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How Can We Know That The Dashka Stone Has A Map Of The Urals From 120 Million Years Ago?

In recent debates here at Irregular Times it has been suggested that it’s important to make a distinction between schools of thought within Creationist theology. We have been told that, while Young Earth Creationists, who believe that the Earth is only about 6,000 years old, are superstitious and unscientific, Old Earth Creationists, who concede that the Earth is much older than 6,000 years, are scientifically disciplined in the construction of their theories and should be taken seriously by academics.

To test this assertion, let’s take a look at one of the pieces of evidence often cited by Old Earth Creationists: The Dashka Stone – also called by them The Stone Of The Creator.

Old Earth Creationists claim that the Earth was populated with human beings and animals before the time of the flood described in the Book of Genesis in the Bible, but that these early human beings and animals were ruled by Lucifer, and were wicked, and so were all killed by God before the new creation that is described in the Book of Genesis. They claim that fossils and other odd bits of stone are evidence of this early Lucifer-ruled Earth.

One of these odd bits of stone is the Dashka Stone. It was unearthed, by Russian professor Alexander Chuvyrov, and has been studied subsequently by many Old Earth Creationist enthusiasts.

What makes the Dashka Stone so special? One source tells us that, “The Dashka Stone is a unique artifact of unknown origin that allegedly has a three-dimensional map of the Ural region. The stone map referenced a the [sic] presence of an advanced civilization on Earth that dated back 120 million years.”

Another source tells us, that the stone’s age has been dated to the broad range of between 100 million and 500 million years ago. Anyway, the point is that the Dashka Stone is very, very old, definitely older than the purported time of the killer flood that the prophet Noah supposedly rode out in a gigantic boat filled with two of every single species of animal alive at the time. If the described range of dating is accurate, the Dashka Stone would also be much, much older than the fossilized remains of any human being ever found.

And yet, say the believers in the Dashka Stone’s Old Earth Creationist fable, this stone is a map of a section of the Ural mountains – as observed from the air. They take this as proof that Lucifer-ruled people who lived over 100 million years ago had the power of flight.

Is the Dashka Stone a map? Does it really show a particular region of the Ural Mountains? The following is an image showing the Dashka Stone and the section of the Urals that they say it shows:

dashka stone and ural mountains map

Do you see the similarity in the crack in the stone and the course of that river in the Ural Mountains? The Old Earth Creationists say that crack was made, on purpose, to represent that river.

First of all, that crack doesn’t match the river very well. Secondly, it’s not plausible to think that people who had the technology necessary to fly over areas of the Earth to map them would resort to the crude technique of making maps using cracks in stones.

Well, you might say, the courses of rivers change over time. That’s true, but they change so much over time, that it’s not reasonable to think that a particular river we know today in the Ural Mountains existed at all 100 million years ago, much less that it follows anything at all like the path it did long, long ago. Over 100 million years, many rivers have appeared and disappeared. The Mississippi is thought to have formed within the last couple of million years. If a river did survive as a waterway for so long as 100 million years, it wouldn’t have a recognizable shape. So, even if we accept that there were people living on Earth 100 million years ago, and that they made the Dashka Stone as a map of an area with a river in it, the map could be of any any river anywhere, but not of a particular river in the Ural Mountains we know today.

In short, the argument that the Dashka Stone is an ancient map of a certain river, proving that there was an ancient human civilization on Earth 100 million years ago, ruled by Lucifer, has nothing close to any scientific merit. It’s an absurd conspiracy theory that wouldn’t be believed by any serious scientist, or even any serious person with more than an elementary school education.

The Dashka Stone looks like a rock with a big crack in it, and some interesting natural texture. That’s all.

The Old Earth Creationists look as gullible as Young Earth Creationists, with a bigger time scale. That’s all.

the dashka stone is just a stone

15 thoughts on “How Can We Know That The Dashka Stone Has A Map Of The Urals From 120 Million Years Ago?”

  1. ella says:

    There are maps of the earth drawn with longitude and latitude lines that are accurate. The Earth was obviously observed from a great height. One map in particular is over 10,000 years old and was found to have come from somewhere in the East, maybe China. There is at least one Biblical account of a man being taken up into a flying vehicle and told to draw what he saw. I’ll look it up later. As for this, whether it is a map or not, it is of such great antiquity that it would be amazing if it weren’t damaged. I will read something about it online to see what it being said about its’ origins and dating. It would be during the earlier Earth Age of course. After all, Lucifer was on Earth, traveling back and forth, for a long time before the mankind creation and a long time after mankind’s’ deception and fall.

