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After Repeated Flops, Louie Gohmert’s CHURCH Act Fades Away

In 2009, Republican Representative Louie Gohmert of Texas first introduced the Congressional Hope for Uniform Recognition of Christian Heritage Act, also known as the CHURCH Act. If passed, the CHURCH Act would have:

This was a bill, in short, to require an assertion of history in which Christians and only Christians matter, in which Christianity and only Christianity is central to the nation, and in which citizens’ choice is limited to different flavors of Christianity.

In the 111th Congress of 2009-2010, Gohmert attracted 14 supporters for his CHURCH Act. That figure rose in the 112th Congress of 2011-2012 to 28 supporters. By the 113th Congress of 2013-2014, Louie Gohmert’s Christians-only sign bill for the Congress attracted only 4 supporters.

CHURCH Act supporters plummet in the 113th Congress

What about the CHURCH Act in the 114th Congress of 2015-2016?  The bill simply hasn’t been reintroduced.  Unable to gather legislative or popular support, Louie Gohmert has finally let it the legislation drop.

Gohmert still believes what he believes. Recently, he publicly mocked the Supreme Court for legalizing same-sex marriage: “We know more than Moses, we know more than Jesus, we are the U.S. Supreme Court.”  But in his Biblical supremacism, Gohmert increasingly finds himself alone.


One thought on “After Repeated Flops, Louie Gohmert’s CHURCH Act Fades Away”

  1. ella says:

    That is a little confusing. Doesn’t the American public have the right to choose between different sects of Christianity now? There is such a large selection available, all branded. Original Christianity itself is rarely taught in this country. The Constitution gave the people that right long ago and that the government is to stay out of peoples choices regarding this and other matters of conscience so long as laws of the land are not broken in doing so.

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