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Fact Check: Not One Conservative-Led American City is a “Shit Hole”?

Visitor Frank, rejecting empirical evidence that Republican congressional districts aren’t better off than Democratic districts, has recently declared that he doesn’t need to waste his time on evaluating the available facts.  Instead, he has decided to try posing a different question:

“on the matter ot this furthervstudy on Congressional districts, which i won’t waste my tine on, i have one simple question: point out to me just one conservative run city that turned into a shit hole.”

Fine.  Here’s one: Biloxi, Mississippi.  A.J. Holloway served six terms as mayor (22 years) until he left office this year.   He is a conservative Republican.

Let’s compare the city of Biloxi to the United States as a whole.  Only 4% of the residents of Biloxi have earned a Bachelor’s degree; 9.4% of Americans have.  22.4% of Biloxi residents live below the poverty level; 15.4% of Americans overall live below the poverty level. The median household income in the United States is $53,046, but the median household income in Biloxi is just $39,666.  16.7% of Biloxi residents are on food stamps; just 12.4% of Americans overall are on food stamps.  14.9% of Americans are without health insurance, but 20.3% of Biloxi residents go without health insurance.  In the United States overall, 6.2% of people have low income and do not live close to a grocery store; in Biloxi, that figure rises to 16.3%.  21.7% of Americans smoke; 27.3% of Biloxi residents do.  12 percent of births in the United States are pre-term, but in Biloxi 16% of births are pre-term.  On average, a Biloxi resident dies two years earlier than the average American.  The rate of violent crime in Biloxi is 7.8% higher than in the United States overall.  The rate of property crime in Biloxi is 76.0% higher than in the United States overall.

I would not use the term “shit hole” to describe Biloxi; that kind of language is mean and ugly.  Regardless of language, however, Biloxi is clearly a troubled city — and it has been run by the same conservative Republican for a generation.

Sources: U.S. Census Bureau, Uniform Crime Reports, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

40 thoughts on “Fact Check: Not One Conservative-Led American City is a “Shit Hole”?”

  1. frank says:

    LOL. Pathetic. You had actually take time to “research” it…while those cities i named come right on top of the charts of shit holes. AND, after all your researches, you come up with what? Biloxi…which is just a southern;city, poor may be, but by no measure comparable to a shit hole. Fact check my ass!! That’s just a confirmation of liberal retardation. Pathetic.

    1. J Clifford says:

      Wait a minute, Frank. You think it’s “pathetic” that Jim “had to” do research to establish the facts about this local conservative government, while you pride yourself in not doing any research yourself?

      Wow, Frank. Wow.

  2. frank says:

    P A T H E T I C

  3. thedogfacedboy says:

    So did you answer his question: Did A.J. Holloway turn it into a shit hole, or was it already a shithole? Mayor Jeremiah J. ‘Jerry’ O’Keefe III served before him; wasn’t he a Democrat? Can Holloway blame everyone before him, just like Obama?

    Your posted proof only states that the city is in trouble today. You didn’t present an argument that it was “turned into a shithole” by being run by conservatives.

    Please present proper evidence to the request, if you plan on accurately refuting his point.

    1. frank says:

      Here is another idiot. Would you compare Camden or Flint as shit holes to Biloxi…really? And that’s ALL you liberals have…? Pathetic…

      1. Jim Cook says:

        No, it’s not all I have. It’s exactly what you asked for, and I delivered it. I don’t think I need to respond further. Your response says it all.

        1. frank says:

          It’s a pathetic example…and you had to search for a while…lol. Pathetic. Comparing Biloxi to Newark or Detroit…lol

  4. ella says:

    Whoo, hoo! Biloxi, the gambling place to go to! That is one hot town. But even at that, since 2009, the crime rate in Biloxi has dropped,, as the population has increase slightly in the past 10 years. Over 88% have graduated from high school, according to this source,, and 23.9% have college degrees, with over 9% have graduate degrees.

