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Donald Trump And Adolf Hitler

I was originally going to write this article about just one specific topic: Donald Trump’s attempts to censor journalist Jorge Ramos. However, once I started to write, I began to see a disturbing larger picture.

The more I learn about Donald Trump, the more he reminds me of Adolf Hitler.

I know, that sounds like a rash thing to say, but take a moment to consider Trump’s behavior.

Let’s start with the Ramos incident yesterday. At a press conference yesterday, Jorge Ramos from Univision was recognized and began to ask a question about Trump’s promise to deport millions of people from the United States if he is elected President. Trump didn’t like the question, and so interrupted Ramos and signaled for a security guard to evict the reporter from the room.

“He didn’t like my question and when he didn’t like my question then he motioned so the one security guard would come where I was and then threw me out of the press conference,” said Ramos in an interview afterwards. “As journalists, we have to denounce… the dangerous words and extreme behavior of Donald Trump.”

Extreme behavior, indeed. Presidential candidates don’t have a history of forcefully ejecting reporters from press conferences. Jorge Ramos wasn’t threatening Donald Trump with anything other than a request for information. In Trump’s world, just asking for an explanation is intolerable. Trump is a bully who uses his power to silence others.

It’s going too far to say that just any old powerful bully is like Adolf Hitler, of course.

So, let’s consider the content of the question Jorge Ramos attempted to ask. Donald Trump doesn’t want to limit the eviction of Latinos to just one journalist. He’s got a plan to deport millions of children with American citizenship, just because of the Latino heritage of their parents. “They have to go. We either have a country, or we don’t have a country,” Trump says.

Of course, we do have a country. Our country is defined by its Constitution. Section One of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution makes the standard of citizenship in the United States very clear: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.” If you’re born here, you’re a citizen. Donald Trump wants to take that constitutional right away from Latino citizens of the United States.

There are superficial similarities between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler. Trump’s use of wild, angry gesticulations and shouting at the podium to whip up audiences of his supporters is straight out of Hitler’s playbook.

Donald Trump As Adolf HitlerThe anger of Donald Trump is infectious too, in a frightening way. Hitler could never have risen to power without his brownshirts, gangs of Nazis who went out and delivered intimidation and violence on the streets. Donald Trump has among his followers those who would become his own version of the brownshirts, including a man in Boston who brutally attacked an Hispanic man, and justified the violence by saying “Donald Trump was right, all these illegals need to be deported.” When Trump heard about the attack, he told reporters, “I will say that people who are following me are very passionate. They love this country and they want this country to be great again. They are passionate.”

Passion among his followers has led some people to begin shouting “White Power” at Trump campaign events.

This kind of violent nationalism, the idea that a country can be made great by abusing people of a certain ethnicity, is classic Hitler. Just as Hitler targeted the Jews, Trump has selected Latinos as an ethnic minority as a scapegoat responsible for every problem in the United States. Trump says he can’t even talk about other policies until a gigantic wall is built along the southern border of the US to keep Latinos out.

Just as Adolf Hitler’s followers used an elaborate system of conspiracy theories to accuse Jews of doing everything from hoarding wealth to drinking the blood of German children, Donald Trump’s followers are spreading their own hateful mythology to justify Trump’s extreme plans to deprive Latino Americans of their rights.

Prime among these is the belief that illegal border crossings from Mexico are an increasing problem, when, in fact, for the last eight years, border crossings have been in decline. There is no crisis of illegal immigration.

Yet, Trump supporters spread wild stories about immigrants from Latin America flooding across the border, and then being coddled by border patrol agents who have been allowed to grow too soft. Just yesterday, a Trump supporter from among our own readers tried to convince us that when people who cross the border illegally are deported, they are sent back to their countries of origin aboard cushy luxury airplanes, all paid for by American taxpayers. It’s not true. There is no evidence that any such thing is taking place.

Evidence isn’t needed for these conspiracy theories, because they feel right to Trump followers, just as wild tales of bloodthirsty Jews felt right to pro-Nazi Germans. Donald Trump encourages these untrue stories, and even lashes out against people for marrying Mexican citizens, as if U.S. citizenship is polluted by Latino genetics.

Comparing a political leader to Adolf Hitler is an extreme thing to do, and it shouldn’t be done lightly. However, when a political leader uses tactics and ideology akin to that of the Nazis as tools for gaining more power, it’s our responsibility to speak out about what’s going on.

To be fair, Donald Trump is not calling for the mass killing of Latinos. On the other hand, Adolf Hitler didn’t begin his political career by calling for the mass killing of Jews. Violent extremist nationalism doesn’t begin with giant book burnings. It begins with the kinds of tactics that Donald Trump is using to gain support from angry Republican voters.

These tactics are something that Trump should be familiar with, given reports from Trump’s ex-wife that he kept a book of Hitler’s speeches on a bedside table.

