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Three Presidential Candidates Sign Pledge To Take No Money From Fossil Fuels Corporations

“In the name of protecting our country and the world from the growing dangers of climate change, I will neither solicit nor accept campaign contributions from any oil, gas, or coal company.”

Three presidential candidates have signed their names to this pledge:

Martin O’Malley

Bernie Sanders

Jill Stein

The rest have declared themselves open for business: Come on, dirty energy corporations. Let’s make a deal.

38 thoughts on “Three Presidential Candidates Sign Pledge To Take No Money From Fossil Fuels Corporations”

  1. Mark says:

    I keep liking Bernie Sanders more and more all the time.

  2. Robert Milnes says:

    Bernie is a jewish/Zionist loser democrat loving reactionary.
    What is this?
    I was not notified of this pledge. It sounds like something I would sign, if I had been fairly notified. Who got the pledge notification? Repubs, dems & a precious few leftists? Any libertarians? Any other Green candidates besides Stein?
    Sounds like a political trick by the Stein people to solidify her getting handed the nomination.
    I looked for the pledge & couldn’t find it.
    Who is The Green Man?

  3. ella says:

    Now, now Robert Milnes, all is fair…you know. But calling Bernie a Jew is not saying he is an Orthodox Jew. He certainly is not.

  4. Robert Milnes says:

    It doesn’t matter. Virtually all jews support Israel zealously. The dhs/fbi has recruited the Mossad and the mossad can get any jew in America to do just about anything-by just saying it is for Israel. This is how I figured this out from all that has happened to m and others.
    Now, how can The Green Man say “The rest have declared themselves open for business. Come on,dirty energy corporations. Let’s make a deal.”
    Fuck you Green Man. What are you, a Zog plant?

  5. Robert Milnes says:

    Why did everybody let The Green Man get away with this statement on a post?
    Are you a writer here, Green man? Then write, don’t shit.
    I am offended by your comment and that evidently you didn’t check your facts and/or don’t give a damn.
    Did you just ASSUME that all the Green candidates got notified about this pledge? And all but one did not respond AT ALL?
    AND that all but Stein are open to dirty political deals?
    When actually it is more likely that Stein is the recipient of a dirty deal. The Green nomination handed to her by The ZOG.

  6. Robert Milnes says:

    Kent Mesplay, did you know about this pledge? Did you refuse to sign it? Are you open to dirty deals from dirty energy companies?

  7. Robert Milnes says:

    Green Man,
    You have the gall to file this post under ethics?
    Your journalistic ethics suck.
    Identify yourself and state your agenda. Zog plant? agent? Lackey?
    Stein operative?
    Just a jerk?
    What? Explain this.

  8. Robert Milnes says:

    ok. I have sent a message to Kent via jewish owned facebook. We’ll see if he gets it.
    Green man, how did you figure only one green would sign such a worthy pledge?

  9. Robert Milnes says:

    I mean, come on. Green pod brain. Only Stein of all the candidates would sign such a worthy document?
    What would be a reason the others wouldn’t? Too lazy?

  10. ella says:

    It is admirable that they would sign that promise, but how much good will it do if on or the other is elected? Once in the office,the person involved will need to deal with them and Congress. I guess the one big benefit would be whoever it is would not be obligated. If it is Bernie, he might even get them to pay the government back some of the corporate welfare they have had the gall to take.

  11. Robert Milnes says:

    ella, I read the article.
    Bernie and Stein have very near zero chance of being elected. So don’t even worry about it.
    And yes, even if they were they would yhave to deal with a democratic/republican congress. All reactionary pigs and Zog lackeys.
    Hence we desperately need PLAS.
    The Nation says it sent out the pledge to all major Presidential candidates from the democrat, republican and Green parties. No Libertarians even though there are green libertarians.
    So this explains how I did not receive any such information by The Nation.
    Ironically The Nation now is in the waiting and hoping for change in the candidates mode about the issue. Not gonna happen. And the Green and Libertarian candidates are ALREADY changed on the issue.
    Professor George Phillies , libertarian, long ago came out in favor of climate change legislation.
    Question: was Netanyahu Zionist pig lover Roseanne Barr sent pledge info by The Nation?

