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Rick Perry: Act First, Then Discuss Policy

“Once you get the border secure, then you can have a conversation about immigration.” This insight came from a Fox News appearance last night by Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry, who was so proud of the idea that he reposted the comment on his campaign Twitter feed after the show was done, and then retweeted his own tweet about it on his individual Twitter feed.

rick perry get the border secure

If Rick Perry is so fond of this act first, talk later approach to immigration, maybe he could expand the idea to other policy areas. I suggest:

– Once you lower taxes, then you can have a conversation about how to keep the government from falling apart.
– Once you install offshore drilling rigs all along the coasts of the United States, then you can have a conversation about pollution.
– Once you create a travel ban from West Africa, then you can have a conversation about whether there is any significant threat to the United States from Ebola.
– Once you send people to Mars, then you can have a conversation about how to operate a colony on another planet.
– Once you invade Iraq, then you can have a conversation about coming up with a plan for the war.

Oh, wait. Rick Perry already did that last one, back in 2003. Word is that he’s trying to bring that idea back for his new campaign.

5 thoughts on “Rick Perry: Act First, Then Discuss Policy”

  1. frank says:

    Any idea is better than the mess that incompetent idiot in the WH has caused

    1. J Clifford says:

      So then, you believe that the idea of mass detention of everyone with a last name beginning with the letter S is better than having Barack Obama in the White House?

  2. Mark says:

    Just what mess would that be?
    Specifics, please.

  3. brad says:

    Any comment would be better than the first incompetent idiotic comment in this string of comments. Don’t ask me for specifics please.

  4. brad says:

    I live in Texas. My sincere apologies for Rick Perry.

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