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Marco Rubio Is Furious At Chinese For Releasing Less Carbon Dioxide Than Americans Do

Senator and Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio is furious at Barack Obama for his new plan to reduce carbon emissions in the U.S.. China and India aren’t lowering their emissions, says Rubio, so why should we? Rubio opposes reduction of emissions of carbon dioxide pollution, “because as far as I can see, China and India and other developing countries are going to continue to burn anything they can get their hands on.”

china, india, usa greenhouse gas emissionsSurely, you’ve heard this line of reasoning before: Why should the United States bother to stop releasing greenhouse gases, when China and India are making big greenhouse gas emissions too?

Actually, China committed just last year to practical steps to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, China and India already have a lower per capita rate of carbon dioxide emissions than the United States does.

According to the latest data available through the CAIT Climate Data Explorer from the World Resources Institute, the United States produces 2.4 times as much greenhouse gas per person as China does, and the USA produces 7.9 times the amount of greenhouse gas as India does.

For Marco Rubio to complain about China and India standing in the way of global responsibility on greenhouse gases is like a guy who has chugged down 9 beers in the last two hours saying that there’s no point in him stopping drinking because his one friend, who has had 4 beers in that same two hours, and his other friend, who is just now starting to sip on his second beer in the same period of time, are causing a bigger problem of public intoxication.

When he talks about international barriers to climate change, Marco Rubio is slurring his speech.

One thought on “Marco Rubio Is Furious At Chinese For Releasing Less Carbon Dioxide Than Americans Do”

  1. ella says:

    Rubio needs to catch up with the times. People have computers and TV’s, Ipods and all that stuff, today. We can find these things out. Thanks for sending it on. Nice to know that China owns so much of US debt and we are stinking up the atmosphere more than they are. Our prices are soooo much higher than theirs – like on electric cars. But Obama just passed down a bill to reduce pollution.

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