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The Agenda Of Anthony Ciotti For President

Out in Southern California, Anthony Ciotti has begun his independent campaign for President of the United States.

Ciotti’s platform:

anthony ciotti for presidentEnd the Fed.
End Citizens United.
End the Corporatocracy
End Planned Obsolescence.
End the For Profit model.
End the Revolving Door of Politicians to High Level Exec’s and visa versa.
Start Fixing what we have broken.
Start spreading Truth.
Start using Tech for the good of Life.
Now, let me get into that a bit more. Yes, Nationalize the Banking Industry. No more of this Too Big to Fail Too Big to Jail crap. Game over, they get nationalized. Period. Yes, the Fed Reserve too.
Taking a lesson from ancient cultures who knew that these debt bubbles get too outrageous, a Time of Jubilee, Debt Forgiveness. Slate is getting wiped clean. Restart!
Those families that were part of predatory loans and such, let’s get them back in their homes. Deed and all.
People in homes are a bit more stables, and can get trained up to help work on all the infrastructure we need to build. That’s right, JOBS.
So what do you guys think of that, Debt Forgiveness, Jobs, Homes, and Infrastructure? Things the People really need after all these games these Fat Cats have been playing.

Ciotti writes that “To get to become an official candidate, I need to raise at least $2500 and then spend it on campaign costs to aggregate $5000.” So far, he has raised $30.

One thought on “The Agenda Of Anthony Ciotti For President”

  1. Tom says:

    This is exactly the problem with “our government.” Anyone with good ideas has to first and foremost RAISE MONEY (or take money from those that have it to spare and who agree with his ideas), instead of all candidates simply listing their agendas and the rest of it being done through PUBLIC FUNDING of elections (thereby ending the Citizens United legal bribery).

    Politics is a dead end in this and all other countries now. There’s only one thing going on now – our coming extinction through climate change effects ruining our habitat (by making growing crops impossible – too hot, cold, wet or dry, chaotic conditions like hail and storms – and killing all life in the oceans through acidification and warming).

    There’s no ‘fixing’ our predicament. It’s only going to get worse as the years pass until we’re all gone as a species (probably taking most of the rest of the life on the planet with us on the way out).

    Vote all you want, nothing will change for the better for very long.

    Try to enjoy the time you have remaining.

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