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Atheists Wage All Out War!

Jennifer LeClaire, author of the book Satan’s Deadly Trio: Defeating the Deceptions of Jezebel, Religion and Witchcraft, is warning American Christians that militant atheists are waging “all out war”. She writes that Christians are coming “under fire” in these attacks.

all out warThe number of victims is not yet known, but LeClaire’s report sounds pretty bloody. All out war, after all, involves unrestrained violent rampages across the countryside, with violent seiges using guns, bombs, flying killer drones, amphibious assault vehicles, exploding rockets, and even hand-to-hand combat.

Just what has gotten into atheists these days, to make them become so combative, with this hateful warfare against anyone who disagrees with them?

Hold on… wait a minute…

The tactics of all out war that Jennifer LeClaire accuses atheists of inflicting upon American Christians are actually just restricted to this: Putting a letter in the mail.

The letter was sent by the Freedom From Religion Foundation to a county judge in Warren, Arkansas, where a flag representing the evangelical Christian “Appeal To Heaven” movement has been placed on the flag pole atop the Bradley County Courthouse. The letter asks for “assurances” that the flag will be taken down out respect for the separation of church and state.

Does a letter asking for assurances count as all out war?

One thought on “Atheists Wage All Out War!”

  1. John McArdle says:

    The stupidity and ignorance of the “fundie” evangelicals and low income and low IQ who vote for republicans in the USA is ridiculous. They have our country in ruins since 1980. The ronnie reagan trickle down economics is a flat out LiE ! No Wallstreet regulation? Taking monies from hard earned social safety net government programs to offset taxation of the wealthier? It’s Not a “Christian” nation OK? It’s a secret Freemasonry Nation founded by freemasons. The freemasons are laughing at the whole thing as these idiots are playing right into the NEW WORLD ORDER – iLLUMINATi – Freemasonry Global Cabal (bank of england – house of saudi. Christian prosperity Oh yeah check out the Saudi’s dumb dumb ! The president summed it up nicely “the confederate flag belongs in a museum” Red necks? racists? Red States?

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