It has been said by many people that we don’t really need to worry about Donald Trump, because he’s just a clown whose political support can’t be sustained. People said the same kind of things about Adolf Hitler in the beginning.

I don’t want to look back, years from now, and have to admit to myself that I didn’t speak out against Donald Trump’s hateful extremism early enough. I believe that the American people can take effective action to nip Trump’s anglo-American nationalist campaign in the bud, before it can do lasting harm.

To that end, I have a plan… More on that tomorrow.

67 thoughts on “Donald Trump And Adolf Hitler”

  1. Robert Milnes says:

    Over at Independent Political Report, before I was banned, there was a saying something like-He who first invokes Hitler or the Nazis has lost the argument.
    Hey, have you forgot Dtrumpf’s daughter married a jew and converted to Judaism? How do you explain that?

    1. Henry says:

      Simple. Trump loves money. He even said he passed himself off as a non-German to Jews to help secure deals. His beef is with Mexicans, not Jews. But his real beef is with the Mexican government, because they owe him money from a settlement. He can’t collect so now his anger is primarily aimed at them with immigration as fuel to the fire. You have heard him saying that the Mexican government is sending immigrants over. There is no such thing as the government sending anyone. It’s called free will and the pursuit of a better life by individuals. He has merged his own agenda of not being able to collect his money, with a larger immigration issue, and is trying his hardest to make Mexico and its government look bad. It just shows how petty he is.

    2. Ryan O'Donnel says:

      We are not talking about Jews here. We are talking about Adolph Trump’s ambition to deport all non Evangelists, including Catholics, Moslems, blacks, yellows, red Indians, Indians, Russians, Africans, Saudis, and all middle Easterners, Far Easterners, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Indonesians, Asians, Canadians, Everyone non Caucasian, all of Mexico, Panamas, South America. Hitler only thought of conquering Europe; our MEGALOMANIAC Adolf Trump wants to deport 50% of US citizens, and hard working IMMIGRANTS, then conquer the whole world and bring it under US subservience. He has close friends among all Ku Klux Klan members and the MAFIA. His money buys all the corrupt people and dictators of the world, (including PUTIN, and N Korean Kim Jon Un). He has murdered so many non-whites using his connections with Ku Klux Klan !! He has stolen goverrnment property and has filed bankruptsy so many times to make all taxpayers pay for his mistakes. He has raped so many of the models aspiring for fame. What an idiotic country to not se through it all !!!

      1. Shinku says:

        Please shut up. Trump wants to deport ILLEGAL Immigrants. you crazy liberals just likes to hear what you want to hear. He says Illegal Immigrants but immediately ignore the word ILLEGAL.

        Citation please. Where did he says he’s going to deport Catholics, Moslems, blacks, yellows, red Indians, Indians, Russians, Africans, Saudis, and all middle Easterners, Far Easterners, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Indonesians, Asians, Canadians, Everyone non Caucasian, all of Mexico, Panamas, South America.

        Burden of proof is on you JACKASS.

        1. J Clifford says:

          Trump says he wants:

          – To deport 11 million people from the USA
          – To prevent Muslim US citizens from crossing borders
          – To put Muslim US citizens in concentration camps
          – To torture people, even if there isn’t any information that they have
          – To kill children, because their parents are suspected of terrorism
          – To force mosques to close
          – To start new wars and “bomb the shit” out of the enemy
          – To close down free speech on the Internet
          – To engage in mass executions of prisoners in order to send a political message

          This stuff is on the record. Go ahead and search Irregular Times for it. We’ve put links to this stuff throughout our articles. It’s not in dispute.

          I have no idea what you’re talking about with Panamas and South America and Canadians. You’re just kind of doing a right wing wacko jazz improvisation there.

          But no, Shinku, we’re not going to shut up.

          No, Shinku, we are not just hearing what we want to hear.

          We don’t want to hear this crazy, Nazi ideology from Donald Trump.

          Why would we want to hear this kind of garbage?

          Why on Earth would we want to give someone with this kind of violent, compassionless extremism access to the launch codes for America’s nuclear weapons?

    3. Debbye Hicks says:

      No one has forgotten that Ivana Trump married a Jewish man, and that was her choice, but even Ivana Trump says her own father’s opinion’s are extreme. The book of Hitler’s words are on Trump’s wife’s beside table..who else has that type of book just sitting around? I know I don’t.

      1. Stephen Kent Gray says:

        Ironic and hypocritical given Donald Trump denounced the Reform Party back in 2000 because Pat Buchanan was a candidate and he called him a Neo Nazi, just because he owned a copy of Mein Kampf (which Pat says was to do opposition research against fascism and Naziism).

