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Fact Check: Is Obama Really Possessed By Grey Demons?

Right wing activists have tried to bring the presidency of Barack Obama down by claiming that he was born in Kenya, that he was raised by Marxists, that he wears a Muslim ring and uses Muslim hand gestures. They’ve even claimed that Barack Obama’s mother was a porn star.

Now, over on the evangelical Christian site Charisma News, Jessilyn Justice takes these attacks to the next level. In an article titled Is a Demon Following Obama?, she forwards a rumor started by Perry Stone, an evangelist who claims that he’s seen the grey figure of a demon rushing past Barack Obama.

To be more precise about it, Perry Stone says that, gosh, he sure doesn’t know what that thing on the video is, and it sure doesn’t necessarily mean that Barack Obama is possessed by a demon, but golly, you never know, do you? Wink, wink. “That doesn’t mean there’s a demon on him or anything like that, but there are spirits on that part of Africa,” says Stone.

There are spirits in that part of Africa? How would Perry Stone know that? Does he have an Atlas Of Places In Africa Where There Are Spirits, or something?

In the original video produced by Perry Stone, a grey blur passes in front of the crowd around Barack Obama on the runway. Here’s a still frame of that video showing what the grey blur looks on the screen.

grey demon with barack obama in kenya

Could this blur be a demon possessing Barack Obama, or some other kind of African spirit intent on controlling U.S. foreign policy?

One quick check on this claim is to take a look at another video of the same event shown by the video Perry Stone is hawking. It just so happens that when the President of the United States makes a state visit to a country, there are usually many video cameras on hand, recording the event.

NTV Kenya filmed the same event shown by the video in which Perry Stone shows a demonic grey blur crossing the screen. In this second video, seen below, at the very same moment Stone’s blur demon appears, there is no grey blur to be seen at all.

What is to account for this discrepancy? Was one of the cameras more spiritually attuned than the other?

What’s more likely is that the grey blur was purposefully added in post-production (after filming).

These kinds of effects aren’t difficult to create. Below, I’ve created my own version of the NTV Kenya video, with a grey blur demon, and a couple of other goofy fake spirits added in for fun. It was done in less than 15 minutes, using a version of Anime Studio software that costs less than 50 dollars.

Barack Obama Haunted By A Grey Demon Spirit In…

This kind of video is easy to produce by anyone with a home computer, but the people who made the fake video of a grey demonic blur around Barack Obama are counting on the ignorance of that among a certain target audience of uneducated, isolated, gullible people who just so happen to also be prevalent among the readers of Charisma News. It’s the equivalent of the ghost pictures of the early 20th century, which were created with simple photographic double exposures, but seemed certain proof of the spirit world among the technologically ignorant at the time.

ghost photograph early 20th century

The people who made these ghost photographs were purposefully deceiving people so that they would pay for services such as seances and exorcisms. It was spiritualist dishonesty with a purpose to profit. In this line, we see that the video produced by Perry Stone, supposedly showing a demonic grey blur next to Barack Obama, has an advertisement placed at the beginning of it. In addition to being a right wing Christian slur against Obama, this video looks like a source of profit for somebody. It’s click bait – nasty, religious, right wing, faked, click bait.

This kind of stuff really isn’t very difficult to figure out. Anyone with just a scrap of familiarity with the Internet and some critical reasoning skills can work through it.

Yet, Jessilyn Justice and Charisma News went ahead this obvious hoax anyway. That reveals a great deal about what the people behind Charisma News are really up to. They aren’t sincere, earnest Christians just trying to spread the Good News. They’re in the business of spreading hoaxes that generate profit from the gullibility of a faithful audience that is eager to think the worst of non-evangelical Americans.

3 thoughts on “Fact Check: Is Obama Really Possessed By Grey Demons?”

  1. Larry says:

    Good Lord… haters WILL hate.

  2. Dave says:

    Good call, Peregrin. Mary Todd Lincoln was seduced into paying mediums to call up the spirit if husband Abe when shown photos of herself with the President’s ghost standing nearby. Photoshop’s been around a long time.

  3. ella says:

    Where is it? I played the who video and never saw anything but the media dashing by the camera. Your right, it is too easy to make something appear that isn’t there. Sad that people feel the need to do things like that.

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