  12. Robert Milnes says:

    Very shabby treatment here at irregulartimes of green and libertarian presidential candidates. So far. By posters and commenters.
    And very little coverage.
    But for the democrats, republicans, lots of coverage. Somewhat critical though which is noteworthy.
    And lots of good, positive coverage for Bernie, the mixed up socialist, progressive independent democrat. Whichever.
    And Stein, the repeat loser from 2012.
    Gary Johnson leading for repeat loser for the Libertarians.
    All in all a pathetic showing for the rag and the riches.

    1. ella says:

      Robert Milnes, what would you tell us about another party candidate? Who is running that catches your attention? Of another party that is offering ideas about how our government should be run for the next 4 to 8 years? Let us hear and discuss or fuss about them.

  13. ella says:

    Of course there is Jeb Bush. He is a really great person, and very human. He makes people feel comfortable around him and he does know the ins and outs of politics. Of course he has been out of mainstream politics for a few years, but he has the best interest of the country at heart.

    1. Robert Milnes says:

      ella, ella, are you a gal or a fella?
      No, you gotta be tripping. There are nor can there be a democrat or republican worth considering for President.
      Only if said person actually bolts the dems & reps to join or form a new, non centrist (like the Reform party) party.
      e.g. Teddy Roosevelt.
      Now, if Bernie or Biden or Rand Paul dumped their party and brought their name recognition to the GP or LP, then MAYBE.
      This is supposedly what Gary Johnson and Bob Barr did before, and you see how well that worked out. NOT.
      Jeb? fuggettabouddit.
      I was looking at the Green guy from West Virginia. Jesse Johnson in 2008.
      Other than myself of course.

      1. ella says:

        Of course. But then we are talking about the 2016 elections this time around. Strangely, the mention of another political party has not come out in the media where I have heard about it. Not since a few declarations early on. Not even the Tea Party is getting any attention. Bush is really wondering if he should run it seems. He has the qualifications and could probably do the job, but he has the misfortune of being the third in line of a family that has two other Presidents under their belt. It may be that his aspirations may go wandering because of that. No one can see him for who HE is. But I have got to admit, there are some outstanding people running on the Republican ticket this time. The first tier has a few that could be replaced with Carly Fiorina. She has the stateswomanship, calm demeanor, and the right answers. I hope she moves up in place of say Paul.

  14. Robert Milnes says:

    ok. I made and took the pledge on my blog The PLAS Place.

  15. ella says:

    I am so proud of you Robert Milnes!

  16. Robert Milnes says:

    Jesse is still around.
    I do not think he is jewish.
    There isn’t much money in West Virginia.
    Jews may be allergic to coal mines.

  17. ella says:

    Certainly to the coal dust and sludge. Bad water you know. Then there is the fracking situation. That has finally gotten some attention in states like Oklahoma. Too many earthquakes, too close to the capital. How about Paul Chehade of the Independent Party. “Mr. Chehade is also the chairman of the non-profit organization Solidary Foundation, which is dedicated towards providing food, education and other critical support services to needy communities the world over.”

  18. ella says:

    And Jill Stein, she is still strong and looking well. A strong person with tenacity, she began a movement that has had wide spread effects on our nation. Because of her there are environmentalists in local governments from coast-to-coast. Because of Jill Stein there is the possibility of Green Party members in Congresses, both state and federal. The small political parties are having a slow but sure effect on our nation, they are not to be discounted. Even though I really do not know what to believe about The Donald’s motives, he will have an effect on this campaign and the in the thoughts of the people. Maybe not they way some intended as all people are listening. The major parties needed Bernie and Donald shake up and wake up calls.

  19. Robert Milnes says:

    My preliminary evaluation of Paul Chehade 2016. One of many usually centrist/reactionary independents who try to win the presidency without much if any downticket sympathizers. This leaves the democrats and republicans in control. Fortunately the American voters promptly realize this and the campaign promptly fails.
    Significant exception-Ross Perot.
    Jill Stein, ZOG candidate. Specifically put there to thwart Bob Milnes/PLAS. Gary Johnson also.
    i.e. if Stein and Johnson get their parties’ nominations then Bob Milnes/PLAS cannot.

