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Republicans Seek To Add New Step To The Bureaucracy Of Federal Government

Republican politicians are fond of complaining about the many layers of bureaucracy in the federal government. There is so much red tape and bloat on the process, they say, that it’s impossible to get anything done.

As much as they complain, though, what have Republicans in Congress done to actually make the federal government run more smoothly? Yesterday, Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation to make the bureaucratic process in Washington D.C. another layer thick.

Their bill, H.R. 427, also given the lengthy title of the Regulations From The Executive In Need Of Scrutiny Act, will invent an entirely new burdensome step in the operation of the federal government. Congress has already granted the Executive Branch the authority to make rules in order to implement the laws passed by Congress. Congress has even set up a complex maze of rules about the way that the Executive Branch can create and implement those rules. Now, H.R. 427 would create another layer of rules about these rules. If H.R. 427 is passed, all significant rules in the Executive Branch will have to return to Congress, and go through a series of committees and hearings, before finally coming up for a final vote on whether to approve the rules – even though congressional authority for the rules already was granted long before.

To go along with this burdensome new process, there would have to be entirely new layers of clerks and aides and bureaucrats checking that the rules about the rules about the rules were being processed according to the rules.

Republicans may complain about federal bureaucracy and big government, but right now, they’re the ones trying to make it all bigger. Not one single Republican in Congress voted against passage of H.R. 427 yesterday.

One thought on “Republicans Seek To Add New Step To The Bureaucracy Of Federal Government”

  1. ella says:

    Too much power has been given to the Executive branch in the past. Perhaps the Republicans feel it will be easier to pass this bill than to pass a bill revoking to former law giving the Executive the power in the first place. As the Executive must sign the bill to make it law, it is highly unlikely the Executive would sign into law a reduction in his power.

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