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It Turns Out Jeb Bush Is Just As Stupid And Crazy As His Brother

I suppose we should offer up some kind of thanks to Jeb Bush, for reminding us that no, Donald Trump really isn’t much of an outlier in the Republican Party. Some people might have been tempted to think of John Ellis Bush as the reasonable Republican alternative to Trump, but Bush’s comments about his brother’s legacy this week have me shivering in memory of how very bad things got under George W. Bush.

bush for president bumper stickerJeb Bush declared this week that he thinks the Iraq War, which began with blatant lies, then bankrupted our government, killed millions, and created a new generation of shell shocked soldiers, all to clear the way for Islamic State extremism, was “a pretty good deal“. Then, John Ellis refused to rule out re-instituting his brother’s plainly illegal, unconstitutional and ineffective policy of torture.

John Ellis Bush may not have effected as much of a thick Texan accent as George W., but he’s dragging his knuckles just as low to the ground. We can argue about who the most effective next president would be, but this week’s comments from JEB remind us that one point should be beyond argument: The last thing we need is another Bush in the White House.

4 thoughts on “It Turns Out Jeb Bush Is Just As Stupid And Crazy As His Brother”

  1. Larry says:

    Is that bumper sticker going to be available?

    It would be great.

  2. Peregrin Wood says:

    Just click on the picture to order one!

  3. ella says:

    Thank you, since it reflects a positive attitude I think I will get one. After all we would be overrun with jihadists if we hadn’t taken the fight to them. A lot of good men saw that we still have the lifestyle that allows us to sit here and ridicule, while second guessing, another persons judgement. It is easy to do when the press is screaming NO repeat family names and we’ll spread any negative gossip available to see to it. But of course there are still a lot of who know more than the military, what is actually going on. Just consider the IQ and mental stability the title portrays, of the author of the title.

  4. ella says:

    J. Clifford really knows how to get a response, doesn’t he?

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