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What Does Jeb Bush Need Our Support For?

John Ellis Bush, who prefers that we all call him Jeb, given the nasty history of US presidents named Bush, is asking for your support. He wants you to go “all in for Jeb”.

all in for jeb

To me, this request for the support of everyday Americans is astonishing, given that Jeb Bush already can support himself more than well enough on his own. Jeb Bush was born rich, and he has used his family’s wealth and power to gain even more wealth for himself,molten at the expense of others, on the boards of abusive employers such as Swisher Hygiene and mismanaged corporations such as Rayonier.

Jeb Bush took these positions not to serve the companies’ workers and investors, but to profit from them. He is showing the same selfish attitude with his presidential campaign. When he ought to seek ways to support the nation, Jeb Bush expects the nation to support him. When he ought to be offering to be all in for America, he asks America to be all in for Jeb instead.

Mr. Bush, this election is not about you.

2 thoughts on “What Does Jeb Bush Need Our Support For?”

  1. frank says:

    ..while Hilary Clinton is poor and trustworthy. Very objective….liberal style! Two pieces of fecal matter the party…

  2. ella says:

    Aw, come on. JEB is a good guy, he doesn’t need just campaign money. Unlike Hillary, he did not have a man a the door demanding that members of the ‘crowd’ buy Clinton paraphernalia, do-dads, T-shirts and stuff, from the tables set up around the room, just so they could be allowed to appear at the grand opening of the campaign! The people who came to see JEB were there to cheer him on, not to pay for more investments for his portfolio. Who knows where all that money goes that Hillary demands. She’d have to pay me to go to one of her gatherings. I wonder if there were over 100 people there.

    JEB needs voters who can think for themselves enough not to be suckered into something like the Clinton bash. Voters who will listen to his vision of the future, not instantaneously repeat what some opponents shill sends around. The Republicans need a strong leader to run for President. JEB is one of those governors. Who knows, we may wind up with two governors.

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