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A New Religious Icon For Pier One

As I saw this statue of an elephant sitting in the meditating posture of the Buddha, for sale in a Pier One store, I thought:

When are we going to see Pier One sell a giraffe nailed to a crucifix? Why don’t we see that yet? Why shouldn’t we?

Meditating elephant statue

6 thoughts on “A New Religious Icon For Pier One”

  1. frank says:

    ..because that’s and Hindu god, Ganesh. A crucified giraffe is not a god on any religion..

    1. J Clifford says:

      Is it Ganesh? The statue lacks any of the symbols associated with Ganesh, other than the elephant head. The posture is wrong. The body is that of an elephant, not a human. all of these things point away from Ganesh.

      Frank doesn’t actually know his gods, Ella. Besides, much of the world’s violence comes from demands for respect for gods. Maybe it’s time we loosen up, and mock the gods and those who perpetrate violence in their names.

    2. linda Jo Hatley says:

      I like Pier 1 stores, but, I being a Christian do not like to shop where they are displaying a Buddha as god . I really think this is wrong , because there is only one God .

  2. ella says:

    You know your gods frank. Besides, there has been too much disrespect for other peoples faith or religious beliefs, some of it dishonors the people who create it as much as it offends the people who have to look at it. Dishonors the publishers and writers by illustrating their mentality.

  3. Mark says:

    I’m going to have to agree with J Clifford on this one. Ganesh has only the head of an elephant. His body is human, except with 4 arms. Also, his typical pose has only 1 leg raised with the foot against the opposite knee. The other foot is flat on the floor.

  4. LeeLee says:

    Wowowowowowowow you people need to chill. Pier 1 also has a meditating giraffe to answer your ridic question about that…it’s an animal like sooooooo many other animal statues reminding us all to relax. You can find so many other animals in the exact same position. I think you all need one of these to remind you all to chill.

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