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Seriously, John Kasich

Perhaps yesterday’s initial reaction by Irregular Times to the news that Ohio Governor John Kasich is running for the Republican presidential nomination was a bit dismissive. However, it’s a challenge to pin Kasich down for a serious examination, because the Kasich for President campaign so far seems to be little more than a series of platitudes strung together.

Explaining his qualifications for the Oval Office, Kasich writes of himself that, “John Kasich is a lot of things and through it all runs his honest, direct, authentic, tenacious approach to life that has allowed him, time and again, to do what they said couldn’t be done and, as his mom told him as a boy, “make things a little better because you were there.” Does that actually mean anything?

john kasich Though he’s been preparing for this campaign for years, so far, John Kasich offers little in the way of specific policies. He says he wants to lower taxes, but doesn’t say which taxes for which citizens he wants to lower, and doesn’t explain how he would have America pay for it. He says he wants national security, but cites old ideas from the Cold War, to fight enemies that no longer exist. He says he’s in favor of “boosting the economy”, but is anyone against that?

John Kasich has expressed some specific positions outside of his presidential campaign, but they don’t offer much more clarity.

Unlike most Republican presidential candidates, Kasich admits that climate change is real. His plan for dealing with climate change is less reassuring: Oppose all attempts to regulate the pollution that causes climate change. Kasich merely wants the federal government to ask polluters to stop spewing massive amounts of carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere, and if they don’t want to stop, well, golly.

On education, Kasich’s policy is to insist upon higher rates of achievement from students, and then cut the budgets of the schools that teach them.

On healthcare, Kasich simply wants to destroy what we have. He wants to dismantle the Affordable Care Act. And then what? Kasich hasn’t come up with any solid ideas.

Kasich’s one concrete policy idea isn’t reassuring: He wants to send American soldiers to go fight on the ground in Iraq and occupy the country for years, all over again, repeating George W. Bush’s greatest blunder.

John Kasich’s leadership style seems to be to mumble along, trying not to say very much, identifying problems while avoiding solutions, and then, when cornered, blurt out old ideas that have already failed. It’s no wonder that, in spite of having had his own TV show on Fox News, Kasich only has the support of 2 percent of the voters in his own political party.

5 thoughts on “Seriously, John Kasich”

  1. Tom says:

    Empty words from an empty suit.

  2. Larry says:

    Welcome to the REAL (empty suit indeed) John Kasich – and who campaigned MUCH more conservative in his first gubernatorial campaign, riding the (where the heck did that come from) disgruntled vote that resulted in otherwise intelligent people going around and figuratively sticking their heads in ovens when casting votes then.

  3. ella says:

    What a bright picture you guys paint. 🙂 Such a shame, thought this one might be the Bernie of the Republican Party. He does have a lot of experience in politics and he is the right age. Not a newbie and not ranting like the Bob Hope of the Party. Only Bob Hope had a sense of humor and laughed with the people. 16 – when is the first debate? Surely there will be someone there that both looks and sounds good.

    1. J Clifford says:

      Yeah, the difference between John Kasich and Bernie Sanders… well, one of the big ones… is that Bernie Sanders actually comes out with detailed, concrete policy positions, and makes them the core of his campaign. John Kasich just says enigmatic things like “I’ve been around a long time,” waves to the crowd and walks away.

  4. ella says:

    Donald Trump, yup, it is Donald Trump. The Republican Bernie. He’s get attention a different way and goes a little extreme at times. But he appeals to the ‘can do’ crowd. He is speaking American Speak. He sees everyone that is an American as an American. That is new for the past several years. Illegal or legal immigrant status, only Americans are legally allowed to vote. Only now anyone in the world can get American Social Security, free education, drivers licenses, and free housing – except Americans – only qualified Americans. It is nice that we pay for deluxe accommodations on flights back home for illegals that are deported, with a new set of clothes and any needed articles. In Texas there are two very strongly opposed opinions on the subject. The illegals plus those that employ them and the citizens plus legals.

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