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The first sign of the end of summer is here in my garden.

garlic bulbs, braided from the garden 
The garlic is in and braided, ready to hang up for the winter. Can you guess which braid or braids was made by my hands? A portion of this year’s cloves go back in the ground to slowly grow into next year’s bounty. 

Managing garlic is surprisingly light work. We have a big white pine growing nearby the garden. In two months, with the first deep frosts, I’ll cover the young garlic sprouts with mounds of fallen pine needles.  After the last big frost, I’ll take off those needles, toss them in the woods to rot, and put a new set of needles around the garlic plants as mulch.  With that, not a lick of weeding is needed.  I only have to wait until next August, when it’s time to pull up another set of delicious bulbs. Each year, the size of my garlic plot expands just a little bit.  I’m hoping in a few years to have enough to give away.

Do you have any garlic stories to share?

2 thoughts on “Bounty”

  1. ella says:

    Is your the really big and long braid? That is a really big bunch of garlic. My little plot is covered in Autumns fall of deciduous leaves. It too grows a little each year, but only one or two bulbs. These are no the type that have cloves, but they grow large greens from late winter to early summer. The greens are a slightly sweet, mild garlic flavor I can use in salads or cooking. The butternut winter squash did well and is dried or drying for storage. The blueberries did not stand a chance against me this summer. Blueberry frozen dessert is so good on a hot day. Just enough left for a few blueberry muffins this winter.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Mine is the big, messy, poorly organized braid. 😉 And I agree, the blueberries right now are delish.

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