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3 thoughts on “Parry! Riposte!”

  1. ella says:

    The politicians do enough of that. It would be boring altogether if the betting crowd were all there was to it. Hillary is still on top to win the general election and of course nomination. Jeb Bush is still the top pick to be the Republican nominee, who loses. Do the Parties do insider information leaks to the bookies? Have they already decided that the voters do not even have a say at the nomination level? Well, other than to say what they are told to.

  2. ella says:

    “The dynamics surrounding Sanders’ campaign present Democrats with an uncomfortable question: If the candidate trumpeting the party’s agenda most loudly and clearly is undetectable, what does it say about the agenda, itself?”

  3. ella says:

    It’s nice and quiet here, so I am talking to myself about Bernie Sanders. Perhaps Donald Trump next. But there are people noticing that the Democratic Party is losing its’ message among its’ voting public. So where does that leave Hillary? Since she is apparently not representing the Party line, then why would they vote for her?

    “Bernie is the voice of Justice crying out in the desert. Evangelicals like me are convicted by his message. (audio, a little under 17 minutes)”

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