    1. J Clifford says:

      “Lucifer was on Earth, traveling back and forth, for a long time before the mankind creation…”

      Ella, how does anyone know this, given that there weren’t any people there to observe it?

      1. ella says:

        It’s recorded in The Book, but then there are other works that also record the earlier happenings on the planet. Those who were around (and still are), it is said told those who came so much later they had no first hand knowledge, or after NOE’s flood. I subscribe to the second creation thought, the first before the Earth became Void and without form – or take a good look at the planet without water – consider it without water and what happened to make it that way. All other solid planets are actually round, or ovoid.

        1. J Clifford says:

          It’s recorded in the book? Do you mean the phone book? People write all kinds of things in books, Ella. I know a very popular series of books that says that some people have the power to sit on broomsticks and fly. Does that make it true?

          1. ella says:

            I am sorry, I did not realize you do not know the difference between ‘the book’ and ‘The Book’. Or as the word Bible is defined = Book. Possibly some people do use a broomstick to fly, if you consider anything is possible. Some scientists said that apes of some or all varieties become human. Apes still live today.

  2. Mark says:

    Measuring latitude is easy without having to leave the ground. You simply measure the angle to the sun or stars and calculate from there.

    I looked long and hard at this photos. Damned if I can see anything on the stone resembling the photo of the region it’s supposed to represent.

    1. ella says:

      Yes it is if you know where the poles are and Grenwich, England:). But then we are talking about a time when some anthropologists believe that the predecessors of mankind were barely able to kill animals and make clothes. But then it is said that Adam and Eve were taught how to sew skins together to cover their nakedness and keep warm. Notice they were taught to sew the skins together, not throw them over a should or wrap them around their bodies.
      The stone seems to illustrate either a map or language of some type. Those look like water waves to me. I don’t know. Cracks from dried mud tend to have a certain pattern and that is not it. Those seem to be pressed into clay with some carving added. Turn the tablet around and then look at the lake region of the river. Then there is that rectangular darker area in the photo that corresponds with the carved rectangle on the stone. But i have got to say,that people who had the technology that they did, would have to have some other reason to resort of using stone. Gold was the metal of choice in South America where tonnes of records and manufactured images of sea creatures and animals were found. Human forms in stone.

      1. Mark says:

        Measuring latitude is as simple as measuring the angle from horizon to Polaris. Even the ancients knew that Polaris did not move in the night sky. Can you please provide a link to these maps you keep talking about.

        “It is said that Adam and Eve were taught how to sew skins together”. Really? Where? Chapter and verse, please.

        The cracks in the stone aren’t even close to the lake and rivers. I’d expect a much more accurate map if the creators had viewed the scene from above. There’s no writing on this stone, it’s just cracked mud.

        1. DallasG says:

          Mark I think you should read Genesis Chap. 3 verse 21. It does not say they were taught but come on, give us a break. If indeed GOD did create all things, shouldn’t you consider the possibility HE would have given them the good sense to follow instruction.
          Oops! That is what got them in trouble to begin with. They didn’t follow instruction. Just like man wouldn’t you say.

          1. J Clifford says:

            Reading Genesis. What a great place to find fresh ideas! It’s not as if that material has been rehashed a million times.

            Yes, why not read Genesis as a basis for understanding reality? Why not read The Doctor Who Official Guide on How to be a Time Lord, though?

            Do you have thoughts about the merit of one of these books over another, Dallas?

  3. ella says:

    Genesis 3:21. Okay no sewing is mentioned, just that He made them coats. A little imagination helps in this case. As it does with this map. I am not saying that it does actually represent the Caucus Mountain region or any part of it, just that there are a couple of similarities in it. And that for a 120 million year old piece of dry clay, it is very well preserved. To me it looks like the clay has had impressions made on it. Here is a site map of that age in the North Sea.

  4. ella says:, this is the one I was thinking of and looking for, the Piri-Reis map. It is a very interesting rendering of the Earth from a high altitude perspective.

  5. ella says:

    Here we go! This should help you to understand the Dahska Stone map. It is a dialog of information concerning what it is and what was found around it. It also tells is how big that slab is.

  6. John Q says:

    The Zetas say it was created by beings pre dating man and Dino’s, reptilians with Souls

  7. Greg Beam says:

    Is it possible to verify whether or not the stones’ composition is “artificial” or otherwise not naturally occurring?

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