    4. Billy Bee says:

      Forget Hitler. More like the Anti-Christ……

  2. frank says:

    Again, dishonesty in reporting the facts. That idiot, open border queen Ramos, was not called and he interrupted the other journalist that was NEXT in the order.It’s very clear in the video…and he was allowed back in later. Ramos was being the ignorant idiot that he is and always will be. At least report the news with honesty Cliff….reporting the news like you do caused Ferguson and other disaster. the ones hat remind me Nazi here are you dishonest liberals. Adolf Hitler…lol..after this President has butchered the US Constitution…

    1. franklin says:

      Fuck you! Stupid racist

    2. Ryan O'Donnel says: Everything points out Adolph Trump is learning fast from our last Fascist. People were similarly excited by the strong arrogant voice of Adolph Hitler. He claimed loss suffered by Germans during WW 1, the recession leading to the Great Depression. He promised a great future for the super whites. Hitler in the making.

    3. Ryan O'Donnel says:

      It is a well known fact that Trump has been established by the whole country as the next Adolph Hitler. By your claiming he is not, you are admitting that you are a Nazi or Neo Nazi fully in support of Fascism. Don’t ignore the reality of the situation.

  3. Larry says:


    An intentional or subconscious homophobic reference?

    How long have you been homophobic?

    Also, unlike GWB, not ONE thing that Obama has done has “butchered the Constitution”…. and yet by threatening to eliminate Birthright Citizenship, Trump is absolutely violating the Constitution.

    Ignorance in the Age of Information is so absolutely offensive as to be an abomination.

    And, BTW, in a battle of wits / logic, I refuse to debate an unarmed person!

    1. ella says:

      It is amazing to me how people call the “kettle black” when they are the pan. Soot from the fire builds up on both. I’m not sure what frank meant by “queen”, but you obviously have knowledge of one definition. Are you homophobic? And if a person is so, it is considered polite not to mention it in public places, being nice you know? Obama just writes law to suit himself bypassing the Congress, but he did learn to use the proper way to do that. He has certainly used his power to bend and quite possibly break Constitutional law. Law suits are pending, still. Sadly, the age of information may be enhancing ‘ignorance’ by spreading knowledge around. Make sense?

  4. Larry says:

    Since so many don’t recognize an embedded link or wish to click on it as it may bring them information that they’d find uncomfortable facts….

    n honor of The Donald’s candidacy for the Republican nomination, Vanity Fair has re-published a 1990 profile of Donald Trump, written by Marie Brenner. Remember, this was back before his hair (can we even call it that?) was fodder for every comic ever. Instead, they had to settle for his blatant sexism, racism, and overinflated ego.

    According to the piece, Ivana Trump told her lawyer Michael Kennedy that Trump often re-read “My New Order,” a collection of Adolf Hitler’s speeches from 1918-1939. What’s more, Trump allegedly kept the book in a cabinet by his bed.

    When Brenner asked about the book, Trump said, “Actually, it was my friend Marty Davis from Paramount who gave me a copy of Mein Kampf, and he’s a Jew.”

    Later, Trump said, “If I had these speeches, and I am not saying that I do, I would never read them.”

    The best part?

    While Davis acknowledged being Trump’s friend, and giving him a copy of “My New Order” (not “Mein Kampf” as Trump claimed), he is NOT even Jewish.

    Donald Trump’s aides recently made headlines for comparing Obama to Hitler on Facebook and inserting Nazi SS uniforms into a promotional Twitter image.

    Here’s the full excerpt, per Vanity Fair:

    Last April, perhaps in a surge of Czech nationalism, Ivana Trump told her lawyer Michael Kennedy that from time to time her husband reads a book of Hitler’s collected speeches, “My New Order”, which he keeps in a cabinet by his bed. Kennedy now guards a copy of My New Order in a closet at his office, as if it were a grenade. Hitler’s speeches, from his earliest days up through the Phony War of 1939, reveal his extraordinary ability as a master propagandist.

    “Did your cousin John give you the Hitler speeches?” I asked Trump.

    Trump hesitated. “Who told you that?”

    “I don’t remember,” I said.

  5. Mary B says:

    My only comment is, I think it’s Adolf, not Adolph. Trump scares me, but the fact that masses of people like him scares me even more.

  6. ella says:

    I have to admit, this same thought crossed my mind when I saw a photo of Trump with his hand raised while he was standing in a crowd. Not a salute but the expression on his face at that moment was disturbing. The comments of the man who confronted Ramos in the hallway were also disturbing. Trump is not doing anything to subdue the more passionate or violent emotions of people. Just an aside: There is an article of gossip out that Hillary is related to Donald Trump. Anyone know anything about that?

    1. Shell says:

      Yes it goes back 10 generations can’t remember who the common ancestor was.

  7. ella says:

    Yesterday Trump was supposed to have had an 8 step plan for his first 100 days in office. Today it is a 9 step plan. Odd that he connects straight back to – guess who…

    His new 5th step is:

    “5. I will cancel every single regulation imposed by Barack Obama and George W. Bush. We’ll go back to Bill Clinton levels.”

