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Which Revolution Media Group Is Getting Its Revolting Act On For The 2016 Election?

Revolution Media Group in San Francisco is “a new breed of agency that draws outside the box” and “harnesses beauty & brains” in order to embody “the simple idea of getting back to basics — working with a handful of talented people and keeping things honest… through wide-eyed creativity and meticulous craftsmanship”.

The people who work at the company see themselves as agents of change, explaining that, “We are not content with the status quo. We’re different and we like it that way. We believe the power of a single, great idea, brought to life through design and technology, can transform a boot-strapped start-up into an unforgettable powerhouse.”

The Revolution Media Group makes this solemn pledge: “Every campaign we work on reflects beauty at its core”.

It’s an exciting vision, isn’t it? These people are out there, living fearlessly, on the edge, dedicated to a new way of seeing the world, full of wide open possibility. Courage!

So, guess what bold new project was this group of media revolutionaries working on this week:

They took $50,000 from Jeb Bush’s corporate-funded super PAC to make advertisements slamming Hillary Clinton in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina – on behalf of Jeb Bush. That’s what the FEC filings made by Right To Rise this week seem to suggest, but, the discrepancy between the idealistic language and the crass acceptance of political hack jobs funded by shadowy corporate sources just doesn’t make sense.

A closer look at the FEC filings reveals another discrepancy: The Right To Rise filing shows the address of the Revolution Media Group as 1020 Princess Street in Alexandria, Virginia – on the other side of the continent from San Francisco. This is the address of the Revolution Agency, a firm that describes itself as working on conventional corporate projects, “from directing public affairs campaigns for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to designing a new image strategy for Walmart.”

The Revolution Agency brags about having on its staff a political hack who dropped out of college and got his start writing ad copy for the National Conservative Political Action Committee, and a partner who has “served as a media consultant to every major Republican Party committee”. The Revolution Agency is officially registered as the Revolution Media Group LLC, but it doesn’t appear to be the same as the Revolution Media Group in San Francisco. According to the Center for Public Integrity, the Revolution Media Group LLC was the 8th biggest recipient of money for media placement in the 2012 campaign, receiving 16 million dollars of work from Super PACs. They’ve worked in astroturf as well, with one project “building a grassroots army for the wireless industry”, for example. This agency is proud to talk about its part in “turning public opinion against Medicaid Expansion”, and in “defeating organized labor”.

That sounds an awful lot more like the kind of agency that would help Jeb Bush go after Hillary Clinton.

4 thoughts on “Which Revolution Media Group Is Getting Its Revolting Act On For The 2016 Election?”

  1. DrRGP says:

    The best advice I could give Republicans is to forego participation in the 2016 presidential election, focusing, instead, on winning (or not losing) seats in the Senate and House and, of course, in state offices (governorships, etc.).

  2. Larry says:

    The “idealistic language”, when zeroed down to the CORE of what it is saying is, in effect, “We practice fictional propaganda”.

    Also, many GOP Senators and Congressmen are complaining that their campaigns are “being drug down by the GOP presidential campaigns”, especially at the primary election level.

    Case in point.

    Ohio’s Senator Portman (R) who won handily in 2010 is running behind former Democrat governor Ted Strickland (who lost to John Kasich in 2010) by a current 6% points in polling – with the gap gradually widening. Portman has discussed in local interviews that the Republican presidential campaign is killing him.

    Other federal – and even state – level legislators in other areas have voiced similar complaints and concerns.

  3. ella says:

    Sounds like some fancy footwork, but then the Democrats have Donald Trump. Is that fair? 🙁

    “Democrats are not fools. They know an opportunity when they see one, and the president’s party has taken to labeling the GOP the “ReTrumplican Party.” Their aim is to frame the GOP as a xenophobic institution and rob it of the Hispanic support that it needs to win the White House.”

    The Donald is single handedly proving he is more ridiculous than Bod Hope and just as easily attracts voters. 🙂 Only Trump is not pretending and is good at making some believe he is serious contender. Is he?

  4. J Clifford says:

    Ella, Democrats don’t have to frame the GOP as a xenophobic institution. Republican politicians do the job for them.

    As for who a serious contender is, the primary elections will show that. Before that, it’s all bluster and big money.

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