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List of Protest Demonstrations in October 2015 (add your own)

The following is a list of protests, rallies and demonstrations in the month of October 2015 of which I’m aware:

Do you know of another protest planned for this October?  Suggest it for the list by posting a comment below.

19 thoughts on “List of Protest Demonstrations in October 2015 (add your own)”

  1. Frank says:

    All Communist bs.
    Where is my black African list of Marvelous accomplishment. I will remind you ..Always.

  2. ella says:

    There should be a protest against Hillary considering Bill for her VEEP.

    “March Against Monsanto NYC will march from One Dag Hammarskjold Plaza” Oct 16 – Oct 17

    National Day of Protest- October 10,2015: Against Planned Parenthood

  3. Robert Milnes says:

    How would you classify this, Cookie?
    Who Will Help Me and 4 Others Dig Up 2 Graves?
    First we will protest in front of Camden County Hall of Justice which I have done many times by myself.
    Then we will protest outside Colestown Cematery at the intersection of Church Road and Kings Highway, Cherry Hill, Camden County, NJ.
    If we get no satisfaction, we will dig up Ruth Blumenstein’s coffin and take swabs of the mouth for genetic testing.
    I say there is no body in there. There should be an urn of ashes of the SUBSTITUTE body which was heavily made up to resemble Ruth to fool mourners at the viewing. If ever exhumed the cover story would be that the body was accidentally cremated and the family not informed. Ingenious.
    New post at The PLAS Place.

  4. Robert Milnes says:

    Corrupted jewish judge Lee Laskin presides at the Hall of Justice.
    I have asked Camden County police to not attend his court or enforce any of his orders.
    That will tell us if Camden County police are corrupt or not.
    Take off the robe and step down from the bench corrupt jewish judge Laskin.

  5. Robert Milnes says:

    Corrupted jewish judge Lee Laskin=traitor to the UNITED STATES.
    He chose Israel over the UNITED STATES and my rights and his oath of office at my eviction hearing.

    1. ella says:

      Here is something to chew on Robert. Who is more in bed with the billionaires, Hillary Clinton (and Bill) or Jeb Bush? Who sucks even one dollar out of the pockets of the poorest of the poor to add to their already fat coffers? Hillary and Bill. And then goes supporting the killing of babies. Wouldn’t want those poor people wasting money on their children when they could give it to the Clinton Foundation would we?

      “As the rich fork over $2,700 each for a photo with Clinton, it’s important to take stock of how she’s going after small-dollar donors at the same time. An email blast from Team Clinton on Sunday signed “Hillary” asks for $1 donations because, “I’ve always thought of an end-of-quarter fundraising report as an announcement of who’s on our team. It’s when this campaign says to the world, ‘Here’s who we are, and here’s what we stand for.’ ”

      Referring to Hillary Clinton: “She writes her team is “different” from Jeb Bush’s, which she says is “made of millionaires and billionaires, and he wants to give them big tax cuts just like his brother did.” She adds, “Donald Trump is the only person on his team, and, well, let’s just say it’s not hard to figure out who he cares about most.”

  6. Robert Milnes says:

    Laskin is one small part in a huge conspiracy of the FBI/Mossad to illegally surveil and suppress-covert operations- third parties and candidates in the UNITED STATES.
    ESPECIALLY the Green and Libertarian parties which are heavily infiltrated.

  7. ella says:

    Robert, are you going to the protest against Planned Parenthood? Or maybe adding a speech about the right of life for the millions of unborn children. We gripe about putting a killer to death (the death penalty) and yet sacrifice newborn and unborn children on the alter of research. Keep the worst alive and kill the innocent? Only in America. Well, no not really. Infant sacrifice was done in the ancient world.

  8. Robert Milnes says:

    These exhumations are my campaign.
    I can protest this and give a speech about that. That will not change the fact that I am homeless because of the FBI/Mossad and they have sabotaged my campaign by literally doing away with my family, friends and supporters. PLUS they have infiltrated the Green and Libertarian parties. PLUS they have BRAINWASHED the American people for DECADES.
    No. Exhume the frickin bodies.

    1. ella says:

      Have you gone to the County Coroner’s office and filed a request for exhumation? If you have some valid reasons, any evidence, that you have copies of, you can simply request it. If you had been such a pain about it at the Coroner’s office it would have been done by now.

      Vote for Trump.

  9. Robert Milnes says:

    I have no legal assistance.
    I have insufficient legal standing-not a direct relative.
    I do not trust the county officials, judges, coroner/medical examiner, mayor, etc.
    I do not trust the state or federal officials either.
    Like I said, if the County police stand by and do not interfere with exhumation, they will prove they are not corrupt.
    They will prove they are loyal Americans and are willing to take on their federal-fbi and international-mossad, peers.
    This is no small thing.

    1. ella says:

      You know there are a lot of ne’er do wells out there, in the government too. The pentagon is trying to dishonorably discharge a soldier who tried to protect children from rape in Afghanistan, can you believe it? Well, you have probably already seen this one on Hillary, but since her signature is on it, I believe the final nails are being gathered on Bills final struggle for dictatorship. But he is out there digging anyway. Can you imagine if he succeeded in getting the VEEP position under Hillary, him being next in line for the Presidents job. Wonder how long Hillary would last?

  10. Robert Milnes says:

    I do not know what the customary procedure is for an exhumation.
    But whatever it is, it will be blocked by The ZOG.
    Hence the uncustomary procedure.
    Volunteers dig to expose the coffin, open it and go from there.
    Either I’m proven wrong immediately and then verified by genetic testing, or whatever is in there other than what is supposed to be must be explained reasonably.
    I say there is an urn of ashes. But WHOSE ashes?
    I say Ruth and Nancy and many others have been kidnapped and are being held most probably in ISRAHELL.

  11. Robert Milnes says:

    Now I have known many people who have been diagnosed with cancer. NONE SURVIVED VERY LONG.
    This is in direct contradiction to the fact that cancer is not always fatal.
    There is actually a quite high survival rate.
    Also my lack of legal standing not a direct relative would explain why my few direct relatives, my father and sister, have not been diagnosed with cancer and soon died. I would have some legal standing then.
    Especially my father now 86.
    Whereas my sister has a husband. He could be easily duped though.
    But I am estranged from my sister. She is not helping me. Quite the contrary.

  12. Robert Milnes says:

    Needless to say if my father is diagnosed with cancer, I will be EXTREMELY suspicious.

  13. Robert Milnes says:

    In fact if ANYTHING happens to my father I will be extremely suspicious.
    I believe he has been the target of several covert operations over the years. Mostly ineffective like trying to ruin his pension in 1989.
    He is extremely observant and anxious when I drive him somewhere, despite me being a very good driver. That tells me he has had several deliberate close calls in his car. I was a passenger once when a car in the oncoming lane suddenly veered directly at us.
    He told me about being followed by a very large box truck closely until he got home. He drives a very small low rider Honda Civic.
    That must have been unnerving.

  14. Robert Milnes says:

    My father claims to have never been in an automobile accident in his life.

  15. ella says:

    I have removed 35 tracking cookies, 2 major “super spyware” packages and 1 tag along spyware package, along with 3 embedded spying codes from my machine. I would sure like to keep it that way -clean that is.

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