    Actually, in the around 20 years of having a Republican in charge, Biloxi has improved. It was a mess to begin with, and some might say it still is, – but a better mess! Good city to pick. It illustrates how a Republican Conservative can help even ‘the pits’.

  5. thedogfacedboy says:

    “… It’s exactly what you asked for, and I delivered it. I don’t think I need to respond further. …

    “…point out to me just one conservative run city that turned into a shit hole….”

    No,not from the evidence printed above. That is definitely NOT what he asked for. It may be all you feel like doing, but if that is where you leave it, you did not accomplish what he asked for.

    I would also add that the Mayor of a city is not the only person that “runs” it. There are often the City Councils to deal with, and you did not support your choice with an analysis of the makeup of the City Council. You might be right, but again, monkees might also fly out of my….

    1. frank says:

      Mr Cook knows exactly what i asked and why i asked. But liberals, confronted with facts, always twist the meaning of things. I am not even sure that his “research” on the congressional districts is true or conducted with no bias or manipulation. He says that’s what he has found…but stats can be manipulated. Just like the white privilege bs. When you di and, most of all, verified. Dig deeper, you’ll find the flaws. I’ll look into his “study” …I’ll get him on that one as well…

    2. J Clifford says:

      I love this Republican right wing nonsense DogBoy and Frank are now spreading to justify their continued attachment to ideologies of hatred.

      Mayors don’t run cities…

      Places such as Biloxi, Mississippi don’t count…

      There’s nothing you can do to convince these believers in bigotry, Jim, but keep up the good work, because the more people like Frank and DogBoy try to spin desperate, incredible arguments, the more it becomes clear to other people that the Republican prejudices don’t have a leg to stand on.

      1. frank says:

        I think the ones that look desperate, trying uselessly to defend the nonsense, it’s you two. Again, Biloxi (which is not a shit hole at all) VS Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, New Orleans, Newark, Memphis, St.Louis, Atlanta,Oakland, tens of others…down to Ferguson. Really Mr. Clifford…REALLY? And MINE is an incredible argument? LMAO

      2. thedogfacedboy says:

        What an idiotic statement you make. (not surprising)

        I’m not claiming any attachment to any particular ideology. Nor did I mention anything about Republican, right-wing, etc. This idjit reads a lot into nothing. Pretty sad and anti-intellectual.

        Just keep up the ad-hominem junk; it’s always the fallback position of the weak-minded.

        But I just casually read the above article, and it is pretty simple to see that Jim, either purposely or ignorantly, or both perhaps, did specifically NOT supply evidence to prove his point.

        I certainly didn’t state Biloxi does not count. As far as Mayors, you can google in two seconds the fights between Mayoral control and city council control in cities such as Birmingham. And ask Rob Ford, the mayor of Toronto about City Council power.

        Leaving out City Council makeup of cities chosen to prove a point sloppy, sloppy thinking.

        One of your own blog-heads just made a point that Ben Carson should run for Congress if he does not like the amount of executive power the President has. That is an argument for balance of power, which is why many major cities have city councils in the first place. Don’t be ignorant, it does not become you.

      3. Jim Cook says:

        They sure are digging themselves a few holes, and everyone else can see it.

        1. frank says:

          Jim Cook…keep digging YOUR hole of falsities. Keep going. Bet you have spent all these hours trying to find some more Republican shit holes. Make one more you did for “Biloxi”. What a bronze face…

          1. Jim Cook says:

            I have thoroughly sourced the facts I’ve offered, and you have not shown how a single one is false. You’re getting pretty upset. Read up on cognitive dissonance.

          2. frank says:

            which sources? The ones on your “research”? I’ll get to that soon…and prove it false, like the “white privilege” ones. I am not getting upset at all. Having fun. Mr. Biloxi….LOL. One more? read about the top 20 most dangerous cities in the US…guess what they have in common. Getting hurt in your pussy?

