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5 thoughts on “Counting Waves”

  1. Tom says:

    Geez, isn’t that about tidal activity (related to the moon circling the Earth) – science that’s been established for centuries? It’s either all “God” or the term is moot.

  2. ella says:

    Actually, how about counting the number of times in the Bible that God uses the word love, or the author of a book uses the word love to describe God.

  3. Tom says:

    What gets me, ella, is that religions all point to what humanity should be – but the masses, even the worshipers, too often are simplistic morons that “don’t get it” and start fights, battles or wars over which religion is “correct.” Clearly, the U.S., supposedly a “Christian nation” is the most bloodthirsty, militaristic, bully on the planet with arsenals of guns, bombs, and nukes to decimate the rest of the world at will (or whim). If people actually practiced their religion, the world would be a peaceful, cooperative place that limits our population voluntarily to keep from overrunning the resources. Well, that hasn’t happened and now we’re in severe overshoot with the unavoidable attendant predicament of extinction looking at us in the near future. We can’t manufacture our habitat. It depends on the environment that we’re killing off each day we live like this. We’ve long since passed the point of no return, so all that’s left now is bearing witness to our decline and demise.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Tom, Christianity of both books of the Bible sets an astonishingly violent example for human conduct.

  4. ella says:

    Mostly what the Books reveal is human nature and teaches an attempt to control it. Over and over again man/humankind is told how to live in order to benefit peacefully from the bounty that is on Earth. Over and over again conflict, often over a misunderstanding, breaks out over power and/or greed. Finally He takes matters into His own hands and makes corrections that are as violent as mans. Man always starts the violence, but with the assistance of the same Character. It is always settled, ultimately settled by The Guiding Hand. The Two that are in perpetual conflict over the lives of humankind. One wishing us life (the Creator), the other wishing us death (the Deceiver).

    But we need to remember that the conflict began over a broken law, and why the law was broken. He sent The Peace Offering later and He was received by some who went to teach it to others. Now thousands of years and conflicts negating that message later, we are at an impasse. The total message is rarely ever taught anymore, but there are those who really try to, and those who really have their own agenda and don’t even try to. Then there is atheism which leads many to their own realm of conflict with those who want to have faith, but have no idea in what and only vaguely in Who. It won’t be much longer before another major corrective event will occur. For every Thesis there is the Anti-Thesis and the Anti-Thesis is on the horizon.

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