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5 thoughts on “The Fear Machine at Work, Summer 2015”

  1. thedogfacedboy says:

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. authorities thwarted plots to kill people in the United States around the July 4 holiday, FBI Director James Comey said on Thursday.

    Comey told reporters more than 10 people inspired by the Islamic State’s recruitment online have been arrested over the past four weeks, some of which were focused on attacks around the July 4 holiday.

    Keep the ol’ head in the sand…..

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Oh, dogfacedboy, you didn’t include the entire Reuters article. Read the whole thing. It says:

      “FBI and the Department of Homeland Security issued a warning to local law enforcement to be on alert for attacks around July 4. No such attacks occurred.

      Comey did not give the details on the number of plots thwarted or their targets.”

      All Comey said was that people were arrested. He didn’t provide any detail to substantiate the claim that there were active, realistic threats for July 4 attacks.

      This has happened for years — the FBI and Department of Homeland Security have regularly issued terror alerts that turn out later to be based on nothing but thin air.

      You just documented the fear machine.

  2. thedogfacedboy says:

    I did read the whole thing, and posted what is truly relevant to your silly statistical points.

    It’s pretty obvious that the attack could not occur if they arrested the suspects beforehand.
    If they arrested them and the attacks still did occur, then they arrested the wrong people.

    If your point is that you automatically assume they’ve arrested innocent people who would not have done anything anyway, then that is kind of impossible to prove, post fact.

    As much as you’d like to hang on to the belief, the FBI does not generally still arrest many people for absolutely no reasons whatsoever. If you believe that every one of the arrests is due to a phony charge, incompetent FBI,or a desire to substantiate fear, then I’m afraid that it is you who is showing fear and distrust; of the FBI Director and his staff.

    While I certainly don’t believe everything they say, I do know honest hardworking people who have worked for the FBI. It’s really childish to brand every statement that they make as a lie.

    Also, it can be the case when plots are discovered and broadcast, those planning them go back underground to wait for a time when we are not quite so prepared for them. It was widely substantiated, for instance, that the original 9/11 attacks had been planned for May or June of that year, and were delayed because of not being completely ready.

    It is really sticking your head in the sand to believe that there are no serious threats against citizens by extremists acting on our own soil. What about the guy who tried to blow up the plane over Detroit with his underwear? Are you saying he did not exist? Or that they made up his entire attempt? Just because he failed does not mean that the threat was not real.

    As far as your silly numbers btw, how does the number of newspaper stories show relevance to anything? Many newspapers are regional, not national. While many people across the country share reading the NYT or USAToday, probably not everyone reads the local Podunk News. If there are 100 large metropolitan areas across the US, they all need to cover important stories or only those people who read the national newspapers will see the info.

    I get your over-the-head clump of a point: there is just wild, crazy hysteria over terrorist actions, with absolutely nothing to justify it. That’s wrong of course.
    We don’t live in the playpen world that you imagine. Threats can be real, and only an idiot would ignore all of them, mainly because they’ve either failed, or we’ve successfully shut them down.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      No, I don’t automatically assume they’ve arrested absolutely innocent people for no reason whatsoever.

      I imagine they’ve been running sting operations with undercover agents cultivating some stupid young people and got those people to agree to some stupid statements, then hauled them in. The FBI and local agencies have done a whole lot of this.

      What makes you think terrorism is an important story? There have always been people who’ve made bomb threats, as long as there have been bombs. They were there 60, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 years ago, and they’ll be there 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 years from now too. You’re part of hyping a threat that I see no evidence to believe is significant, despite the breathless threat-alert stories in the papers. I still see no evidence.

      Pay attention. Watch what these purported July-4-arrests actually turn out to be. My bet is it’s just another sting with undercover agents goading stupid young people into saying stupid young things.

  3. thedogfacedboy says:

    Always a fine idea to pre-judge everyone and the entire operations and open cases. Very open-minded of you.

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