          3. Jim Cook says:

            Another claim you just made: now you say you’re going to prove the stats are false. I’m waiting…

          4. Jim Cook says:

            I satisfied your challenge, and you’re getting even more upset. Hey, where’s your proof I falsified the Biloxi stats? The hole gets deeper…

          5. frank says:

            Sure… you did…LOL. You win..happy? LMAO.
            I didn’t say you falsified the data…you just didn’t find an! Biloxi is by no means a shit hole…you just created it. Probably is on the top millions list …LOL.
            I’l get around your #research# don’t worry….takes time to look through the sources and I do work. I have a job… I am not a Democrat.

        2. thedogfacedboy says:

          You are pretty in pink, jimbob


          Give up dude, trying to reason with blockheads. And I don’t necessarily agree with you myself. I personally think your statement is an exercise in absolutes, which is silly, really.

          Are there cities where conservatives “have screwed it up”? Sure, no one is perfect.
          Are cities like Detroit (from my home state)that have slid from once greatness into cra_p all to blame by progressives? That’s a complicated argument.

          What is pretty much a constant, is the endless excuses for these numerous cities. Progressives, like their conservative ideologue counterparts, rarely like to admit mistakes. I think you can tick off on your fingers, as you’ve done, plenty of places like Washington D.C., et. al that are places with huge problems. My own modest city is one of them. And I do think that a common thread that appears a lot is the progressive mindset and the low expectation mindset that nourishes it.

          But I don’t think simply a tough mayor can fix all that, the same way that horrible-results-schools are fixed by any of the methods tried. You can’t fix a culture from the outside. People have to take their own civil responsibility.

          I hear endless pap about how badly the system is rigged. I ran a department in an extreme inner-city hood. It was pretty bad there; a cop was gunned down by a paroled (one week later) hood right outside our door, and we had bullets hit the wall in our conference room. (not shooting at us, you understand, just the usual strays)

          I won’t bore you with all the details but one thing that was hard to do was hire dependable people with modest skills. We had to deal with constant lateness, lying about sickness, drug use, illiteracy, etc, etc, etc. I tried to do the best I could to be understanding, but we were trying to run a business, and I had commitments to meet. When I had to write up some of these people for whatever poor performance issue, I did not take it lightly, and I tried to make the issues as constructive as I could. But it was not my job to pull people out of their bad habits; it’s an impossible task. I was not their mother or father.

          I had plenty of black and hispanic people working for me. I can assure you my hiring practices were not rigged out of any prejudice. But I heard the race card played plenty of times. Oh sure, all white people were against them.

          If you don’t get that chip off your shoulder and straighten out, then you have no one to blame but yourself. Get off the one-percenter cra_p. That’s what bugs me about these NWA “f_ck da police” attitudes. Most of the time you have nothing to fear from the police, if you are not doing anything. Is there abuse? Sure, nothing is perfect, but working in the inner city every day opens your eyes to what is really goin’ on, apologies to Mr. Gaye.

          But I think it is wrong to paint everything in absolutes.
          Of course, the knuckle head did not show that Biloxi was turned into mush by being run by conservatives, that would probably take too much work. It’s far easier for them to insult you and mentaly wave their arms around. That distracts from the larger picture, which they don’t have the cojones to admit.

          1. frank says:

            Perfectly said. And i am not exercising in absolutes..but there is a substantial pattern in Democrat, minority correlated to degradation, poverty, crime, voting illiteracy. Add on top of it a whole score of politicians and administrators, leftists, which perpetuates the poor conditions of the people they are trying to “help” and here you have perfect combination of the Sharpton world: play the victim, play the race card, ride the “white guilt” horse!!! Keep the money coming! Personal responsibility? Accountability? Hard work? Going to school and learning instead of punching your teachers? Prepare yourself for the challenges of the job market? Merit instead of color or gender? THOSE are gone and they, the so called progressive liberals, will make it be gone forever if we let these Nazis do it. By the turn pf the Century, America will be gone because, believe me, they will win. History shows that..Polybius was right. History repeats itself.