    The news is saying that Trump does appeal to the groups who might have supported a Nazi type political movement, but that does not describe Trump. But then again he is becoming a lot like Clinton. He knows how to appeal to all crowds.

  8. Scared says:

    Here is a better picture of him:

    1. Scared says:

  9. ella says:

    This is the United States, the Civil War was over one hundred and fifty years ago. We have been in wars enough to last a while, which probably is a problem – all of the ex-soldiers wandering around with all that training for not being in a peaceful society. There are reasons that it is bad timing to put a Donald Trump into the arena as well as it being advantageous to the candidate. The Democrats are having a ball with it though. I realize now that I cannot keep pace with that type of personality anymore. And I also realize that’ what you see is what you get’, although there is more to him than that I am sure. I will back away and watch the debates, see if someone that seems more ‘cultured’ as well as suitable come to the forefront. We really do need to be ready for about anything if the economists are right.

  10. Robert Milnes says:

    ” Just like Hitler targeted the jews.” Just what does that mean? You wrote it, J. Clifford. What does it mean to target someone? You mean like the dhs/fbi/mossad targets me? Hitler/Germany certainly targeted, if one means waged war/put in prison-concentration camps, many others, countries and people. You say things about hitler and Germany and the jews like it has long ago been figured out and decided. I don’t think so.
    Who are the jews? Where did they come from? Why are 1/3 of them presently in the USA? Virtually none in asia, south America, Africa? If Hitler targeted them, WHY? What did they do to him/Germany? Well Hitler the Madman targeted people/countries for no particular reason. He just felt like it.
    Why the dhs/fbi/mossad stick it to bob milnes for years? Because their illegal surveillance perceived me as a threat to their status quo.
    You are a brainwashed asshole.

    1. Ryan O'Donnel says:

      Adolf Drumpf is not targeting Jews you moron. He is targeting all non-whites, Muslims, Commies, Asians, Canadians, South Americans, Mexicans, Russians, Europeans, Africans, Australians, New Zealanders, the whole world except his breed of Caucasian Germans and a bit of Scottish. He wants whole world dominations, and extermination of all intellectuals of higher intelligence than his intelligence of grade 3, that is IQ of 15 or more. I don’t know if his IQ is even 15, as he sometimes talks like a kid of grade 1.

  11. Henry says:

    This article is spot on and the similarities are scary. Immigration is mostly an economic issue that, according to most economists, is a plus for the US. Why do they say that? Consider the fact that immigration keeps a lot of things we consume more affordable, like groceries, housing, restaurants and cleaning services. Immigrant labor is cheap and all Americans benefit from lower prices. Immigrants come here first and foremost to work their butts off and keep this country moving.

    Unlike all lies being told by Trump to his ignorant followers, illegal immigrants cannot and do not get social services like welfare. They pay taxes on everything they consume and the majority also pay state and federal taxes. But since they are illegal they will never be able to use the social security or other taxes that get deducted from their paychecks. What happens to that money?? Uncle sams keeps all of it, to the tune of billions of dollars per year. This is free money going to our government that is actually keeping our social security system afloat! Does Trump tell you that? Does he also tell you that half of all illegal immigrants fly into this country legally? And his famous wall will cost 160 billion to build and maintain, for what? To make it harder for these people to commute to their jobs we Americans give them??

    Illegal immigrants are god fearing and family people. As in any community you will also have your rotten apples, but those are distractions when you consider that 95% of illegal immigrants are not criminals. Trump, and sadly other republican candidates are now obsessed with disturbing fantasies such as mass deportations and trying to change the constitution. This is not only absurd, but make no sense whatsoever. These are very sick ideas to an immigration problem that needs common sense policies.

    What would you say if you had a cut on your leg and I told you the cure would be to cut your leg off? If you were ignorant you may just say ok, cut it off, but common sense would tell you to get a band aid. Well folks, this is Trump telling you to cut your leg off…do you have common sense and are smart enough to know better???

    1. ella says:

      Henry, you remember how it was, do do I. Things have change dramatically under Obama that are not publicized in his ‘privacy Presidency’. But then, the way immigrants work today is not the same way it was 50 or 60 years ago.

      Illegal immigrants still have the right to use American medical facilities through Medicaid for emergency purposes, whatever the medical emergency. If all immigrants are all allowed to remain, and in 5 years become legal citizens, they will then be legally entitled to all benefits of citizens, all entitlements. Our nation is now around $18 Trillion in debt. Now let us check out some of the details on illegal immigrants and those who have and are becoming legal – their effects on American lives.

      Obama’s amnesty program of 2012 granted 500,000 illegal immigrants Social Security numbers and work permits. These are already using American Citizens benefits.

      With these and other changes that have occurred over the past 7 years, the face of America is changing. This was a nation established by immigrants from many nationalities that agreed on a single National Language – English. This nation grew to be the worlds top nation in trade, which is the backbone of nations. Then the International Language of Trade became English instead of French. A new era was born. Now there are people who want to take down the English language for other languages, remove that pride of place in the world, as well trade.

