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Africa Doubter Challenges the World: Show Me a Single Marvel of Africa. What Can You Show Him?

“Where are these marvels? ONE.”

“GIVE me ONE astonishing marvel produced by Africans, Somalians, Ethiopians, Kenyans..whatever (IQ is about the same on AVERAGE). Is that difficult to answer? I guess so. Because if it was not….you would had already providing a list of marvels!!”

So challenges Frank, who believes that Africans “perform very poorly in EVERY place you find them” and that “I have researched African achievements..there is none. Unless you consider achievements murder, rape, Aids, corruption, tribal warfare, slavery (yes!!)…

Frank has agreed to this standard I laid out for a challenge:

“To counter your claim that Africans are lowlifes in ‘every’ circumstance, all that has to be shown is one positive performance by an African. They abound.”

Frank’s explicitly agreed-to standard for a marvel of Africa is relatively low — at the standard of a Nobel Laureate in science or above.

Help me satisfy Frank’s challenge.  In the comments section to this post, please name (and post a link to a source documenting) African achievements.

All we need is ONE marvel of Africa in order for Frank to lose the challenge.  At this point, a reasonable person would admit he is wrong, apologize, and change his mind.  I invite you to observe Frank’s actual behavior and compare it to this reasonable standard.

But of course, there is far more than ONE marvel of Africa, and let’s not simply respond to a naysayer.  Let’s celebrate what’s good.  Let’s document the marvels of Africa.  Please share them in the comments section below.


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