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How To Support The Lawrence Lessig For President Campaign

During the 2014 congressional election, Lawrence Lessig, a Harvard professor who has made a career out of proclaiming himself to be the ethical center against which all American politicians should be judged, decided that he was going to transform the American political system by starting a secretive super PAC that would enable big money donors to buy influence over political candidates. Lessig set up the May Day Super PAC, which ended up taking a lot of money from Democrats, and giving it to extremist Republicans. Along the way, Lessig broke his promises to supporters about only using the Super PAC to raise money for a limited amount of time.

lawrence lessig 2016Throughout it all, Lawrence Lessig claimed that his political machine would be different from all the others. He said that, although he was helping people with big money to buy influence over the political process, he was doing it in the name of getting big money out of politics. He said that he would be standing up for outsiders by being an insider. He said that he would be participating in corruption to stand against corruption.

Why would anyone believe Lawrence Lessig’s promises that he, unlike anybody else, could engage in politically unethical activity but remain ethical? “Embrace the irony,” he told America.

Now, Lawrence Lessig is at it again. Only, this time, he’s amping up the self-promotional part of his moral relativism roadshow. Lawrence Lessig is running for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016.

Right out of the gate, Lessig is up to his old trickstery ways. He tells us that, “Before we listen to more politicians’ promises, we must find a way to un-rig that rigged system. Here is our plan…”

… and that’s right where we have to put on the brakes on the Lessig for President bandwagon.

Lawrence Lessig IS a politician.

If he’s telling us that we need to stop listening to politicians’ promises, I say let’s take him at his word, and start by refusing to listen to all the promises that Lawrence Lessig makes in his own plan.

The only appropriate way to respond to Lawrence Lessig’s political games is to apply his own principles right back at him.

You want to support the Lawrence Lessig for President campaign?

Lawrence Lessig’s defacto political message is that whenever you want to accomplish something, you should pursue its opposite. So, if you want to support the Lawrence Lessig for President campaign, you should do so by withholding support for the Lawrence Lessig for President campaign. Send the Lessig 2016 presidential exploratory committee a great big box of irony as your political donation, and let him see how far he can get with that.

5 thoughts on “How To Support The Lawrence Lessig For President Campaign”

  1. DrRGP says:

    To which department at Harvard University does Professor Lessig belong? I recall William Buckley’s announcement that he would rather be governed by the first 2,000 (or some such number) people listed in the Boston telephone directory than by the Harvard faculty.

    1. Horatio says:

      He’s a Harvard law professor. So, he is to be listened to… and he has no idea how the rest of America outside of his ivy walls perceives his arrogant posturing.

      1. DrRGP says:

        Thank you for the information.

  2. ella says:

    :)! (wiped the moisture from my eyes after I quit laughing so hard.)Whew, that was good. But you have to see that he is telling everyone just exactly how so many politicians really are.

  3. terry says:

    Would like to hear what you think his motives are? Do you disagree on the money in Congress corruption assumption? What is your solution?

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