      Is that what you support?

      1. Jim Cook says:

        English has never been the official national language of the United States, and the employment rate of immigrants is higher than for native-born Americans. Source: . Please don’t spread misinformation.

        1. ella says:

          Man how history has changed. Yes, I have checked it out, the USA has never existed and is now a conglomerate of areas that are controlled by whoever at the time. (Pure sarcasm in the first sentence.) So, now English is just a language that happened to be spoken more than anything else, so they opened public schools with teachers that spoke English, to teach a popular language, so that everyone could understand each other. The rest of the world, like France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, just happen to have the same system, but they also are bordered on other countries where another language is spoken. So they teach not only the one language that most of them happen to speak, but other languages. That is so that when the students go into another country where the people happen to speak a different language, they can be understood. That is true even in England, isn’t it Jim Cook? When I was in school, it was taught that English was the official language of the United States of American and the official trade language of the world. Obviously many more things have changed. I have no intention of spreading misinformation.

          As for the employment rate of immigrants, you make an unsubstantiated claim that the unemployment rate for immigrants is higher than for native born Americans. The link you provide is dated 2014, when the overall unemployment rate was higher than it is now. And yet 5.6% was the overall unemployment rate of immigrant workers who, at that time comprised 16.5% of the workforce. That they comprised 16.5% of the workforce is telling how many jobs were not being held by native (American born) American citizens, or 25.7 million.

          1. J Clifford says:

            Ella, what you were taught in school was incorrect. There is no official language of the United States. What is official is freedom of speech, which includes the freedom to speak the language you want to speak.

            I find it very interesting that you include Spain as an example of a country with uniform language. In fact, there are several co-official languages in Spain, and one of them, Basque, isn’t at all closely related with the dominant, Castilian Spanish. It’s not even a romance language. See

            There is no official trade language of the world. There is no organization that has the authority to make any language the official trade language of the world.

            These details matter, Ella. They matter, because they contradict the broadly confident nationalist fables that prop up the dangerously bigoted candidacy of Donald Trump.

      2. Mike says:

        We do not have a national language… Just saying.

    2. Kass says:

      Right on!

    3. Shell says:

      Without illegal immigrants we would starve. Everything on your plate is there by their labor. Meat industry advertises on billboards in Mexico and busses them here. They won’t complain about the laws factories n farmers break. Right now an estimated 400,000 immigrant children are working in the fields of US.

  12. ella says:

    I meant: so do I, in the first sentence. My left hand does not work right and so I make many typo’s.

  13. larry n. says:

    Having just watched the three-part series on PBS, The Dark Charisma of Adolph Hitler, I would have to agree. Hitler was enthusiastically supported not because he was likable, but because he was successful in everything he did. The BBC was also involved with the series, and used interviews from Germans contemporary to the Hitler area collected over a 20 year period.

  14. ella says:

    J Clifford, I see where you are going here. The ‘One World’ is pretty well established, other than the finishing touches. Yet it was and is right that nations, in their individuality, were established for the benefit of keeping a cohesive amalgam of people apart. In the Biblical sense it was called ‘The Tower of Babel’, a separation of language and people. In recent history, it has established groups of people who would, and have been, imaginative and ambitious enough, to alter their lifestyles, and those who would if left alone, continue to live as nature would provide. Of course there is the in-between state of affairs. But in most recent history, as a cultural and monetary source, first France and then the Untied States of America have been the dominant language and monetary systems in trade and internationally known languages of culture. Whether that was stated as a legal matter or not, it was established as such for the sake of ease in political discourse and trade. Europeans normally have a multi-language system and something like Spanglish, they have mixed languages so people can at least have a limited understanding of each other’s words. It is not considered though, that within a nations borders, the people speak anything other than the accepted language of that nation for the purpose of everyone being able to understand each other. This is important so for commerce as well as the political spectrum. Children always make up words so their elders cannot ‘understand them’. To be devious is a seemingly natural trait from youth among some. If you or I go to another country, will they insist that everyone must learn English and speak only English for you or me? Say, we move millions of our people to Mexico, since our many of our businesses are down there now, take the jobs now being done by Mexicans, and insist that they speak only English and that is the way we will become Mexican citizens, demand it. Now Mexico will have to change it’s naturalization law to say we do not have to change our ability to read and write, as well as speak any Mexican dialect or Spanish to become a citizen and have all rights that includes. We can just continue in our own cultural ways without any inconvenience and they will have to comply with that. In the same manner the world over. Can you envision that as a reality?

    1. J Clifford says:

      Wait a minute. You’re expecting us to support Donald Trump’s unconstitutional insistence upon speaking the English language because of some Old Testament Bible story? Seriously?!?

      Also, your line of argument about English speakers going to other countries and insisting that others speak their language doesn’t hold true, because that happens all the time.

