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Even after Debates kick Campaign Season into High Gear, Jeb Bush’s Hashtag is Stuck in Reverse

Back in January of this year the patrician John Ellis Bush (nicknamed “Jeb Bush” for a populist touch) declared the opening of his presidential campaign. To mark the occasion, he also opened his official hashtag channel on Twitter, #righttorise. Bush invited Americans to talk up his campaign by using the #righttorise hashtag in their Twitter posts. How’s that going?

Jeb Bush's Right to Rise Hashtag is Dead

  • Only 118 people have used the hashtag in the last week.
  • Two-thirds of those posting are talking about Wilson’s latest album, also called Right to Rise.
  • Most of those talking about Bush are using the hashtag to criticize him.

Jeb Bush is getting ready to dump millions of dollars into TV spots with funding from a small number of wealthy friends and family members. This will create the appearance of popularity, but despite his campaign spending he can’t get a legitimate conversation started on a platform he doesn’t control. This is not the sign of a popular campaign.

6 thoughts on “Even after Debates kick Campaign Season into High Gear, Jeb Bush’s Hashtag is Stuck in Reverse”

  1. ella says:

    JEB has dropped back and he might as well. The commentator made it clear that dynasties are not going to happen. His best hope would be a VP position. Donald Trump has stopped being a ‘Bob Hope’ figure and is being taken seriously. If he continues on his current tack, he may well be the next President. This country could certainly do worse than a successful businessman. Just look at all of the lawyers, politicians – senators, intelligence, and one governor, well that was needed – that have occupied the White House for generations. Perhaps the time has come for one of the ‘citizens’ to take the job.

    1. J Clifford says:

      Okay, but how about a citizen who has some diplomatic skills, rather than a propensity to offend people by flying off the handle all the time?

      Do you really want Donald Trump to have his finger on the nuclear button?

  2. ella says:

    There are things about Donald Trump that others must have noticed, but why are they not being voiced. Haven’t you noticed that Trump constantly bad mouths Republicans, talks about which of them he has bought and could sell? Never does he speak against Democrats, and certainly not the Clinton’s. The only thing he mentioned, which was completely legal, is that the Clinton’s used some money from one of their ‘funds’ for transportation. Politically, absolutely no mention of the Democrats, either as a Party or individually. He never speaks of supporting the Republican platform, or denies supporting the Democrat platform. Other than denigrating the political party he is running to be elected to the Presidency within by inflating himself, he seems to be for his own party. A very smart businessman – yes? If elected, will be remain for himself? Will he realize he is supposed to be using his skills to improve the United Stats economic situation? That may not even be possible by that time, Congress and the current President are spending every last penny into the future they can to bankrupt the nation. Even if Donald Trump gets there, will he find enough money, will he be able to structure the nations bankruptcy and keep the nation from collapsing? Firing Congress is about all that will be left to do. A commentator said he couldn’t do that, but then, can’t the Congress by Impeached?

    1. J Clifford says:

      No, Ella. Congress can’t be impeached. Details matter. The Constitution matters. Trump seems to be beyond all reality, and its drudgery.

  3. ella says:

    Forgive the misspelled words. This is one of the days the deliberate, greedy nature of Congress has caused a bit of irritation.

  4. ella says:

    What details? The details that Trump and Sanders are bringing out in the American people seem to revolve around a combination of reality and what the media cause them to “perceive”. It is more than a few energetic youthful activists out to be ‘different’ that are surrounding these two candidates. What is anyone going to do when Trump does not back off? Sanders won’t, but then he has established himself as a legitimate candidate. Of course it seems that so has Trump, since he leads the pack of Republicans. Is this media ready for a President Donald J Trump? The country might be at heart, but what about reality? Bob Hope would be proud! A wild card just may make it. The laugh is on ….

    It is a good thing Congress cannot be Impeached by the people. All of those elections at once would be a trifle too much.

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