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Donald Trump Throws A Fit About Mild Stock Market Decline, While Ignoring Sharp Cuts Suffered By Workers

The Dow Jones investment index lost 3.57 percent of its value today. It certainly wasn’t a good day for investors, but it wasn’t a disaster. A person with a valuation of $300,000 worth of stocks listed on the Dow might would have something like a valuation of $290,000 worth of stocks now – pretty much the same as what they started with. The difference for real people, rather than investment corporations, is theoretical except for people who just so happen to be selling their investments. The difference in asking price could easily be gained back in a week, or even a day. It happens all the time.

donald trump panicsReality TV personality and presidential candidate Donald Trump has had no hesitation in declaring this mild fluctuation in stock value to be a disaster of epic proportions. Trump has issued a panicky twit, warning, “Markets are crashing – all caused by poor planning and allowing China and Asia to dictate the agenda. This could get very messy! Vote Trump.”

Are markets crashing? Does a 3.57 percent decline count as a crash?

Compare this minor loss to what workers go through when corporations lay them off from their jobs.

Consider the workers at the HealthPlus offices in Saginaw and Troy over in Michigan. They’re having their entire workplaces shut down by corporate executives after years of inept private sector leadership. These workers are having their income decline by 100 percent overnight.

That’s what an economic crash looks like.

How about the people at four supermarkets closed by Rayleys in California? All the people working at those stores are out of work. Their income is completely lost – 100%.

Those people are experiencing a crash.

Over in Jay, Maine, in spite of the conservative governor’s assurances that he would increase jobs, 300 millworkers are being laid off. Corporate America has no solutions for them. In just one day, they’ll suffer a hundred percent economic nosedive.

The millworkers’ economy is crashing.

HP, which Carly Fiorina left in disarray, is still suffering aftershocks of her failed leadership. More than 55,000 people at that company are losing 100 percent of their income. They aren’t suffering a 3.57 percent decline in income. One day, their income will be there. The next day, all of it will be gone – 100 percent.

That’s a crash.

The supermarket corporation A&P is laying off 4,600 workers on Long Island. 100 percent of their income will be lost.


Donald Trump doesn’t have anything to say about these economic crashes, because they happen to the little people, the working people of America. When we crash, Donald Trump views it as a natural part of the economic system. He even encourages companies to fire people. It’s his catch phrase: “You’re fired!”

However, when the wealthy investor class suffers a 3.57 percent decline, Donald Trump runs around waving his hands in the air, throwing a hissy fit, screeching and calling it a messy crash.

If you’re one of those millionaires who has a fortune invested in stocks, go ahead and vote for Donald Trump for President. He’s got your back.

If you’re one of the working people of America, you’ve got no reason to vote for Donald Trump. When your economy crashes, he just shrugs, and calls it “optimization”.

6 thoughts on “Donald Trump Throws A Fit About Mild Stock Market Decline, While Ignoring Sharp Cuts Suffered By Workers”

  1. ella says:

    Now, someone has said something! Has anyone asked Trump about this? And Carly Fiorina should get some news coverage for her ‘job’ as well. This is the side of Trump that has not been brought to light. There have been vague comments about him being a sheltered child dumped into a cruel world unprepared. That can be dismissed as that has happened before and it either destroys a person or toughens them up. Trump toughened up. But he has seen the side of people that most would wish they never had. He might not care that people are losing everything they have, but then why would he say he wants to bring jobs back to America and keep American jobs here. Why would he want to send illegal aliens back to their countries so that Americans could have their jobs back. There are some points that need investigating, but then Trump does want your vote, even those who just lost 80% or more of their 401K.

    1. Peregrin Wood says:

      Ella, do the math.

      Who just lost 80% or more of their 401K?

      The Dow Jones went down by 3.57% yesterday, and is almost completely recovered today.

      This is a classic Donald Trump tempest in a tea pot.

      The man is 80% or more unhinged.

  2. Peregrin Wood says:

    … and today, almost all of the losses from yesterday were made up in a rebound.

    So much for messy.

    So much for Prophet Trump.

    1. ella says:

      Your right, the correction is taking place and who knows how it will straighten out.

      1. J Clifford says:

        There isn’t much to straighten out, Ella. Donald Trump got it wrong. It’s not a crisis. It was a minor turndown followed by a minor turnaround.

        It happens all the time.

        Aren’t you noticing how often what Donald Trump says is out of tune with reality, Ella?

        1. ella says:

          IT would seem that he indeed is out of tune with reality. I’ve been trying, but it works better for him. I can take facts and put a slant on them, but he doesn’t seem to be able to come past the facts that he introduces, or even put a slant on them. Why is he still plugging, he can’t keep this up for another year. But he does place attention on important issues. Here is an article that about sums it up:

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