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Report Evidence Of Jade Helm Atrocities Here

In two days, Operation Jade Helm is scheduled to begin in Texas. It’s a military operation by the U.S. Army Special Operations Command, in which soldiers will conduct drills in and around the towns of Bastrop, Big Spring and Junction.

jade helm activistMonths ago, talk radio hosts and Texas bloggers began making allegations about Operation Jade Helm, claiming that “the military is not allowing the media to cover this unprecedented massive military exercise”, that Jade Helm soldiers were “death squads” coming to put Texas citizens into concentration camps. People in Midland, Texas have reported that renovation on a Wal-Mart there looks suspicious, and speculate that this Wal-Mart may serve as a base of operations for a Jade Helm invasion of Texas with “Red List executions” and “gun confiscations”, measures that will be ““setting the stage for future martial law.”. They have alleged that Russian soldiers will be taking part in the Jade Helm drills in order to prepare for a single global government to be announced by the Pope in September.

“Jade Helm will be the American-based enforcement arm of the conversion of America to Amerika,” writes one concerned citizen writing under the pseudonym Common Sense. What the change of the letter C to the letter K will signify, no one has made clear. Others say that Operation Jade Helm will spread across the entire southern tier of the United States, all the way from California to Florida.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has activated the Texas National Guard to monitor the activities of the U.S. Army soldiers involved in Jade Helm. Civilian Texans are also forming teams to “practice counter-insurgency” and “report anything they deem suspicious” while the Jade Helm drills are taking place.

I’d like to be able to say that I know for certain that Jade Helm will not be anything more than a routine military drill. Of course, I can’t predict the future with certainty. No one can.

I can say this: The idea that U.S. military is planning to place Texas under martial law and begin a one-world-government in partnership with the Russians by confiscating Texans’ guns and placing them in concentration camps is an extraordinary claim that is far outside of the historical norm. When people make extraordinary claims, the burden is on them to produce evidence that their claims are based in fact, rather than fantasy.

So, I make this offer to people participating in the Counter Jade Helm citizen watch of the military in the coming days: If you have concrete evidence of atrocities being committed in Texas, share it here. We’ll look at your evidence, and examine it to see if it holds up to scrutiny.

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