  20. ella says:

    SO Robert Milnes is Green Party? What is your campaign site address?

  21. Robert Milnes says:

    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,
    The PLAS Place, NJ

  22. Robert Milnes says:

    Bernie got bumped by Black Lives Matter activists.

  23. Robert Milnes says:

    Two Graves Targeted for Impromptu Exhumation.
    New post at The PLAS Place.

  24. ella says:

    You should go look at what Bernie is doing, Robert. Clinton sent over a couple of “Black Lives Matters” girls to disrupt one of his rallies. He just found much bigger crowds waiting for him at the next stop. Socialists are not my thing, but I do advocate for Bernie the Socialist. Then there is Donald the Billionaire that Bernie opposes. Crimein’ Niddly! This is getting what the fight is about out in the open to duke it out. Clinton and Bush may as well sit back a watch the fireworks.

  25. Robert Milnes says:

    I’m watching Bernie.
    He’ll burn out.
    Really, can you imagine him winning the dem nomination? LOL! Not gonna happen.
    What makes you think Clinton sent the Black Lives Matter girls?

    1. ella says:

      Because all they came to do was disrupt the rally for Sanders, They didn’t relate to the Black Lives Matter movement, which has been commented on in the news. But I do believe that Sanders will make the nomination. I did not at first, but he is not ordinary in his approach to people and they are very enthusiastic toward him. He understands them, he really does know where they are coming from. People are beyond ‘tired’ of the status quo and ready to recover their nation and the promise of that nation to all citizens. It has been brewing on the horizon for some time now. The other side of question, Trump, is also beyond ‘tired’ of the financial irresponsibility of the Congress of the United States. Of the blatant greed and corruption reeking through their halls and offices. It has been brewing on the horizon for some time now. It is not news. Many people have jobs, are paying taxes, have comfortable homes, and are struggling to maintain that lifestyle. They, by now, realize how quickly it will be taken away from them to serve a greedy habit formed by this system. They do not want Dictators, the Clinton’s represent that. They do not want Dynasties, the Bush’s represent that. And, surprisingly, many are standing up to be counted among those who not only listen to the voices of reason, but are willing to act on what is said. They will cast their votes and if those votes are not accurately counted,this time it will be the people who make demands. That is my opinion.

  26. Robert Milnes says:

    The whole election process is rigged-choreographed to wind up between the dem and rep and it really doesn’t matter much which one wins.
    That is why PLAS solves all the problems.
    A fusion ticket-progressive/libertarian, Wilson/Roosevelt, Milnes/Hogarth e.g.
    Then EITHER a progressive/Green OR a Libertarian on all other ballots.
    A fusion ticket will get high enough polling to get into the debates.
    A fusion ticket will get enough votes to win closely in the resultant 3 way race-34/33/33.
    Same with all downticket ballots.
    Why are you stuck on Bernie?
    He’s making the same mistake Nader did in 2008-not seeing the solution-A LIBERTARIAN vp! FUSION TICKET!
    I tried to contact Nader in 2008 about this. also I tried to push Gravel/Ruwart for the LP nomination. Later Milnes/ Ruwart for the BTP nomination. In 2012 Milnes /Johnson BTP.
    Don’t you get it?

  27. ella says:

    Nope, I don’t get it. But that aside, Bernie is a rousing type of person, who as it turns out really does represent a large number of people. Everywhere he goes there are people who come out just to see him. No concerts and food, just to listen. It is a matter of dreams and dreams lost that bring them out to see him. But not just those who have been taxed out of their homes, of course there are the lost-jobs-out-of-their-homes, but some professionals as well. Poor to middle class people. The very wealthy are watching from a distance. Then their are those who do not want to take the nation over in bankruptcy, just take it over as planned. And of course those who have sucked the life blood out of the nation one dime at a time and are still collecting everything they can while spreading it around to buy the electorate, you know those few people who actually elect a president these days. Of course there is Trump, the representative of the very wealthy, can’t blame him. Many who are running represent that class, those who know how to make money seem to have learned that lesson too well. The government took in over two trillion dollars this last month and managed to spend that plus half a trillion more. Sure wasn’t on Social Security or Medicare. And they are cutting Medicaid in many states, again the poorest of the poor get hurt. Still wonder why I advocate for Sanders? The government has gone over the edge and is ruining society, tearing down the dream of the nations founders, sending the nation morally and financially bankrupt. It doesn’t matter who becomes the next ‘president’, only that the person is at least a benevolent ‘president’. Ever seen a man willingly give up more power when he’s gotten it?

