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Your Monday Morning Perk: Cornel West on Bernie Sanders

“We’ve got to straighten our backs up, come together across color, across class, across sexual orientation, across regions. That’s what Bernie Sanders’ campaign is all about.”

You don’t need that cup of coffee this morning. Just have a listen to Cornel West. Whether you agree with him or disagree with him, he’ll wake you up.

4 thoughts on “Your Monday Morning Perk: Cornel West on Bernie Sanders”

  1. ella says:

    Bernie is being recognized enough now that it will be difficult for the Democratic Party to ignore him. It will be difficult for the pundits to discard him in favor of Hillary.

  2. Dave says:

    It’s ironic for Prof. West to invoke the name of Mrs. Mary Bethune. Her up-from-nothing story is more like Ben Carson’s, a man the left belittles at every opportunity. The video is stirring, but Bethune, at the height of Jim Crow chose not to instill resentment in her students for the 400 years of white folks, etc. etc. but instead started a college with five dollars and proved to the young people in her charge that education and resourcefulness are the keys to success.

    What exactly has Cornell West proven? And please don’t point out his education and resourcefulness. If he really believed in these, he wouldn’t be telling these young people that another ethnicity is in their way and holding them down, nor would he be telling them that poor people know about love and integrity while rich people mainly know greed and avarice. Many rich people came to the aid of Mary Bethune when they learned what she was trying to do.

    For the record, I have known enough poor people who were filled with greed and avarice and rich people with integrity that his message is lost on one who’s lived awhile. These young people need to chase their dreams, not spend their lives resenting successful people. (By successful, I don’t mean rich, I mean happy).

    I’ve been listening to Bernie and much of what he says resonates with me, but I just can’t go along with the resentment-mongering. In promoting Sanders, West does his share of this.

  3. ella says:

    Joe Biden’s play acting has cut an estimated 11% off of Bernie Sanders, giving Hillary the lead. Any more proof needed for why Biden is in the news just enough to tease? Meanwhile Hillary’s smile has ratcheted up a notch or two.

  4. ella says:

    Bernie Sanders is the voice of Democratic policy, but that according to Party leaders is not electable. Deception is of the essence and Sanders is just putting it out there. If he is not electable, then the American people actually do not accept the Democratic philosophy. So either they believe that Hillary is good enough at disseminating, just plain lying and then using psychology to lull the senses of enough people to get elected, or they simply are going to lose. And book is on Clinton. What does that say about the American voter?

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