      Despite the nonsense that Donald Trump and his supporters expect us to believe, Spanish has been a language spoken by people born within what is now U.S. territory for at least as long as English has been. It isn’t a foreign language only spoken by immigrants. Speaking Spanish is part of “our own cultural ways”, not some outside imposition. If you want to get angry about outsiders coming in and imposing their language on others, why aren’t you learning how to speak Navajo, or Lakota, or one of the other languages that non-immigrants spoke here in North America?

      As for your fear of “white” people becoming a minority in the United States, that only supports the article’s main contention: That Donald Trump’s campaign is using the same kind of fear-centered nationalist and racist ideology that Adolf Hitler used.

      1. ella says:

        Why should I be angry? Facts are facts. The U.S. Census estimates that the in the United States, in 2043 the White race will become a minority, period. Yo can read a more entertaining article on the subject from Huffington post:

        I thought about learning Chyanne (hope that is spelled right) or Navajo, but I am just not good with languages anymore. Having lived in a border state as a child, it would probably be easier to pick up a little Spanish, and I took French in school, since it was another world language. Spanish has always been spoken to some degree in states that border with Mexico, not so much north of there until recent years. And you are right English has been taught world wide, as it is a world language. By that I mean a trade language, a language used by the educated to communicate for economic and political purposes worldwide. So is French and German. Now probably Chinese too, is being taught. You can make a scene or whatever about that statement, but it will not change history. Since I’ve lived it, …

        Pride of heritage tends to cross all cultures. Every seen a Spaniard who was ashamed of it? I know I am not ashamed of being who I am. That this is a nation that was developed by the creative intelligence and hard work it’s citizens, and someone will point out from indentured servants and slaves of African, European, and oriental origin, from the beginning of its’ founding, only less than 300 years ago, naturally those who worked for everything they have and have made something, not only for themselves, but others, want to bring it back and keep it. I find not fault in that.

        1. Leroy says:

          Thank you for FINALLY admitting your racism.

          You can claim that it is not, but what you describe is THE definition of racism!

          And there is no Spanish race. Spaniards are European Caucasians. Spain is a Nationality that is made up of more than one Ethnic group.

          In one paragraph you have demonstrated being ignorant of Race, Nationality, and Ethnicity!

          Whites are NOT the only Americans.

          There are Afro-Americans who are proud to be American.

          There are Hispanic-Americans who are proud to be American.

          There are Irish-Americans who are proud to be Americans.

          There are Chinese-Americans who are proud to be American.

          There are Jewish-Americans who are proud to be American.

          There are Muslim-Americans who are proud to be American.

          (I assume that you are equally ignorant as to where Religion comes into play. All Muslims aren’t Arab, all Jews aren’t Hebrew, all Protestants aren’t Caucasian)

          But, no, according to you, the only REAL Americans are Whites! I assume that also means CHRISTIAN Whites?

  15. Patricia says:

    Hi all, I have been reading a lot because I vote and I am very confused still in making a choice. I love America and I wished this country could be the way it was based on what my ancestors tell me. Everyone now is suffering with the economy, you may have your job, pay your taxes but still cut off of a lot of benefits because companies cannot afford them as before. I am an Immigrant myself that never stepped foot on US illegally. I left my country with a permanent residence, so did my family 60 years ago. My family came with a work contract to work in the sewing and computer technology industry in the Silicon Valley in the 70’s.
    Now, being trilingual I got a job working with the Immigrants I make $500/week being underpaid because that’s what we get in these small business and because I had to drop out of College because I could not afford. And being way from family, I got to be evolved with a lot of Immigrants (a way to suffer less being away from your roots) but I must admit there are problems.
    I love some of my friends but reality is they don’t pay taxes, here is why: even the ones that pay, the husbands claim A LOT below of what they REALLY make because they are under the table on W9 so nobody can really verify. Second, the wives are in the cleaning business, babysitting, etc again on cash making $1,000-$1,500 WEEKLY and they claim as dependents of their husbands pretending they don’t make a single dime. Same thing goes for health care or food stamps or anything the government gives out for free to the ones in the below income. Don’t you think this is vacuuming most of the country money? Let’s talk about rent. Illegal immigrants don’t worry about not complying with census because they don’t want to be caught. One person rents out a house and rents 6 rooms to immigrants that pay cash so they pay rent comfortably and still have money left, they live for free. That’s right there more taxes on additional income the IRS is not getting because the landlord sometimes is this very same person that rents out rooms to illegal Immigrants. Let’s talk about investing. Most of Immigrants come here with the idea of buying their home in their country or even sell products from here to them, generating taxes IRS is not getting. See the picture? And after all bilingual, trilingual professionals are being underpaid because it’s becoming a parafenalia, seriously. Another thing I hold a license on the side for weekends to work with beauty, I saw beauty salons hiring Immigrants left and right without license all because they brought something “new” from their countries while licensed people in US lose their clientele. No matter how good you are, nowadays people want to spend less, that’s the truth and the situation in America is changing unless they come up with more restrictions on visas and control over these issues, America is going to be second if not third country in the world and loose its first place. I am very upset with the difficulties I am getting I had to live alone pay rent for a studio by myself because the illegal I migrants are coming to US on tourists visas, students visas, etc and take all available rooms, and they are NOT coming with the intention of staying temporarily. Who is controlling this? Nobody is doing anything.