  28. Robert Milnes says:

    Bernie is a democrat.
    Bernie will lose.
    Think beyond Bernie.

  29. ella says:

    TTtttrhhhhhrriiiiippppss. What has winning got to do with it? Bernie is out there doing a very important job. And who knows what may happen. The nomination is open to whoever gets the most electoral votes. And that is open to whoever gets the most popular votes by state. And those go to the Convention either for Whoever or Sanders. Who it is not going to be is someone else. But then in the general election, that more likely will be Republican if white people get out and vote. If the black transformers, and Hispanics, both illegal and legal, get out and vote en masse and the whites stay home, we will get what ever happens.

  30. Robert Milnes says:

    You are tripping!
    Winning is ALL. Winning is GOD. In politics.
    I bet dems have studied the situation and have brought in Biden and even Gore to water down the Bernie burn.
    There is a HUGE reservoir of votes of people starving for a real progressive who just MIGHT win. That’s the Bernie Burn.
    But without PLAS it is doomed to failure.
    If Wilson had bolted the dems and joined Roosevelt, WIN!
    If Nader had picked a libertarian vp and ran on that he could win with the progressive and libertarian vote, WIN.
    But no, he dabbled in politics, not really understanding what he was dealing with.
    Gravel/Ruwart, Milnes/.Ruwart, Milnes/Johnson.
    Could you see EITHER of them endorsing PLAS?
    I don’t but I wish I did.
    Republican white people ARE NOT going to stay home. They are under attack.

    1. ella says:

      Yea, the Germans might have a viewpoint all their own about Bernie. The baby popping is being paid for by the government. It is called welfare, remember? Both sides thought it was a great idea to get a whole population of voters dependent on the government. Now they have gone and thrown the baby out with the water. Too much fun spending all that money, but oops, spent more than they should and don’t care either. They line their own pockets and make sure they will be comfortable, you can bet on that. Both the Republicans and the Democrats know what is going on in Washington. Bernie has a good heart, but how is he going to get the delegates at the Convention?
      Trump has the right idea. Apparently it takes yelling and getting all testosterone up to make the men hear what is being said. They need someone to tell them what he is going to do in a way they believe him. Even the ladies like that too. Nice to hear a real man speak up. All he needs to do is keep being strong in speech and quit bluntly insulting women. Not biologically anyway. If he can turn this country around – do it!

  31. Robert Milnes says:

    Republican white people are under attack by brown people yes, but also all the brown babies being popped out by white women all across America. You think they haven’t noticed?
    I’ll bet the German white people noticed all the swarthy jewish men coming up from southern Europe and marrying their women too.

  32. ella says:

    Lindsey Graham and Chris Christie are the only two Republicans that state they find human involved climate change real. Or find climate change real period. As candidates go, for the Republican Party, for policy purposes, those two are the only ones who I agree with on this one issue. Christie is definitely a strong person and could lead and govern. He is able to compromise and should be able to reach across the isle in Congress. He manages people well enough, but what are his attitudes toward Social Security and Medicare? Lindsey Graham has stepped out taken some needed, but unpopular, stands in the past. He has the integrity to stand as a good VP. Can you see Christie as Pres. and Graham as VP?

    After reading more closely some of the comments Trump has made, it makes me think he is just still playing a game in his mind, to see how far he can go with the American people. He needs to back someone who actually sees what this country needs, in the world in which we reside at this time, climate and all.

  33. Courtney Mecca says:

    NOM is calling on Americans across the land to publicly pledge that they will only support candidates for federal office, including for the office of President of the United States who will publicly commit to take specific actions in support of marriage.

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