          2. J Clifford says:

            Frank, just let me get this straight… you’re saying that progressive liberals are Nazis, but you, who are campaigning for an end to “white guilt” are not ideologically aligned with the Nazis?

            Please let me know if I’m getting that one wrong.

          3. frank says:

            Clifford…omg. So is this “white guilt” something that you want it to exist and use and abuse it at your leisure? There shouldn’t be any guilt by anyone!! There is only people, their lives, their responsibilities and the freaking law!!! Liberal idea of equality is looking more an more like “colored” or “gender” driven equality!! We are equal or we are not. AND I don’t feel guilty for anything and i do not owe anything to anyone of any color!

          4. J Clifford says:

            Frank, you haven’t explained to me how progressive liberals are Nazis.

            Also, you do realize the parallel between your argument and the Nazi appeal to the German people, that the time for guilt and reparations from World War I was over, don’t you? Are you really that ignorant of history not to see the similarity?

            I’m not calling you a Nazi, but I am saying that your ideology is very strongly in accord with certain parts of Nazi ideology.

          5. frank says:

            I’ll explain it to you. When a whole party takes a shift to the left, the extreme left, the tendencies is to shut down the opposition or any thinking that is against their dogma. Under this President the Democrat party has taken that path, becoming an aristocratic throng of idiots. They say it, they are right and everyone else is wrong. On climate change, on non existent war on women, white privilege, the non demonstrated “fair share”, the shutting down of religious freedom (while silence on Islamic savagery), the open borders and pro illegality on immigration and i can go on and on. Every one that is again the main common ideas of what liberals believe is either a “bigot” or “racist”. You know Cliff…you probably have heard about the cycles of history. Nations are born, go through different cycles and they die. Well this is the descending curve of America, lead by the so called “progressive liberals”. Europe is far down the bottom of the curve, mostly Britain and France. The last episode, just that one alone, that happened in France, the terrorist attack, tells you how blind the policies of France have been for the last 20 yrs. But they keep going. So do we…and both parties are at guilt, don’t get me wrong. But the Democrats have taken the sharp corner..they took the plunge. Their plans is obvious: become the party that will be in power forever, once the changes that have been planned will be completed. First they are buying the voters: minorities lured into a dependency culture and the flooding of uneducated third world population, which will be kept into dependency as well. 2nd and final once they’ve got the power of the Government (National, States): the change of the “outdated” Constitution. They will do what the UK, France and Germany have done: legislate on “hate speech”, i.e.the end of freedom of speech, and the shutting down of the 2nd, just in case. If this is not a fascist plot..or communist (no difference in intent), you tell me what it is. Possible twist: civil war. Nuts? Sure…imagine yourself in France during the Revolution or any period of major changes in history. Wouldn’t had you thought the same thing? won’t happen…
            the ones that don’t learn from history….

          6. ella says:

            Come on, being Caucasian and proud of it has nothing to do with a political ideology! Being a person whose skin is brown or black and believing that the world owes them a living has nothing to do with a political ideology. Personal, individual, self worth, self respect, and the right of discernment, belongs to the person. Those who have banded together and given up their right of individual status, have giving up their rights as an individual and have no personal thought. They are allowed to think what their controllers tell them to, say what they are told to. Being of another color does not entitle anyone to anything. Because some have ancestors that were slaves,whether indentured or permanently owned, have do right to collect off of the people of this day and time. But that is a fault of the political greed, get more votes if you buy the constituency. Nazi’s were both nationalists and racists in that they were told they were of a race of super people that was color based. The children were easily duped and the adults did whatever was expedient. Of course it was a lot of fun for those who think of that lifestyle as amusing. But that had nothing to do with what goes on in the USA that was created by the government and perpetuated by the followers.

          7. frank says:

            That’s what i meant. Back to the Constitution and the individual.

