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How To Use Hydrogen Peroxide Everywhere

Erin Huffstetler, a Frugal Living Expert over at, has written an article called How To Use Hydrogen Peroxide Everywhere. We see the motivation behind her writing. Hydrogen peroxide’s foaming anti-fungal properties are useful in a variety of situations. However, with respect to her coverage of the subject, she fails to deliver. She does not actually describe how to use hydrogen peroxide everywhere, just in a few typical places: Cutting boards, stained fabrics, toilets, marble countertops, and moldy walls.

how to use hydrogen peroxide everywhere

Here at Irregular Times, we aim to do better. Towards the goal of understanding how to use hydrogen peroxide everywhere, we offer the following as a few of the places where hydrogen peroxide can be used:

hydrogen peroxide foaming sex

Hydrogen peroxide in bed, to add fizz to your romantic encounters… we bet she’s never done that before!

hydrogen peroxide mars rover

Hydrogen peroxide in robotic probes to faraway planets… for more foamy landings.

hydrogen peroxide jurassic park

Hydrogen peroxide in Jurassic Park, for slowing down ravenous raptors… slightly.

donald trump hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide foam for impromptu Trump for President campaign appearances… because even though he’s expected to foam at the mouth on demand, even Donald Trump gets dehydrated now and then.

What other places can you think of that could use some hydrogen peroxide?

One thought on “How To Use Hydrogen Peroxide Everywhere”

  1. Carol says:

    tRUMP will need a good bit of the frothy stuff –
    it removes the blood from the orifices..

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