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Jeb Bush Says He Will Not Be An Establishment Candidate

Yesterday, Jeb Bush made an astonishing speech, in which he cast himself as an outsider who will act to curb the political establishment.

This is the same Jeb Bush who:

– Is the son of one President of the United States
– Is the brother of another President of the United States
– Was born a millionaire
– Has spent the last several years making millions of dollars more by sitting on the boards of directors of corporations like Swisher Hygiene and Rayonier that abuse their workers and run slipshod management to enrich a few at the expense the many
– Has spent most of this year touring the homes and playgrounds of America’s wealthiest families
Mocks Americans who depend on Social Security and Medicare
– Gets just three percent of his campaign funds from small donors
– Gathered 103 million dollars from shadowy corporate and financial elitist sources for his Right To Rise Super PAC

Is that what someone who will take on the establishment looks like?

In his speech yesterday, Bush said, “I’m offering a different agenda altogether. It will not be my intention to preside over the establishment, but in every way I know to disrupt that establishment and make it accountable to the people.”

The last time John Ellis Bush made the establishment accountable, he used his power as Governor of Florida to block people’s votes from being counted, so that the Supreme Court could appoint his brother President of the United States.

I’d rather not see Jeb Bush given another chance to make anything accountable to his elitist idea of “the people”, thanks.

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4 thoughts on “Jeb Bush Says He Will Not Be An Establishment Candidate”

  1. ella says:

    Swisher Hygiene. A business that employs thousands of people and runs franchises nation wide. And you say JEB Bush had the unmitigated gall to work on the board of a successful employment company that, in a time when jobs were scarce to say the least, found decent, paying jobs for many Americans? And beyond that, actually was able to make money so the organization could continue to operate, and is still finding employment for unemployed and underemployed workers? Good for JEB!
    And then there is Rayonier, the “…7th largest timberland owner in the United States…” (Wikipedia) and was founded in 1926. A little before JEBs times, but still here for him to go to work with. And only the 7th largest timber owner in the US.

    Democrat John Malone is the Number One land owner in the United States. He has some interesting history. Of course he is not running for President.
    “John Malone Political Campaign Contributions 2010 Election Cycle”

    And, I might add, that you need to take a reality check on the election in which Democrat ballots were rushed along the highways into Florida to be delivered at various polling stations to raise the vote for the Bush opponent. No reflection on the candidate, just some party dirt. And JEB distanced himself entirely from that election to let the chips fall where they may, even after how many ‘re-counts’ – 5 – 6? How many times do the same ballots need to be counted – oh yes I am forgetting the additional Democrat ballots that kept arriving. Bush won Florida and it was close, and because they were being as lenient as can possibly be, it went to the United States Supreme Court, who looked at how many re-counts there had been in favor of Bush and made the only decision they could. Dole, a good man, was deeply disappointed, and emotionally stressed out by the shenanigans of those in his party making him believe he could win no matter what.

  2. J Clifford says:

    No, actually, what I claim is that employees from Swisher Hygiene say that, during his time on the board, the company became a terrible place to work, and that, as you would know if you read the article that I’ve linked to, “Jeb Bush was himself individually named as plaintiff in a shareholder lawsuit after the company’s stock lost most of its value under Bush’s leadership” so that “Jeb Bush worked with other members of the Board of Directors of Swisher Hygiene to deceive investors into buying stock in the company and retaining their stock, even though they knew that Swisher Hygiene’s financial condition was deeply flawed.”

  3. Larry says:

    JEB an “anti-Establishment” candidate?????


    That is hilarious!

    And when did this article turn into a piece about the hanging chads of the Florida vote (JEB could afford to publicly distance himself as he had a whole State administration and state GOP Party infrastructure to do the dirty work) along with all the Internet MYTHS about the “truckloads of Democrat ballots”!!!

    Who was it that said, “Ignorance in this Age of Information is so offensive as to be an abomination”???

    Oh yeah… I did!

  4. Ralph Dratman says:

    Jeb believes we — the US public — are so stupid that we will rally behind the brother of the worst president of our lifetimes, proposing to continue that brother’s policies.

    I have to admit that we as an electorate have shown ourselves to be pretty impressively stupid. We elected Jeb’s brother twice. But if he thinks we have not learned anything in the 11 years since George W Bush last ran for office, he must think we are not ordinary stupid humans but actually quite stupid baboons.

    The US public is not the brightest monkey-knife in the monkey-knife drawer, right Jeb?

    But I am being so unfair to simians that I had better stop there.

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