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Consuming Folklore of Crickets

cricketIt is said, traditionally, that crickets, though they are omens of good luck when they appear in a house, will exercise vengeance when violence is done against them. Specifically, the relatives of a cricket that is killed by a human being will, according to folklore, come to chew holes in the clothing of the killer, giving special vindictive attention to socks.

To hear a cricket singing is supposed to be a sign of good luck. However, for a cricket to suddenly stop singing and leave a house is an omen of coming illness.

What, if these folk beliefs have any validity, will happen to the people of Wadsworth, Ohio, who have taken to drinking milkshakes thickened with cricket powder as part of “a growing trend in cricket consumption”? Will the entire town become sick and naked?

One thought on “Consuming Folklore of Crickets”

  1. ella says:

    Oh boy! Can they prove it is cricket protein? I have heard of eating chocolate covered ants, and some South Americans eat roaches because hordes of the insects overrun their villages. Crickets would sound better. They ‘sing’ at night in abundance, so there may be no shortage of them. It is amazing how many places are selling cricket powder! There is cricket flour, cricket protein bars, flavored cricket powder for shakes and more. Is this the replacement for cattle? Sure would cut down on the methane. The herds could be grown inside, but holy cricket, it will sure take a lot of them!

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