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This week, Barack Obama reaches 750 days without Answering America’s Surveillance Petition

It’s now been 746 days since the petition to Pardon Edward Snowden met the required standard of the official White House petition website (100,000 signatures within 30 days) to obtain a response from the Obama administration.

Snowden, you’ll recall, exposed the government’s activities to, in multiple ways, spy on its own people without a warrant. The U.S. government had insisted it wasn’t doing that, and now insists that having revealed the truth made Snowden a traitor. Many outside the government consider Snowden’s act a public service. 746 days later, there has been no response to the petition from President Obama or anyone else in the Obama administration, adding a broken promise of petition response to the lie of no domestic warrantless surveillance.

On Saturday, we’ll reach 750 days of Barack Obama’s stonewall. How long does it take for the status of “delayed” to convert to “denied?”

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