    1. J Clifford says:

      Patricia, it’s not possible that illegal immigrants coming to the United States “take all available rooms”, because illegal crossings of the border have been decreasing for the last 8 years, and we have at least the same number of “rooms” that we had before.

  16. ella says:

    Vote for Donald J Trump

    1. Patricia says:

      I don’t want to think so harsh as Donald Trump thinks but I am just saying we have a lot of problems in America and one of them is illegal Immigration and nobody came up with a reasonable solution for it. I also have a niece born here my sister is an American but her husband is An illegal Immigrant, it’s really sad to think she will be deported along with him or stay wi my sister without her dad. Something needs to be done and I am not that smart to think of a solution that would be reasonable for both sides, that’s why I am in this discussion, maybe I can get some reference

      1. ella says:

        He probably doesn’t think that harshly either. Deporting 11 million illegal immigrants and then allowing the best ones back, is well, a little difficult to do. It would be more like deporting all who have known criminal records. And if the flow is slowing down it is because there is nowhere left for them to stay now. Those who live in Mexico and cross the border every work day and go back home at night sometimes look for an apartment on this side of the border to stay in if they miss the deadline for crossing back across into Mexico at night. But they convert US dollars into Mexican pesos and live well that way. It is only the ones who come deeper into the country that wind up like your family. Still if your sister is devoted to her family, she will be able to move with her husband. You can write and visit. Maybe, someday they can return and do it right. If not, then families communicate across the border and maybe he can find a job near a border crossing and your sister and niece can move down there as well. That way he can cross the border to work, stay with his family sometimes and across the border sometimes, until he gets his green card and become a legal immigrant. That all sounds confusing, but there are families living that way now.

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  19. Patricia says:

    You are talking only about the crossing borders but I mentioned immigrants coming with tourists visas or students with no intention of going back. That’s actually the reason the crossing borders are less….visas are EASIER to get today. I rent rooms on and off for 20 years in US and I can guarantee to you it’s different now, do research the demand for rental in the Boston area is high, there is not availability and the prices went up like crazy, lucky the ones that get it quick, majority of the tourists at least from my country are already planning ahead before coming here, they set up rental, jobs, health care etc even before coming, just look at social media. It’s hard for someone from outside to see what I see, not sure if you are an Immigrant yourself but if you are perhaps you are not from the same area I am or from the same ethnic group but that’s reality, and I know what I am saying.

  20. Patricia says:

    Don’t forget the economy is good for home families purchasing in the last 3 years so available rentals are not the same numbers today and having a super populated city does not make available rentals available and it’s hurting the American pockets for who rents.

    1. ella says:

      It is the same way in smaller cities, rent is outrageous. Better to live in the country and commute if you can. Rent is a little cheaper that way. Only the people with good paying jobs can afford rent, the public housing is even expensive these days. More people are living on the streets.

  21. Ces says:

    This is scary honestly. And it seems Donald Trump forgot all about the geography of the continent we call America. What you find under United States is South America full of latinos living peacefully or not their lives, they are not looking for trouble.
    And many people from south America likes to vacation in the united States but as this Trump goes if I were them I wouldn’t step an inch in that country.

    In some way or another if Trump gets to the head of government everything is going to go horribly wrong.

    The most ironic thing is that after having the first black president Donald Trump wants to come in. If it was for him he wouldn’t have left black people go to college who knows…

    1. ella says:

      So you remember that Donald Trump was criticized for saying that the national unemployment rate was probably around 40%? A record 94,031,000 people were unemployed in August 2015. He was actually a little low. It is 62.6%. What he says may be scary to those who are not involved in what is going on, insulated from a reality in this country that involves multi-millions. Perhaps being scared a little is what is needed to wake up the slumbering masses.

      “The labor force participation rate stayed stuck at 62.6 percent, a 38-year low, for a third straight month in August, the Labor Department reported on Friday.”

      1. Jim Cook says:

        The unemployment rate is not the same as the converse of the labor force participation rate.

