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Fact Check: Is There Really A Killer Satanic Wiccan Blue Moon Cult In Florida?

The Allegations:

– Pensacola police allege that three murder victims found in a house last Friday were killed as part of a Satanic or Wiccan ritual related to the “blue moon” that took place that day.
– A neighbor referred to the killings as part of a “weird, satanic cult, witchcraft whatever”.
– Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan cited the nature of the wounds the victims suffered and the positions their bodies were found in as evidence that the murders were performed by somebody who practices “witchcraft”. Also cited as evidence of this theory was the identity of a “person of interest” who has “a faith or religion that is indicative of that”. “It’s witchcraft, I’ll say that right now,” said Morgan.
– Escambia County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Sgt. Andrew Hobbes told reporters that, “It appears that this might be connected to some type of Wiccan ritual killing and possibly tied to the blue moon,”.
– Keyan Milanian of the Daily Star writes that, “The three are thought to have been the victims of satanists like those in film The Wicker Man”.

wicker man pensacola florida blue moon wiccan murders

The Facts:

– Voncile Smith, aged 77, and her sons Richard Smith and John Smith were found dead on Friday – the day of the blue moon.
– All of the victims had their throats cut and had been attacked with a claw hammer. One victim suffered a gunshot wound in the head as well.
– A blue moon is nothing more than the second of two full moons taking place within a single month. A blue moon isn’t bigger, or brighter, or a different color, or in any other way different from a regular full moon.
The Domestic Witch lists eight different blue moon rituals for Pagans and Wiccans, and though one of them does involve 13 safety pins, not one of them involves killing anything.
– The Pagan Springwolf describes a blue moon ritual that involves a bubble bath, but contains no throat-slitting, attacks with hammers, gunshots, or any other form of violence whatsoever.
– There is no record of any Pagan, Wiccan, Satanic, or other ritual performed during blue moons that involves killing people.
– The condition of the bodies and one victim’s absence from work leads police to believe that the victims were killed on Tuesday last week, not on Friday.
– There have been many instances of people being murdered by having their throats cut, being bludgeoned with hammers, or being shot in the head, completely outside of any ritual context. For example, this March, a man in Wisconsin killed a woman by hitting her in the head with a hammer and then cutting her throat. The murderer was neither a Wiccan nor taking part in a ritual.
– The Wicker Man is a fictional horror movie based upon a fictional novel, in which practitioners of a pre-Christian Celtic religion, not practitioners of Satanism, burn a man alive inside a gigantic wooden statue. No one in the Wicker Man was attacked with a hammer or was shot in the head with a gun.

8 thoughts on “Fact Check: Is There Really A Killer Satanic Wiccan Blue Moon Cult In Florida?”

  1. Mary says:

    finally, a voice of reason!

  2. Charles Manning says:

    This is really about news media, not the murders. To my knowledge, nowhere in the reports about the murders was there any questioning of the highly questionable claims about Wiccan — except of course in Irregular Times. Thanks!

  3. ella says:

    This document might be of benefit in defining the act of ritual killing:
    It has long been known that full moons bring out the weird in some people. Not to demean the impression made on the police in Florida. I don’t know what happened there.

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  6. Priya Agrawal says:

    Wiccan is a well known religion which performs the black magic for the sake of the people. The Wiccan Rede Canada spells are the spells which help you to know about the Wiccan religion.

  7. Baba Anwer Khan says:

    Firstly, we would like to tell you that magic doesn’t have the colors. In India, we think that the black color is the sign of bad thinks like evil and other so the black magic is bad and the white color is the sign of goodness so the white magic is good. It is our thinking who makes the difference between the colors so it also applies on the magics. Now you are thinking that what is white magic and what is the thing behind that which makes it white.

  8. Charles del campo says:

    As an author of Secret Societies Exposed and Cult Investigator, I see many new groups that are surfacing; yet remaining underground for fear of public humiliation, law enforcement intervention, and news media exposure. Presently, according to FBI statistics there are over 4.000 thousand children in America that mysteriously disappear without a single trace. In my professional opinion this is due to abductions for Satanic Rituals and the validation is in the unaccounted whereabouts of its victims! The Culprit can also be attributed to serial KIllers who engage In canibalism.

    1. J Clifford says:


      If these children disappear without a trace, that means that there is no evidence about who has abducted them.

      It is remarkable, given this, for you to presume that they have all been kidnapped for participation in Satanic rituals, when no Satanic ritual involving the use of kidnapped children has ever been documented in the United States.

      For you, the complete lack of evidence for your allegations is itself proof of your allegations.

      The rest of us require more reasonable arguments.

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