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Wage and Hour Complaint Backlog at US DOL still higher than under Bush, but Improving

Quick Guess: under what kind of presidential administration is a backlog of official employee complaints about wage and hour violations allowed to build up at the Department of Labor?  A Republican presidential administration or a Democratic presidential administration?

If you guessed “Republican,” think again.

The staffers of the Wage and Hour Division of the U.S. Department of Labor are tasked with investigating worker complaints to make sure that workers aren’t being abused by employers who exploit labor laws — by withholding pay, by refusing to grant overtime, by employing child labor, and otherwise exploiting people who are desperate for work.

This is important work to protect the powerless against the powerful in America, but the Wage and Hour Division is suffering from a backlog of cases.  Measured by the average number of days taken to resolve complaints to the Wage and Hour Division, the backlog has been cut back in fiscal years 2013-2014 (the last year for which data is currently available), but is still worse than when George W. Bush was the sitting President of the United States:



And it was under George W. Bush’s administration that a backlog dating to the Clinton administration was whittled away.


One thought on “Wage and Hour Complaint Backlog at US DOL still higher than under Bush, but Improving”

  1. Larry says:

    I noticed that the peak began in 2010. What was going on with the budgeting of the applicable Department and Section(s) during that time? And who set such budget (i.e., controlled the legislature)?

    I am from a state where there is NOT only a Republican governor, but both house of the State Congress is controlled by the Republicans. And there’s a significant problem with enforcing labor laws, wage laws, worker’s comp fraud, etcetera, simply because their budgets have been cut to the bone. Should we get a Democrat governor but keep the Senate and House under Republican control, the current problems will run up to a major backlog… that I guess we should blame the Democrats for (???).

    Citing chart figures, stating, etcetera, without having the full context of the Big Picture really doesn’t reveal much.

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