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Obama’s Long Neglect Of Climate Change Provokes Skepticism With Alaska PR Stunt

So, President Barack Obama is taking a hike on a melting glacier in Alaska this week. That’s nice. He’s giving speeches about the urgency of addressing climate change. That’s nice.

In 2008, though, Obama promoted ridiculous “clean coal” propaganda from the fossil fuels industry. In 2009, Obama walked away from climate legislation that he had half-heartedly suggested to a Congress that was completely controlled by Democrats – a Congress that could have passed significant laws to deal with climate change. In 2010, Obama covered up photographs of dead marine life in the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico.President Barack Obama has supported the expansion of offshore drilling for oil, not just in the Gulf of Mexico, but in the Arctic and along the Atlantic Coast as well.

It will take more than just a three-day visit to Alaska to undo the damage to the environment caused by Barack Obama’s years-long antipathy toward the climate issues. That’s why, as Obama attends photo opportunities, Greenpeace declares that, “It’s time to demand that President Obama show real climate leadership.” The climate activist group 350 writes of Obama that, “the gap between his walk and his talk is almost painful to see. Remember, this is a President who has let a Keystone XL decision languish for years, and so far green-lit Shell’s drilling in the Arctic.”

As we wait for Barack Obama’s actions to match his words, it’s up to the rest of us to make real change. Some places to start:

Find a ride to carpool with.

Take comprehensive action to reduce your energy usage at home.

Start a Garden.

Get some solar power.

Plant a tree.

Barack Obama isn’t the only one who needs to walk the walk on climate.

12 thoughts on “Obama’s Long Neglect Of Climate Change Provokes Skepticism With Alaska PR Stunt”

  1. Robert Milnes says:

    It looks like nobody gives a rat’s ass about me being homeless living in a rickety old RV. After being illegally evicted by greedy lying landlord and jewish traitor judge. Israel wanted it so it was DONE.
    But I did salvage my solar panels and put them on the roof. Not enough for microwave but enough for computer/tv/lights.
    Nobody cares that I was PLANNING to build a greenhouse out of my porch with jalosy windows. That I had 2 wood burning stoves.
    Planning for a wind turbine on roof.
    The landlord cut down the shade tree on my lot after I was gone. Really pissed me off.
    And I evidently subscribe to the conspiracy that the American jews will do just about anything if it is put to them that Israel wants or better yet needs it.
    One of the writers here scoffed at that conspiracy.
    All you have to do is check to see if the dick up your ass is circumsized.
    You know, the dick that you don’t even realize is up there.
    Well, maybe you kind of realize it’s there but you are used to it. It is supposed to be there. It is no thing.
    They have a right and responsibility to put it up there.
    This ass is mine. God gave this cock up my ass to me.

    1. Peregrin Wood says:

      Have you considered that your rants about The Zog prevent most people from expressing sympathy for you?

  2. Robert Milnes says:

    I beg your pardon. I didn’t mention “ZOG” or “PLAS” above.

  3. Robert Milnes says:

    Hello Peregrin peckerwood,

    Why don’t you and green puke man double team me?
    Bring on Marc Allan Feldman also. No response from him to my last comment.
    Maybe his rabbi slipped and got his foreskin AND his balls!
    Come on Marc, join in the Bob bashing here at irregular times.

  4. ella says:

    The EPA has approved a law regulating emissions from fossil fuel plants. This July broke the old hot July record in 2014 and Solar panels are producing electricity. We have come a long way environmentally this year.

    1. Robert Milnes says:

      Agreed. But Green puke man has a point. Oily7bomber could have been greener the past several years.

  5. Robert Milnes says:

    Just call me Gentile Bob. Note that is not Gentle or Genteel.

  6. ella says:

    Robert M. of all the things you don’t have to talk about. This year there have been major steps taken to protect our climate and move us forward into an uncertain future for sure, but the future nun-the-less. Yes,this is going to be another record breaking year for heat, so say NOAA and NASA. But then some places will be exceptionally cold this winter or snowy where it isn’t usually, so while you are looking for a block of ice, be sure to buy some flannels.

  7. Robert Milnes says:

    New post at The PLAS Place.
    New info-unverified-both coffins exhumed, then cremated. Awaiting further info.
    Just this might involve several felonies.

  8. Robert Milnes says:

    Evidently just about everyone, if not all at CBS News personnel knows about this story.
    Cookie, Cliff, don’t say I didn’t try to tell you.

  9. Robert Milnes says:

    Update on possible exhumations at theplasplace.
    Present working hypothesis-DHS/FBI/Mossad used similar corpse well made up for viewing. Then had substitute corpse cremated. Urn with ashes put in coffin. If exhumed, it could be explained/excused as an accidental or mistaken cremation never divulged to the family.

  10. Robert Milnes says:

    We must have these exhumations.
    The DHS/FBI/Mossad must not be allowed to get away with these atrocities.
    Who will help?

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