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In What Way Does A Killer Cyborg From Outer Space Fit With A Game That Introduces Children To Gambling?

dalek yahtzeeWalking through a bookstore today, I stopped in my tracks when I came across a version of Yahtzee I had never seen before. Yahtzee is a game of dice that introduces children to the basics of gambling, familiarizing them with the basic structure of probability behind games like poker.

The Yahtzee game was devoted to the theme of the Daleks, a species of hateful, clunky-looking cyborgs in the TV series Doctor Who that roam through outer space, seeking to kill every living thing that they can.

When I see a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, I can buy the idea, because peanut butter and chocolate share something in common. They both taste delicious in a creamy way. They are, as the old commercial has it, “two great tastes that taste great together”.

I’m not getting that same feeling of a classic brand collaboration between the Daleks and Yahtzee.

Does anyone care to prove me wrong? Can you explain how killer cyborgs from outer space fit with a gambling gateway game for children?

This isn’t the first weird attempt at a Doctor Who brand extension. Last year, we noted the New Zealand commemoration of the Daleks on a silver coin.

It’s just so strange…

…hold on, I think I’m getting it. Doctor Who is strange. Commemorating killer alien cyborgs on coins and with children’s games is strange. So, the way to create effective brand collaborations for Doctor Who is to find the most unusual combinations you can, such as:

– Cyberman organic potting soil
– The Master antacid pills
– Weeping Angel USB cords

Can you think of any other Doctor Who brand extensions in this vein?

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