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Ritual Crime Ring In Pensacola Broken Up By Escambia County Sheriff

In the past, I have expressed skepticism about the claims by Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan that ritual crimes are rife throughout his bailiwick of Pensacola, Florida. Today, however, I have to eat some crow.

After some investigation, the office of Sheriff Morgan has, in fact, made some arrests of suspects in a violent ritual crime. This time, the evidence is fairly damning.

Four men from Moreno Street in Pensacola were arrested yesterday and charged with crimes related to their repeated gatherings to enact a blood ritual involving animal sacrifice. Members of this secret ritual coven would meet to ritually link their financial fortunes to animals forced to fight, often to the death, while spectators cheered on.

In other words, the men were arrested for organizing gambling over dog fights.

Of course, Sheriff Morgan’s office didn’t hold a press conference declaring the crime to be ritually-related, possibly based on today’s waxing crescent moon. But, that’s because there were no Wiccans in the neighborhood at the time. If there aren’t Wiccans involved, apparently, ritual crimes aren’t worth making a big fuss about.

4 thoughts on “Ritual Crime Ring In Pensacola Broken Up By Escambia County Sheriff”

  1. ella says:

    It is a sad thing that some people must find some way be involved in blood letting. As a right of passage in some cases. It happens on university campuses, in power struggles. A Drum Major beaten to death on a bus, a ritual. A man blown to bits so another man can “…have it made for the rest of my life.” Or dog, maybe cock, fights, which are using animals we consider pets. Blood on the land, blood on the hands. Glad the sheriff did arrest someone for something anyway. Now if only the human “sacrifices” can be accounted for.

  2. ella says:

    Just another comment. A real problem America has is the Satanic Religion that is coming out of its hiding place and illustrating, publicly, those who are, in reality, a part of their culture. Homosexuals and abortion activists were represented by the Satanic display is Detroit yesterday, showing two women being drowned in milk, it was an act. That was supposed to be saying that they want control of their own bodies and to kill any children they conceive, which is supported by Satan.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Are you aware of the ironic nature of these acts?

  3. ella says:

    Not sure what you mean, but it seems grotesque to me. Not very nice people.

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