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11 Alternatives to “Kanga Roof”

Outside houses recovering from a hard winter in Central New York, you can spot a lot of these signs:

Kanga Roof Lawn Sign

Why is this company (and it’s not the only one) home of the “Kanga Roof?”  Because the contractors “hop to it.”  Get it?  Kangaroo?  Hop?

It’s a weird kangaroo in this picture, that’s for sure.  It’s wearing clothes.  It’s got springs on its feet.  It lives in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona judging by the Saguaro cactus and cholla.  But hey, it sure is memorable.  I will never forget Kanga Roof, and maybe that’s the idea.  There are some great possibilities for future advertising campaigns, too.  “Our prices are no tall tail.”  “Make your home snugger’n mama’s pouch.”  “Our customer service shows striking properties reminiscent of convergent evolution.”

If at this point you’re kicking yourself, wishing that you had thought of the business name Kanga Roof first, don’t despair.  There are a number of great alternatives out there.  Here are a few;

1. Turtle Roof: We Shell Get it Done

2.  Jackrabbit Roof: Our Service is Fast

3.  Cheetah Roof: Our Service is Faster Than a Jackrabbit (yum)

4.  Human Roof: We Don’t Sprint Or Anything, But Over a Long Distance Our Average Speed is the Tops

5.  Glia Monster Roof: We Know Dry

6.  Capybara Roof: Given Enough Roughage, We Keep Going after the Biggest Drenching

7.  Komodo Dragon Roof: With Our Tough Scales on Top, There’ll Be No Leaking of Bodily Fluids

8. Manatee Roof: We May Not Be Mermaids, But Our Work Isn’t Fictional, Either

9. Tardigrade Roof: We’ll Go To Extremes for Your Home Improvement Project

10.  Dog Roof: Roof!

11.  Glow in The Dark Tetra Roof: Not a Product of Genetic Engineering, but Still Pretty Nifty

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