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Report Evidence Of Jade Helm Atrocities Here

In two days, Operation Jade Helm is scheduled to begin in Texas. It’s a military operation by the U.S. Army Special Operations Command, in which soldiers will conduct drills in and around the towns of Bastrop, Big Spring and Junction.

jade helm activistMonths ago, talk radio hosts and Texas bloggers began making allegations about Operation Jade Helm, claiming that “the military is not allowing the media to cover this unprecedented massive military exercise”, that Jade Helm soldiers were “death squads” coming to put Texas citizens into concentration camps. People in Midland, Texas have reported that renovation on a Wal-Mart there looks suspicious, and speculate that this Wal-Mart may serve as a base of operations for a Jade Helm invasion of Texas with “Red List executions” and “gun confiscations”, measures that will be ““setting the stage for future martial law.”. They have alleged that Russian soldiers will be taking part in the Jade Helm drills in order to prepare for a single global government to be announced by the Pope in September.

“Jade Helm will be the American-based enforcement arm of the conversion of America to Amerika,” writes one concerned citizen writing under the pseudonym Common Sense. What the change of the letter C to the letter K will signify, no one has made clear. Others say that Operation Jade Helm will spread across the entire southern tier of the United States, all the way from California to Florida.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has activated the Texas National Guard to monitor the activities of the U.S. Army soldiers involved in Jade Helm. Civilian Texans are also forming teams to “practice counter-insurgency” and “report anything they deem suspicious” while the Jade Helm drills are taking place.

I’d like to be able to say that I know for certain that Jade Helm will not be anything more than a routine military drill. Of course, I can’t predict the future with certainty. No one can.

I can say this: The idea that U.S. military is planning to place Texas under martial law and begin a one-world-government in partnership with the Russians by confiscating Texans’ guns and placing them in concentration camps is an extraordinary claim that is far outside of the historical norm. When people make extraordinary claims, the burden is on them to produce evidence that their claims are based in fact, rather than fantasy.

So, I make this offer to people participating in the Counter Jade Helm citizen watch of the military in the coming days: If you have concrete evidence of atrocities being committed in Texas, share it here. We’ll look at your evidence, and examine it to see if it holds up to scrutiny.

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8 thoughts on “Report Evidence Of Jade Helm Atrocities Here”

  1. Larry says:

    Actually, my understanding is that Gov. Abbott has not activated the “National Guard”, as he found out that he couldn’t for these types of circumstances. What he then indicated that he would do is – at the appropriate time – going to activate the “Texas State Guard” (*) – very definitely different from the Texas ARMY (as in U. S. Army) National Guard:

    (*) Texas State Guard (i.e., Walter-Mitty Wanna Be)

    And then there’s the numerous “independent” (unofficial) “state militia” organizations (for just a few… And note that none of these have any power beyond that of any citizen):

    Examples of the “Internet Silliness” – what will these people say when FTX comes and goes with NONE of the conspiracy actions having occurred?

    Good Response to Idiocy:

    Other related info:

    (Not the first time for these type claims:

    Interesting that this (below) is a TEXAS organization for law enforcement purposes… And has a section on MILITIAS!

    What is strange? Really strange?


    Yet if you check the U. S. National Directory, the state of Texas has several militia groups!

    Isn’t it strange that when there was a WASP conservative president who had TWO wars going on (one highly illegal and both operated outside the theory of Just War and international laws of land warfare) that these same people were so nationally patriotic and insisted on very extreme “Support Our Troops” stances, and yet now are ready to “go to war” against those same troops?

    Support our troops… You know, like former president GWB did in 2012 when he accepted an invitation from the Veteran’s charity group “Home for a Hero” to speak before their fundraising event — for a sum of $100,000 plus travel via a separate private jet which cost another $20,000!

  2. Larry says:

    Does anyone have any recent information as to how the Invasion is going?

    Apparently there has been a blackout of communications with The Fatherland of Texas for last several hours.

    Latest reports before that had combined arms units of task forces of Air, Armor, and Mechanized Infantry forces from US regular military forces, augmented by UN forces from several socialistic countries, had slashed deep into the Lone Star People’s Republic territory. State Guard and Texas Militia unit were being scattered with very heavy losses. A Fifth Column of communist sympathizers in the ultra liberal area of Austin had risen up and seized several government buildings.

    It is reported that formal Texas National Guard units are joining their fellow American regular military forces at a 5 to 1 ratio; and have seized all National Guard bases, airfields, and major arsenals to keep them out of Rebel hands.

    It is believed that communications were cut due to civilian guerrilla forces popping up behind the three major thrusts into the Lone Star Republic and creating some minor havoc with supply lines, causing the BO puppets in the JCS to insert ISIS counterinsurgency freedom fighters into those areas to counter the LSPR guerrilla insurgents and WASP terrorists.


    1. J Clifford says:

      Thanks for updating us, Larry.

      Hey Texans: Where are all the Jade Helm atrocities you told the world were about to happen, starting yesterday?

  3. thedogfacedboy says:

    News from jalopnik: Now there’s something I can get behind.

    The Jade helm atrocities have all been covered up, silly.
    They’ve killed all the witnesses to them. Buried the bodies in the desert.

    Isn’t that what the government does? They would have water-boarded them of course, but the water shortage made it problematic. The generals needed the water to make the ice tea and lemonade for their Arnold Palmers.

    And this military operation is still under the clandestine control of George Bush, obviously.

  4. J Clifford says:

    Where have all the conspiracy theorists gone, long time passing…?

  5. Larry says:


    No atrocities?

    No full scale invasions by several Russian / Chinese / Soviet sryle “Guards Kantemirovskaya Tank Divisions” and Воздушно-десантные войска, Vozdushno-desantnye voyska, Airborne Divisions spearheaded by Amerikan Special Operations forces?


    What about all those reports of armored convoys and logistics convoys?

    I wonder if there’s merit to this:

  6. Larry says:

    Well, this wasn’t what the Ultra Right Wingnuts were hoping for, but it appears that an outside groups of traitorous rebel scrum, ah, I mean “patriots”, were arming up (to include illegal improvised bombs and hand grenades) and then planned on going to The Fatherland of Texas to attack U. S. Military forces participating in FTX Jade Helm (obviously in hopes of provoking a massive retaliation against Texan Tories in order to finally get some “Federal atrocities”….

    “Officials: Feds Foil Jade Helm 15 Retaliation Plot”

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