA. I probably would have met her in CA. 1999.

        2. Leroy says:

          And you are still an idiot who can’t read… And know as much about IT and WiFis as does Clifford. In other words, none.

          I still don’t know who Paulie Cannoli is, other than the phrase in The Godfather, but I imagine if he cares about dealing with you at all – doubtful – that he will eat you up.

          I have unchecked notifications for this article, so rant away. I’m done dealing with a crazy man.

          And, J. Clifford, you’re still one major chickenshit for your failure to apologize for the way you handled yourself as a MODERATOR!

          1. Robert Milnes says:

            What in Hell does “…he will eat you up.” mean?

          2. Robert Milnes says:

            I do not see any reason for J. Clifford to apologize, except maybe to me for taking so long to expose you Leroy/Jason.
            I guarantee paulie cannoli of Independent Political Report would have outed a sockpuppet-that he didn’t agree with-long before this.
            He outs the green neo Nazis and me.
            I remember a few years ago he asked everybody not to use his last name because he was threatened. My question is what did he do to someone who would then threaten him? Threatened him about what? For what? His admitted sordid past of drug dealing etc? Who knows just how sordid his past was? Dead bodies? Extortion?
            Let paulie cannoli-jewish- come here to explain his admitted sordid past and how he and IPR owner jewish Warren “Solomon” Redlich justify my being banned from commenting in IPR.

          3. Robert Milnes says:

            Leroy, just google paulie cannoli you IT genius.

          4. Robert Milnes says:

            Unless you ARE paulie cannoli. Then nevermind.
            You already know who you are and are acting dumb.

          5. Robert Milnes says:

            I have seen pictures of paulie cannoli. A fat pig. But cannibalism?

          6. Robert Milnes says:

            Leave the gun, take the cannoli. LOL!
            Like I said, fat pig.

          7. Robert Milnes says:

            J.Clifford, This thread sounds a lot like the threads that led me to conclude William S. Saturn was kidnapped.
            Saturn’s “brother” sounded like a supercomputer imitator. Here Leroy/Jason sounds that way too.
            Why don’t you ask Warren Solomon Redlich and Jill Pyeatt of IPR who were privy to the emails from “brother” about it?
            I think Saturn was kidnapped and replaced by “brother” a supercomputer program about August 2013.

          8. Robert Milnes says:

            I communicated with Refugio County, Texas about my misgivings about Saturn’s well being. Didn’t hear much of anything. Of course it wouldn’t take much for The ZOG to suppress anything about it.

          9. Robert Milnes says:

            Refugio County texas sheriff department.
            Any investigative reporters out there in irregular times land?
            Kidnappings, fake illnesses, fake funerals, fake burials, fake births, phony charges, snitch jackets, electronic jamming, assassination attempts, sock puppets, provocateurs, disinformation programs etc.
            Take your pick at The PLAS Place.

  41. Leroy says:


    He is my teenage adult nephew who lives with me while working and attending a Division One college

    To my horror I “introduced” him to this site.

    I am still considering whether remaining subscribed to this site or not, but have urged him to not waste his time.

    BTW, screw you for making your assumptions without checking out the situation privately first. Like email addresses, like personal email contact.

    Oh, yes, my real name isn’t Leroy either, but then I imagine that many of your subscribers post under names other than their real one.

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