        1. ella says:

          The participation rate does include people who do not want to work, such as stay at home moms, or dads. But it also includes millions who if they had an offer would go to work. Millions drop off the underemployment rolls and are no longer counted, street beggars, moving in with other family members or friends. Drifting from place to place. Do you think they are any happier knowing they are no longer considered by society simply because either someone else took their job or they were laid off from work, or their company closed? Homeless shelters last year had to turn away people. The numbers on the streets are bloating. Many are middle aged and educated, but they are no longer wanted because they are not as tech savvy as the young applicant. That was not the employee’s fault, it is a system long in practice. These people can still be productive if the employment field expanded to include the millions who want to work. That is being done, but it hasn’t reached the potential yet and there are “…probably around 40% to 45% unemployed workers.” who want to work but have nowhere to go, not remembered anymore. We get too busy in our everyday lives to realize these facts.

          1. Jim Cook says:

            No, there aren’t. You left out children, and full-time college students, and retirees, and the disabled, and more. I repeat: the unemployment rate is not the same as the converse of the labor force participation rate.

            The unemployment rate is 5.0%: . Donald Trump is off by a factor of 8.

  22. ella says:

    Well, there is always Carson, another opportunity to listen to a ‘black’ who doesn’t know anything about running government, and who n doubt also has a person agenda as well. It is scary thinking about all the riots etc. that might happen with another African American following the ‘first one’. But no, that does not make sense either. In Iowa the voters now find they like Carson just as much as Trump. And why? Because he is “…saying the exact same thing as Trump. But he is so nice, a gentleman.” (??) Says a woman interviewed by major news media. Interesting, considering that Trump has been being blasted as a racist, don’t you think? The next debate is something to look forward to.

  23. ella says:

    That was not an intentional ‘n’, the hand did another typo. It should have been “no”. Spell check didn’t catch it for me. Or I missed it. Sorry.

  24. ella says:

    Ziggy – I tried to copy paste a cartoon. Maybe that isn’t legal, but anyway it says: “Welcome to Trumpville, Formerly Washington, D.C.”

    I thought it was funny. Considering that Obama just renamed Mt. McKinley, Denali. Of course the native Alaskans will just keep calling it that, but Americans will get lost in an old tradition of our own. The new world order is confusing and happening so fast. Of course that is a matter of perspective.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Native Alaskans are Americans. That’s not a matter of perspective.

  25. FRANCIS says:

    I have been a registered Republican my entire life and never voted outside the party until George Bush’s second term and haven’t vote for either party since. Anyone who doesn’t recognize the similarities between what Hitler did and what Trump is doing is blind, just today Trump said that inner city gang members would be out of here, what exactly does that mean. All this idiot is doing is playing to the fears of all the scared little sheep.

    1. ella says:

      You call inner city gang members “scared little sheep”! What neighborhood you from? How many you killed this week?

  26. J Clifford says:

    Update to this article:

    Donald Trump is now calling for Muslim Americans to be forced to carry around symbols on their drivers’ licenses identifying their religion – like how Jewish people were forced to wear yellow stars in Nazi Germany. He wants the federal government to close down Mosques and conduct surveillance against others, and to arrest Muslims without suspicion of crimes.

  27. Leroy says:

    Irregular Times own thoughts on this and apparent support of Bernie Sanders’ disgust at Trump and Carson:

  28. Leroy says:

    In reading some of the nasty and clearly racist and ignorant comments by “Ella” here (and on other articles… as well as Milnes here and wherever), I have to wonder at how many readers that those two have chased away.

    In going back and checking older articles, I note so many more posters and commenters that one doesn’t see at all anymore. I can only believe that MOST were true Progressive Liberals and that they chose to leave rather than this BS.

    All because of a confused belief that Freedom of Expression is a Right that has no responsibilities.

    Like any other Right, it was never meant to be that way (totally unregulated) by the Founding Fathers.

  29. Jeff Spangler says:

    On Friday, NYT columnist David Brooks said on PBS Evening News “Trump will implode” in due course, but added he may be still saying it as Trump steps up to take the oath of office. I vote for “implode” or “crash-and-burn” as appears to be happening at this very moment.

  30. Denise says:

    Donald Trump is poison like a cancer to this country. I said from the beginning he sounds just like a Nazi.I am really disturbed at the lack of interest in his fascist rhetoric in the mainstream media.

  31. Cynthia morrison says:

    It makes me very sad and mad both that a FOOL LIKE Trump can actually bend the ear of normally good americans . I’ve said he is a Hitler want a be ,a Jim Jones and north Korea young pup and people can’t see through it .I also think he is vulgar disrespectful and a monger of many sorts .he twists our constitution

  32. Jaime says:

    J. Clifford is a veteran (liberal activist) and writer. (liberal activist) <—That loose all Credibility with agenda and cover-up the truth. J. Clifford is Liar full of Propaganda. How about Hillary Clinton, War Criminal in Libya 2011 where 100,000 Muslim included Woman's and Children's die under a Proxy War for the Steal 143 Tons of Gold Dinars and Silver. And that evil laugh of Hillary went President Qaddafi Dead Body? That is real NAZI, Globalist War Criminal.

  33. A black says:

    Your a disgrace….get a life and stop being a tool

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