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Scott Walker Fights For Americans, But Which Americans?

“I’m in. I’m running for president because Americans deserve a leader who will fight and win for them.”

These words came this morning from Scott Walker, Republican governor of Wisconsin, announcing that he is running for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016.

The immediate question that will come to voters’ minds is which Americans Scott Walker intends to fight for – and who he is going to fight against on their behalf.

Scott Walker’s fighting metaphor for political action is not unique to him, but it is especially troubling considering his history of divisive political action in Wisconsin on behalf of corporations and the wealthy, against working people. Scott Walker’s politics took power away from the workers of Wisconsin, and gave that power to the corporate executives who seek to control the state agenda there. Governor Walker has attacked the working people of Wisconsin, calling them “special interests”, bragging about beating them.

In 2016, we need to elect a President who understands that working Americans are not the enemy. That’s just one reason that Scott Walker is the wrong choice.

Another reason is that Walker’s supporters seem dangerously angry.

Mike Hamilton writes that he supports Walker for President because “he’s outraging all the right people”.

Richard Cramlet writes that he will vote for Scott Walker in order to stop “typical liberal /communist tactics! They are liars and thieves! How can anyone be proud of these people and there underhanded attempts to turn this country into a communist nation!”

Robert Manzanares defends Scott Walker from the “biased and thug lazy liberal media”.

angry scott walker supporterNancy Cristoforo Cuseo praises Scott Walker by writing, “we have great talent far better than Hillary the traitor and sanders the socialistmarxist”.

Carol Rushman Maili writes of Walker, “As Obama incites more and more riots we ll have a governor to keep us safe.”

The Scott Walker for President announcement video features a young man in the background who stares directly at the camera, looking as if he wants to punch the cameraman in the face.

Fury is a powerful political force, but the history of angry political movements is not closely associated with the preservation of liberty. It’s worth noting that even as he is propelled onto the national stage by a scowling segment of the population, Scott Walker is calling for a return of the Patriot Act, and its massive surveillance of Americans’ private communications by the federal government.

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