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The Concrete Cost Of High Military Spending In 2016

Yesterday, by a vote of 278 in favor and 174 in opposition, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to approve a huge spending package of 578.6 billion dollars for the military. The legislation, H.R. 2685, raises military spending above the level requested by the military itself.

578.6 billion dollars is such an immense amount of money that it’s difficult to imagine what it means in practice. In order to overcome this problem, let’s make this military spending bill more concrete.

For the amount of money Congress just approved for the machines of war, it could have instead:

– Bought a brand new Toyota Prius for over 21,000 families.

– Bought more than 1.1 million iPad tablets.

– Installed solar power systems on 24,000 homes.

– Given a nutritious meal to half of the U.S. population every day of the year.

– Put 30 million new books in American libraries.

– Paid for 19 years worth of medical research by the National Institutes of Health

Instead, they chose to get America ready for war.

2 thoughts on “The Concrete Cost Of High Military Spending In 2016”

  1. Aurelio Kirkwood says:

    I think the same as you 🙂 why should they spend too much on that ?

  2. Aurelio Kirkwood says:

    And why they dont help the homeless people, raise the human kind?

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