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Born Free and Not Really Taxed To Death

Yesterday, I came upon this sign in Seneca County, New York. It was placed there by a member of the Seneca County Republican Party, who wanted to let everyone traveling down that road know that he had been “Born Free” but had been “Taxed To Death”. The sign urged his neighbors to remember him by revolting and voting.

What a sweet memorial to an untimely death. Damn those taxes, for killing another human being!

taxed to death

But wait a minute. If the person who made the sign and put it by the side of the road was truly taxed to death, how did he make that sign in the first place, and then tow it out to the roadside?

Furthermore, if people are taxed to death, how can they revolt and vote? Dead people aren’t allowed to vote in the United States, and they are powerless to engage in acts of revolution.

The person who made the sign was, of course, not taxed to death. He was taxed to irritation. He was taxed to grumpiness.

He was taxed to exaggeration. This exaggeration makes for an initial burst of sympathy, but then, for those who care to think about it, provokes an eyeroll, at a peevish guy who isn’t capable of keeping his complaints in perspective.

It’s worth noting, too, that the Republican Party is firmly in control of the government of Seneca County. So, if Republicans there are going to revolt, they’re going to have to revolt against themselves.

2 thoughts on “Born Free and Not Really Taxed To Death”

  1. Korky Day says:

    People who cannot afford tax consultants are too poor to be paying income tax. Make income tax as it was when first passed: applying only to rich people.

  2. Bruce Nappi says:


    Once again we see SINGLE SENTENCE LOGIC at work. Narrow-mindedness has been a huge problem in human society since the dawn of time. My research suggests that society’s failure to make inroads addressing narrow-mindedness is because it is more complex than anyone thinks and very different from what most people believe, including the scientific community. They still don’t understand it.

    The major misunderstanding is that we view NARROW-MINDEDNESS as a CHOICE. That is, society views narrow-mindedness the way medicine viewed homosexuality 50 years ago. We think we can change narrow-minded people just by “reasoning” with them. We can’t. Narrow-mindedness is primarily a MEDICAL CONDITION. The narrow-minded person’s BRAIN is not wired the same as other brains. To understand this better, let’s look at the definition, some synonyms and some antonyms for narrow-minded.

    Definition: Unwilling to grant other people social rights or to accept other viewpoints.
    Synonyms: conservative, partisan , opinionated, one-sided, short-sighted, small-minded, partial, bigoted, prejudiced, biased, conventional, old-fashioned, reactionary, blindfolded, parochial, provincial.
    Antonyms: progressive, impartial, objective, unbiased, broad-minded, liberal, open-minded, tolerant, unprejudiced.

    Notice the political slant of many of these words. This is NOT a coincidence. Society believes political divisions are completely due to CHOICE. That the views of different political groups are just points of view. This is very wrong.

    To be clear, my studies have found that narrow-mindedness is primarily caused by an inherited BRAIN STRUCTURE. Those brains are optimized for storing facts. They conceptualize life as a huge collection of “logic bytes”, or SINGLE SENTENCE LOGIC. They are fast talkers and quick with snappy comebacks. They are very poor, however, at figuring out logical relationships in complex situations, and almost totally unable to understand the concept of TRUTH.

    These brain structures are then educated by life experience. Schooling, media and religion poor a huge amount of information into their brains. But they are unable to visualize and logically understand the totality of that information as an integrated system. The world view of the narrow-minded person is essentially a world driven by superstition. This becomes their “house of cards”, or more accurately, a “fortress of cards”. Any attempt by someone to use logic to remove one of those cards and replace it with another, damages part of their fortress. This triggers a huge crisis of FEAR. It triggers FIGHT or flight. It is so alarming to a narrow-minded person that their entire focus turns to defending the fortress. So they gravitate to messages that provide comfort and support in simple phrases – SINGLE SENTENCE LOGIC. They are easy prey to lies that promise security. This, of course, is one of the greatest tragedies of our time. And one of its tragic ironies is that any attempt to explain something to them using “logic” and “data” just increases their confusion and fear. The concern this raises for human society is that narrow-mindedness constitutes a large majority of the population. And as the complexity of society increases, the communication in society will more and more closely be indistinguishable from insanity.

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