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Rich Jeb Bush Says It’s Not About How Rich You Are

Running for President is not about how rich you are, says Jeb Bush, the Republican politician who was born a millionaire, used his parents’ wealthy friends to get access to additional wealth for himself and to get elected to political office.

It’s not about how rich you are, says Jeb Bush, who went from elected office straight into buying his way onto corporate boards, where he squeezed workers and investors to grab yet more riches for himself.

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It’s not about how rich you are, says Jeb Bush, who has been inviting rich people to private parties where they can tell him what policies they want him to enact in exchange for giving his political action committees lots of money.

It’s not about how rich you are, says Jeb Bush, who told people that their concerns about losing their Social Security benefits to Wall Street investors were “silly”.

If running for President is not about how rich you are, then how come the top three ranking Republican presidential candidates in the latest opinion poll are all either millionaires or billionaires?

8 thoughts on “Rich Jeb Bush Says It’s Not About How Rich You Are”

  1. frank says:

    ..while the Clintons are poor….

    1. J Clifford says:

      No, more like…

      …while the Clintons don’t try to pretend that money doesn’t control politics.

      But, this isn’t about the Clintons. Yes, it’s true that Hillary Clinton is not progressive enough in dealing with issues of economic inequality. Yes, it’s true that Hillary Clinton is too much like Jeb Bush in her pursuit of campaign cash from corporations and wealthy Americans. I’m no Clinton booster.

      That isn’t reason to support Jeb Bush. The appropriate reaction to seeing shameless hypocrisy and dishonesty about economics from Jeb Bush isn’t to go ahead and support his campaign anyway because some other candidates are also corrupt. The appropriate reaction is to seek out candidates who have solid ideas about how to use the power of the White House to do something other than keep the trough of corporate welfare and tax loopholes for the wealthy filled with slop.

  2. Marc Allan Feldman says:

    It is not about what the candidates say.
    It is not about what the candidates ideas are or how you think they will use the power of the white house.
    Follow the money.

    No candidate raising and spending thousands of millions of dollars on the Presidential campaign will be representing regular Americans.

    That is why I do not accept PAC or corporate funds. Individuals are limited to a $5 maximum.

    Dr. Marc Allan Feldman
    Libertarian candidate for President

    1. J Clifford says:

      So, you’re a Libertarian in favor of the use of regulation to ensure good democratic process?

  3. ella says:

    I’ve decided I like Donald Trump.

    1. Mark says:

      I’m truly sorry for your delusional state.

      1. ella says:

        No come back, eh? How about this slogan that the Donald has for his campaign: “The Great 8…the rest can wait.” Catchy huh? People in Mobile loved his speech and here is some one who has given his highlights of it.

        Granted Obama was more than this nation could stand. What about Trump resembles Obama? At least he does have management experience and probably is skilled at that. He has a host of advisers to call on-board that are more qualified than…well, I really don’t know the current qualifications for those advising the White House now, he probably lost his best ones in the early stages. For a Republican, Trump defines the word, with a little less diplomacy, but with rousing gusto. And besides it looks like he is going to stick with it.

  4. ella says:

    IT is so good to hear someone not afraid to voice an opinion. Right, wrong, uninformed or informed but not in tune with media hype, and on top of that, he may actually have some plans that do not include turning the United States into his personal boardroom. A lot of people feel liberated, that he is speaking for them – at last. Have you noticed a great deal of information coming out about other campaigns? Trump is good at what he does best, taking the spotlight, all attention on him. But you know what, it isn’t costing the taxpayer anything! No one is being bullied or harangued for their grocery money just to listen to him. Big time business is not buying his air time or paying for his transportation. Why do people like that?

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