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Don’t Be So Negative About Negativity!

“Distance yourself from negativity or it will deplete your well of optimism.” – Jeff Sheehan

Look: These words are printed in front of a serene field of grass, so they must be wise.

jeff sheehan on negativity

Let’s try this not being negative thing on for size. Why don’t we start by distancing ourselves from the negativity of Jeff Sheehan? He’s always so down in the mouth about negativity. Oh, watch out, negativity is bad, bad, bad!

Well hey, can we look on the bright side for just a moment, and consider the possibility that a dose of negativity might actually replenish our well of optimism? Let’s put that in front of a serene field of grass, and see if it becomes wisdom.

the up side of negativity

One thought on “Don’t Be So Negative About Negativity!”

  1. Jim Cook says:

    Looks like Jeff Sheehan is pretty negative about negativity.

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