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June 2015 was the Warmest Global June on Record

“Contrary to what global warming extremists suggest, the science of climate change is not decided.” So wrote the “Acton Institute” on June 17, 2015.  The “Acton Institute” is funded by Exxon Mobil, deregulation billionaire David H. Koch, abd deregulation billionaire Richard DeVos, and its leadership includes representatives of corporations in the oil industry.  The “Action Institute” provided no evidence to substantiate its claim.

While the “Action Institute” continues to issue such proclamations, the actual globe continues to warm.  NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies has just released its latest data of temperature anomaly readings from around the globe, updated to include information from June 2015.  This new information indicates that June 2015 was the hottest June yet among a long stream of Junes heading all the way back to 1880 in the GISS record.  The long-term trend in the temperature data looks like this:

NASA GISS Temperature Anomaly Data for June from 1880 to 2015

The “Acton Institute” is free to say what it likes.  The global temperature record says something altogether different.

8 thoughts on “June 2015 was the Warmest Global June on Record”

  1. Petra Posta says:

    need follow up, please.

  2. Charles Manning says:

    Interesting. In place of Acton Institute, can we substitute Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, and others? I would like to see a definitive list.

    There’s a lot of information on the Net about the Acton Institute. For example, “The Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty is an American research and educational institution, or think tank, in Grand Rapids, Michigan . . .” How does the study of religion and liberty lead to views on climate change?

    We know what the donors to the Action Institute think in general about global warming, but it would be interesting to interrogate each of them to see whether there is any real understanding of the issue. Who are the “representatives of corporations in the oil industry”? Do these corporations themselves become voices against fighting climate change? Are there boards of directors who vote on the issue? Do they knowingly select CEO’s who are climate change deniers? Is there any dissent within the corporations? None of these questions are explored in the media, but I think Irregular Times could do it.

  3. Larry says:

    Did I not read somewhere that something like 98% of Environmental and Climate specialist scientists agree on Climate Change, Global Warming, and Man’s at least strong degree of involvement in that fact?

  4. ella says:

    Once more, from a local perspective. We have noted the east and west coast extra warm water temps this year and the positioning of El Nino off the west coast. Rain, by the way on the west coast, this morning. June and July temperatures on the southeast seaboard are rather more than tropical, in the mid to high 90’s a lot, continuing in to late July. The chart of temperatures shows that the dramatic change has a 100 year beginning point from 1880 to 1980. The heating from there is dramatically accelerating and higher than at the time of the end of the last century. That indicates that a much warmer period ahead. It has been quite a while since the North American continent saw an overall balmy climate. Since it will probably snow a lot in the east again this winter, it probably won’t happen again this year.
    Larry, you most certainly did! And someone else even stretched it to 99.9% of American scientists now agree that climate change/warming has a great deal to do with human activity. But in the distant past, the planet has a record of overall moderate temperatures. The remains of African animals have been found in Ashfall, Nebraska.

  5. ella says:

    It is official, it is hotter than ever recorded.
    worldwide. You need to click on the picture to find the chart and then it is a bunch of pictures around the world of people finding ways to keep cool. “The Old Farmer’s Almanack” says that early August is actually going to be hot. Time to stay under the air conditioning.

  6. ella says:

    Here is an example of what the June heating has accomplished in the NW Canadian Territories. While temperatures increase perhaps less one degree in some lower latitudes, around the Arctic Circle they have risen several degrees. Major changes are happening.

  7. ella says:

    It just cooled down so much this weekend it seemed right to look up global warming articles. This is a good one, published by the Journal Science, July 23.
    Only 92 degrees today. Only 70 degrees this morning!

  8. ella says:

    Now it is official that El Nino will be a once in a generation storm event for the west coast late this fall or early winter. Time to get ready for the onslaught. Of course that means the rest of country may as well get ready too. The West Coast, in its’ entirety, went through record heat Jan-July 2015. Even though rainfall is much below average at this time, it is not record breaking.

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