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IRS Filing Reveals: Level the Playing Field Entirely Funded by Tycoon Peter Ackerman

As the successor to Americans Elect, a political corporation called Level the Playing Field has been making legal and public relations moves to change access to presidential debates and change the rules for voting.  These are preludes for plans to run a candidate for President of the United States in 2016 that it has simultaneously confirmed and denied.

There are signs that the Level the Playing Field corporation is planning a ramp-up this fall, including a website registration…

Level the Playing Field website reads Coming Soon in August 2015

… and given the history of Americans Elect and Unity08 (Americans Elect’s predecessor), we can expect Level the Playing Field to depict itself as a popular movement of some sort.

A search of IRS registration materials for Level the Playing Field, however, reveals that the following are the complete sources of funding for the political corporation through June 30 2015, the last available date:

  • September 2014: $618,621. Source: Peter Ackerman.
  • October 2014: $20,000. Source: Peter Ackerman.
  • November 2014: $60,000. Source: Peter Ackerman.
  • December 2014: $80,000. Source: Peter Ackerman.
  • January 2015: $45,000. Source: Peter Ackerman.
  • February 2015: $75,000. Source: Peter Ackerman.
  • March 2015: $95,000. Source: Peter Ackerman.
  • April 2015: $106,000. Source: Peter Ackerman.
  • May 2015: $355,000. Source: Peter Ackerman.
  • June 2015: $38,500. Source: Peter Ackerman.

That’s $1,493,121 in funding since Level the Playing Field was incorporated a year ago.  Every penny has come from Peter Ackerman, who made hundreds of millions of dollars as the right-hand man of Junk Bond King Michael Milken, the Wall Street big money investor who went to prison for 2 years for insider trading.

If it is like Americans Elect and Unity08, Level the Playing Field will purchase and deploy stock footage of citizens waving flags in an apparent movement.  The money reveals that Level the Playing Field is actually the movement of one very wealthy individual.

One thought on “IRS Filing Reveals: Level the Playing Field Entirely Funded by Tycoon Peter Ackerman”

  1. Robert Milnes says:

    ok. Is this your own research on LtPF, Cook? Not bad.
    It looks like a centrist/reactionary effort. Perhaps to provide for the possibility that the democrat-republican nominees are not good enough/approved by The Zog./Israel. e.g. Donald Trump. Ackerman and Milken are jewish as are many others involved. Also a venue for non-violence seemingly directed at overthrowing dictators, mostly middle east dictators, enemies of Israel. The USA was duped into overthrowing Saddam by Israel but that isn’t enough. The Arab spring did in a few others, still not enough.
    Remember, a serious flaw in reform/independent presidential politics is that even if one were to win, Congress would still be dominated by democratic/republican reactionaries. Perot’s Reform party would merely substitute with centrist/reformist reactionaries.
    This is why what Teddy Roosevelt did in 1912 is so important. He nearly swept out the democrats and republicans in favor of progressives and libertarians.
    i.e. PLAS.

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