          8. Jim Cook says:

            See, J. Clifford, Frank is right. He’d tell you himself right now, but his guns have been confiscated, his speech has been censored, and he is being marched off to a concentration camp. While his head was getting shaved to receive the injection at the processing center, he told me to tell you for him. I’m standing on the safe side of the fence for now because I have been injected with my Obamacare chip, but I can see that they’re coming for me next. As a matter of fact, aaaaaaaaaa… [REDACTED FOR YOUR DARNED GOOD — BHO].

          9. frank says:

            See Clifford. People like Mr. Cook are ignorant of history and they can’t see ahead of them more than a year or so. Thinking about where the trend of politics and adjustment of masses behavior, thinking, habits is leading us, 30~50~100 years from now is out of their comprehension. Wuestion: are we just the same as 20 yrs ago mr.Cook? Or 30..or 50 ..or 100? Would you had predicted, 100 yrs ago, the end of slavery? What about a black President? The trip to the moon? A portable phone? Same sex marriage? Gay liberation?This narrow minded way of thinking, that we are just fine and nothing is going to change, when instead it will, it is simply stupid. Decision making in politics made today, will have profound changes, positive or negative, in the way society thinks and behave. Simply..some of us tend to think wsy ahead and figure where these days are leading us, way after we have departed this world. BTW..this has been redacted as well for your good.

  6. ella says:

    Seriously frank, history does repeat itself and “…there is nothing new under the Sun”. But the future is not redacted, as much as some would have liked it to be so. There are, however, different ways of reaching the same end, even politically. Bernie Sanders is to the Democrat Party what Ron Paul is to the Republican Party, it is being said now. Honesty and forthrightness is being listened too. Amazing. Everywhere Bernie Sanders goes and speaks, he is listened to. And people recognize the truth when they hear it. The Clinton’s are well known for deception. JEB is thought of as another Bush. But a Bush with the vision of a bright future. The Republican and Democrat Parties are both in disarray. And the industrial revolution is shifting the societal anchors with change. The American debt is still frozen at 18 plus trillion dollars and IMF is ready to begin printing the new global currency. Will people survive? Most likely. Petrol isn’t scheduled to last 100 more years, so there is no need to consider that factor. Clean water? Greed and avarice have pumped that out of the ground to sell in bottles. Chemicals and radiation have been pumped into the ground to seep into the deep aquifers. The Euphrates is drying up. Some would say the future has been told, others that it is their’s to change. Others just stand or sit and look out at what may be.

    1. frank says:

      Agreed for the most part. Just i don’t see the environmental threat as imminent as liberals want us to believe. More chances of a 3rd world war. Bernie Sanders is openly a Socialist and the Democratic party showing a little support for him is telling us where our Nation will shift, if we don’t go back to the basic principles of the republic. That will mean..oligarchs in command, dictatorship with all the other disastrous consequences.

  7. frank says:

    Your is no empirical evidence universally recognized as research in the US, it’s just your own “research”. I am spending my spare time on it, i work for a living..i am not a liberal, and rest assured I’ll have my counter research done, which will prove you wrong. On the Biloxi matter…really pathetic, nothing else to say. Hours of browsing the internet and all you come up with is a town which is by no standard a shit hole, just poor. Pathetic.

  8. Bill says:

    Remind me again why y’all are so graciously feeding these rude, slack-jawed, flaccid trolls?

    1. frank says:

      I know..we shouldn’t pay any attention to this Cook and Clifford dudes..

    2. Jim Cook says:

      I’m guess I’m not really talking to them, Bill. I’m talking to the people who keep hearing them.

      1. thedogfacedboy says:

        Listening for understanding is generally worth a try. If you always stay inside your own bubble, you eventually get choked off.

  9. ella says:

    Bill, Way up there I proved that Biloxi had improved under the ‘tutelage’ of a Republican Mayor. That said Biloxi is a gambling hole and prone to high crime and all that goes with it. But some days there are other things to talk about.

    1. thedogfacedboy says:

      Ella, I guess your “facts” didn’t fit their narrative, so they were conveniently ignored.

      1. ella says:

        Oh well, I feel that way a lot anyway. Still, at least it got aired.

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