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Sheriff’s Office In Pensacola, Florida Linked To Ritual Activity That Leaves Citizens Vulnerable To Crime

sheriff david morgan pensacola police shut downOne month ago, Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan held a press conference to declare that Voncile Smith and her two sons had been murdered in their Pensacola home by Wiccans who were conducting a special violent ritual linked to the Blue Moon. He had lots of evidence of this killer Wiccan blood cult, Sheriff Morgan said, but when asked for details, he could never come up with any proof of his assertions.

After a few days of confusion, David Morgan said that he was sending out evidence for lab tests, and would hold a press conference as soon as the results of those tests were available, but would not speak on the case again until then. It’s been weeks, and there has been nothing but silence from Morgan, although it was reported by a brief local news article that Sheriff Morgan had abandoned his theory of Blue Moon ritual Wiccan murderers. No national media reported on Morgan’s admission that the Wiccan ritual murder allegations were full of hooey.

Now, though, the Escambia County Sheriff’s office has announced that it has been overtaken by the power of ritual itself. David Morgan has declared that, for a special ritually-established 24-hour period early next week, police services will be severely restricted. Some of Sheriff Morgan’s employees are being told not to show up for work, so that the ritual can be practiced without interference.

What is this ritual activity that Sheriff Morgan has sanctioned?

It’s called Labor Day.

One thought on “Sheriff’s Office In Pensacola, Florida Linked To Ritual Activity That Leaves Citizens Vulnerable To Crime”

  1. Quinton Underwood says:

    I have read about this when it first entered the news waves and could not believe it. There is so much nonsense here that this is not even credible material for a comic book.

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