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Screaming Donald

Last night, Donald Trump proudly broadcast a social media message from a supporter, declaring that Trump “has woke America up and people are screaming Donald everywhere”.

I didn’t hear anyone screaming anyone’s name last night, and sticking my head out the window, all I hear are the birds and sounds of traffic.

Can anyone send us a video of people screaming, “Donald!” in their neighborhoods? I’m not looking for a rebroadcast of Trump campaign footage, but just some video of people, where you are, screaming, “Donald!”

If people are really screaming Donald Trump’s name everywhere, it shouldn’t take long for you to find us an example.


screaming donald trump

Oh, look. They’re all European-American. Funny thing, that.

8 thoughts on “Screaming Donald”

  1. frank says:

    ..that probably was a figurative speech. Trump is filling up any place he’s going to..isn’t he?

  2. J Clifford says:

    With his ego, or his hair, do you mean? Or, perhaps you’re referring to the bloated nationalist racist rhetoric that the neo-Nazis love so much.

    1. frank says:

      with people..thousands of them,and you know it. While Clinton pathetic campaign stages everything and Sanders his sweeping all the enthusiasm in the Dem cohorts. Ego? Well, he has a ego and has accomplishments as a businessman to back his ego up. What Clinton and Obama have behind their egos? Neo-Nazi rhetoric? Probably you should study history a little better Cliff…you’ll find out that your liberal intolerant friends are much closer to a fascist that any of the conservative candidates. name calling is simply pathetic and it will not work when we will kick your butts out of the WH in 2016.
      You liberals are pathetic

  3. ella says:

    The stars were beautiful last night, and the tree frogs were chirping. The silence was soft and peaceful otherwise.

    1. frank says:

      God is silent….now if only men shut up…

  4. Tom says:

    And then what, frank? You gonna join the Army or Homeland Security so you can kick people out of Amerikkka? Gee, i can’t wait for the next president to make life worse for all of us voters and everyone else with their corporate, non-cooperative, anti-environmental, hegemonic nonsense. Maybe he can do something about the drought.

    1. frank says:

      no one s joining any army. People that do not belong here because broke the law need to go!! What is it about the law that you do not understand? Why is excusable to break immigration law escapes my comprehension. Concentration camps…wagons of immigrants…these are left scare tactics that will not work. The law MUST be observed, that HOW you deter people from breaking it. It’s very simple!!! What you have called corporate, non cooperative, hegemonic is exactly what the Obama administration is. On the side of the environment..there must be middle ground. The way that this idiots are pushing this climate change nonsense is completely destroying our economy..while the polluters (China, India) are selling their goods to us for cheap. The drought? The one in California caused by decades of demonazi rule? You want to see what America will be under Democratic government? Baltimore, Detroit Chicago. California….time to change and restore the rule of LAW in this Country. And it will be restored or we will perish and fall..just like Rome did.

      1. ella says:

        […]”Baltimore, Detroit Chicago. California….time to change and restore the rule of LAW in this Country. And it will be restored or we will perish and fall..just like Rome did.”[…]

        There is a civilian effort to restore law and order to our government and political practices. The issue of the Democratic Party hiring an illegal alien for political purposes is being investigated now.

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